TA Plays: ‘Astronaut Spacewalk’ – A Hardcore Astronaut Simulation

Yolk, yaw, what’s the difference? Turns out that at least one of those things is vital to space-walking like a boss. Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I checked out a space game called Astronaut Spacewalk. Due out at some point in the near future on iPhone and iPod Touch, it’s a hardcore simulation that puts you in the space boots of a NASA astronaut as he takes on several docking and retrieval missions. In order to succeed, you’ll have to take the game pretty seriously and appreciate mechanics like yaw. And thrust. And gravity.

If you’d like to see a guy fail spectacularly while space-walking, this video should do the trick:

And, for the sake of comparison, here’s a video from the developer of what the game looks like if it’s being played by an actual astronaut, or someone who isn’t as bad at video games as us:

For more details on Astronaut Spacewalk, take a look at the developer’s web site.