280100_largerOne of the most popular games in our community is Foursaken Media's Block Fortress [$1.99], a tower defense type game set in a Minecraft-like world of building blocks. You're tasked with building the most impenetrable fortress you can dream up using the various kinds of blocks, and then defending your fortress from a first-person shooter perspective against wave after wave of enemies. It's a winning combination, as we noted in our review of Block Fortress from March.

Anyhoo, today marks the release of a huge new update for Block Fortress which adds an oft-requested feature: cooperative online play. You can link up with up to 3 other players through Game Center and cooperatively build up a base and then defend it together. There's not direct voice chat but there is a variety of ways to communicate with your team so you can work out strategies together.

In addition, you can build bases with co-op in mind and upload them for others to play, similar to the level building and sharing feature that was added back in April. There's also a couple of new map types and a couple of new bots loaded into this latest update, as well as an assortment of bug fixes and tweaks.

Players in our forums are already setting up and playing matches together, so be sure to get in on this latest Block Fortress update for some cooperative multiplayer action.

Note: Currently there is a graphical bug in this version that affects iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch, and original iPad devices. According to a post by Foursaken in our forums a critical fix is already submitted for expedited approval, and the game should still be playable even with the graphical hitch.

  • hourglass

    Block Fortress was fun for a few hours, but it got old pretty quick.

    • one.sixty.four

      Hmm, I can't agree with that. I find the endless base possibilities and massive amount if content having great replay value.

    • monoclespectacle

      Definitely respect your opinion, but yeah gotta disagree. This and Heroes and Castles are probably my highest played apps.

      So many combinations, upgrades and strategies that sometimes my brain locks up and I have to force quit and reboot..

    • Zeldaniac

      Unfortunately I agree. Don't regret buying it though, the Foursaken guys are worth throwing a few extra bucks at, especially for the fantasticamastaphlastagorical Heroes and Castles!

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      I really wanted to like this game, but I'm not a FPS player. I thought the 'build a tower' dynamic would make it more compelling, but I didn't like it at all.
      If they could put in a '3rd person perspective' patch, I might like it more.
      Also was playing on iPhone. It's just such a small screen for a game like that, felt like looking at world through a visor slit in an ancient helmet.

      • _Jc_

        I agree with you about the iPhone. I have a iPhone 4 and its slow and too small. I have a 3rd gen iPad and its a lot better on there.

    • _Jc_

      Utterly disagree. It's got a ton of value and I've spent dozens of hours trying to get further and further

  • elmazzer

    I remember when i bough it for 2.99$... From then I want it never been born, coz it was waste of money

  • LearnIIBurn

    These developers are seriously the benchmark to follow for support of their titles. Foursaken is awesome! They listen to their fans, and work hard to keep their products awesome. Love these guys!