731580_largerThe next chapter in The Walking Dead: The Game series, The Walking Dead - 400 Days, is now available as an IAP episode in The Walking Dead: The Game [Free] proper. You can grab it from within the game's store for an agreeable $4.99.

400 Days is a bit different from the other episode's we've played. It tells the story of several people, and it takes place at different points in time. Each story is linked together, and can be played in any order. Of course, it wouldn't be a Telltale game if the decisions you make along the way didn't have rippling effects over everything else, so keep an eye out for that.

Much like the original Walking Dead game, your choices in this pseudo-sequel will have an impact in the next season of 400 Days. We'll take a closer look at it soon and report back with our findings, but, if you enjoyed The Walking Dead, it seems like picking this DLC up is a no-brainer.

  • tinkie277

    (Spoiler) just played it, which only really whet my appetite for the second series, I see they are drawing you into the new cast, giving you a small background of each, it only took about an hour to finish.... There was only one reference I picked up on to the first series which was mention of stealing the guy with the moustache's boat (Kenny). I wonder how long we are gonna wait for the new season, I was hoping they would introduce cloud saves into this edition, but no such luck! I could do with the space until the new one arrives for all the other big releases recently.... But gonna have to struggle on. Anyways, it plays flawlessly on my iPhone 5, just don't expect a huge adventure, this is a prequel to the new series.

    • John Dickerson

      how long did it take you to play it?

      • diovivente

        "it only took about an hour to finish."

      • tinkie277

        About an hour in total, I think each of the 5 stories are about 10 minutes each.

  • deviladv


    *zombie facepalm*

  • Greyskull

    Too. Big. I need a 128 gb ipad but I'm not paying some absurd price for it.

  • JaysUsernam

    Ahhhh, can't keep up with all of these releases!!!

  • RelientKSoCal

    Just curious, how big is the app once all DLC is downloaded? I'm thinking about buying this, but I need to know how much space to clear up first. (I just have the free Episode 1 right now.)

    • ImJPaul

      It's 714 MB with just ep. 1 and 400 days installed. If I remember correctly it was 2.1 with all 5 episodes installed. Sooo...with all 5 episodes and 400 days installed it should be around 3 GB. Yikes.

    • tinkie277

      2.7gb with all episodes.

      • RelientKSoCal

        Thanks for the info guys. Too much space for me to clear off my iPhone right now.

      • http://therapup.net/ Jaap

        You can clear each episode (except the first) after you've played through it without losing your save data, so you can always keep the app at a little over 1GB if you want to. I know I do.

      • tinkie277

        That's worth knowing, cheers.

  • Jake7905

    I really can't stand the fact that every new Walking Dead episode is released as DLC, stand alone episodes would make much more sense to me. In this case, size does matter.

  • Fireman4200

    I thought that If you bought the season pass for $14.99 before, that you got 400 Days for free when it was released. Nope, I kept trying to restore purchases but nothing. So I had to pay the $4.99 to get it. Very great episode though, I really enjoyed it, so I can't complain. Just kinda irritating though that you can now pay the $14.99 for the season pass for episodes 1-5 + 400 Days but sense I bought the season pass awhile back, before all 5 episodes where out I have to pay the $4.99 to get 400 Days. Overall it was worth it, 400 Days was a great episode before season 2!! Its probably the only episode I could play multiple times and really enjoy every play-thru. SPOILER The main goal is to make the right decisions with each character so that at the end they all go with the lady to the safe civilized town they are creating and finding survivors that will respect and that will follow there rules. The decisions you make with each of them impacts if they feel comfortable and trust going with the "stranger" to the safe town cause some of them start thinking that "there is no such thing as a safe place anymore". I want to keep playing it till I can get all the characters to go with her and none of them stay at the camp. Just can't wait for season 2 now!!! 400 days got me so amped up to play more Walking Dead!

    • tinkie277

      I feel your pain, but I have bought them all individually! It has cost me a fortune, but it has been worth it at the same time.

    • http://therapup.net/ Jaap

      Telltale hears you, season pass price has been upped to $19.99.

  • tarek

    Question about save game continuation: I played season 1 on ios but deleted the game after I finished it (must make room for other games!). So is it mightily important to have that save game or will 400 days be more in tune with season 2 and act as a precursor or should I just go back and play season 1 again and then get into 400 days.
    I have no idea if my file is on cloud or still saved even though I've deleted the game data.

    • RelientKSoCal

      400 Days involves an entirely different characters, so I don't think you'll need to replay Season 1 again.

      • RelientKSoCal

        *different set of characters

      • tinkie277

        It does link in somehow though I think, I does make a single reference to the 1st series that I saw.... I follows episode 5 of season 1.

    • mohamed remtulla

      can you send me your episode 2 chapter 4 save data please send it on mohamedr786110@gmail.com thanks kind regards mohamed remtulla

      • jForsythe

        It would Proberbly be just as fast if not faster to play that ep again.