pvz2icon-150x150Plants vs. Zombies 2 is out now in New Zealand and Australia, so of course we grabbed it and gave it a shot. Below, we've got some footage of the game that shows off its Ancient Egypt world, as well as a few new plants and enemy types.

We had a blast playing and it and tooling around with the new mechanics and systems. Our favorite new thing is the special abilities because they allow you to directly interact with the zombies on-screen. With a tap, you can electrocute them, toss them away, or even pinch off their heads. From a strategy standpoint, this adds a cool new layer to the traditional play.

It's hard to tell when PVZ2 will officially launch, but we're guessing it's soon. Stay tuned.

  • handycapman

    Why would I pay $200 for a taco?
    Because I'm CRAZYYYYY!!!!

  • frobadams

    Just word of the wise to you TA plays gents, cabbage is clutch for going over tombstones, boomerang also works for going through them. Unlocked almost all stars and haven't unlocked tombstone chomper yet

  • Lostpop21

    But how's the IAP?

    • andrew9oh7

      Totally unneeded expect for the 6 plants you have to unlock via iap,everything else you can unlock by playing and it's $3 for each of those plants

  • Pheebers

    Hmmm, almost makes me want to figure out how to "live" in New Zealand...

    • zebratale

      Hey, we has standards down here bud. You can't just knock on the door

  • eventide

    Doesn't an ipad have to be jaibroken for access to New Zealand app stores?

    • bluspacecow


      You can switch iTunes stores by clicking the flag icon at the bottom of any iTunes store page.

      You just need to create a iTunes account on the NZ app store. IIRC Only the town and post code needs to be correct. Rest can be fake I think. Post codes you can find on http://www.nzpost.co.nz/

      • dancj

        When I set my US account I also had to go through a proxy to make Apple think no was in America.

  • swarmster

    So are you expected to grind for keys and coins to get past hard levels, or is that an IAP incentive thing?

    I miss the days when game 'tuning' meant increasing the fun and challenge, as opposed to just increasing revenue streams and other things that pull you out of the experience.

    • andrew9oh7

      So far I haven't hit a "pay wall" so no the iap is not bad at all

      • zebratale

        Good to know, there seem to be a whole lot of pop ups with $$$$ on them. A bit annoying when reaching for some plant food and a pay window pops up. The plant food is awesome tho.

  • Jake7905

    I'll hold off on breathing a sigh of relief until the game is released worldwide and we get a look at the final balancing. I'm sure Popcap(EA) will adjust the balance if few people buy IAP's during this soft launch.

  • Adams Immersive

    Looks promising, although I'm a TD purist: I always dislike the direct interaction aspects of (many) TD games. It always seems like that's mixing in a whole different genre, and it's a kind of challenge I don't enjoy in the same way I enjoy strategic planning and deployment.

    • jamarohn

      Mmmm... Field Runners. Yum.

  • Zeital

    Same for me. It's ok so far. Gotten through most of Egypt without wanting to buy any IAP. Grinding for keys is very much like grinding for chocolate in PvZ1 so it doesn't bother me much. I think what they have up for IAP is reasonable but I don't see myself wanting or needing to buy any yet.

  • frobadams

    Only part of IAP that is cruddy is they force you to complete basically all stars for every level before you can go to the next zone, unless of course you pay them

    • Max C

      What are you talking about? You need 15/40 stars to move onto the next zone.

      Also I earnt all the keys I needed, and more, when working towards those stars

  • http://www.plantsvszombies2central.com/ Plants vs Zombies 2 Central

    In addition to the $3 per plant (6 possible plants right now) IAPs, you can also buy upgrades such as extra seed slots and plant food slots for $2 each. Coins can be purchased in various quantities, with the "best" deal listed as 200,000 coins for $49.99!

    Hoping that New Zealand and Australia players go light on the IAPs. Would much rather make a one time purchase than the system they have going now.

    Will be grinding it out and avoiding IAPs if at all possible.

    • andrew9oh7

      I'm in the 3rd world right now and have got all those upgrades quite easy without paying.the only thing you have to spend money to get is the plants.

  • Impavid

    We have 2 iPads in the house. We downloaded the game to both devices about a day apart and found that the advancement requirements were different for each device. For example, to advance from Egypt to the pirate time on the first ipad was 15 stars, but a day later when we downloaded to the new ipad it was 25 stars to unlock the pirate portal. Key costs to unlock doors were similarly increased on the new ipad, as well as requirements to beat levels and earn stars. I think EA is optimizing best potential for IAP. 15 stars to advance we found quite achievable without IAP, but after the first 20 or so stars, the levels become incredibly difficult to beat. We have been able to push through for the most part, but there are levels we have abandoned as un-winnable as well.

  • frobadams

    They changed it on the backend after the first day - it was definitely 40 stars to unlock at first (though it's possible mine was just bugged) - but the 15 it is now isn't bad at all.

    • andrew9oh7

      No you're right it was 40 the first day and 15 the next time I logged in

  • rewyan

    The original PvZ, angry birds, cut the rope, and all those older games were made for pure fun. There were few to no IAPs, and they weren't as necessary to unlock everything.

  • Zeital

    Is it just me or are other people also missing the 'night time' missions??