436052_larger-150x150The iPad version of BioWare's tremendous Star Wars RPG, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99], is on sale. Starting now, you can grab it for $4.99 instead of its original $9.99 price point. No-one's given us an official heads up that this is happening, so we're not so sure how long this sale is running. Better grab it now, just in case.

Set 4,000 years before the movies, Knights tasks you with journeying around the galaxy and hunting down a Sith Lord named Darth Malak. As you do this, you'll learn the ways of the Force and meet some of the coolest Star Wars characters ever created. Here's Eli and I interacting with a couple:

The iPad version of the game runs extremely well, and despite some control issues, it's still a tremendous game on touch. Grab it already!

  • dylanmannen

    Awesome, just got it. Now i have this, Xcom and Deus Ex on my ipad. i cant handle more big games now haha xD

  • JaysUsernam

    sigh...too soon! Happy to pay the $10 but with everything coming out right now could have used the extra $5 towards something else!!

  • Greyskull

    Too. Big.

    • The Mad Mule

      That's what she said.

  • Eidaven

    Why do you say "iPad version" of the game? As far as I know this is the only version. Is there an iPhone version I don't know about?

    • tigerclaws

      maybe as opposed to the pc, mac, or console versions?

      • Eidaven

        That's true.. Wasn't really thinking of that. My brain is just in the ios world when I'm reading toucharcade articles.

      • Nekkedsnake

        they should make this game Universal and have this for iPhone! i don't have an iPad but really wanna play this game NOW!

  • ikari_paul

    im swamped with great games. will give this one a miss... for now.

    just changing policy towards games purchases. now i only buy what im really going to play... my wallet thanks me for that

    • speedyph

      LOL I GUESS BUT THESE GAMES ARE BETWEEN 1$.20.00 lol how much is it hurtin we aren't buying 65$ consoles games ....

      • ikari_paul

        who buys 60€/$ anymore?! but yeah, some (not all) of the ios games are more value-for-money than a console game 😛

      • hourglass

        I can't play my Xbox on the bus. Or the train. Or an airplane.

        My iPad, though, I can take anywhere.

    • SoyGreen

      This one is worth it though! It's really well done and a MUST play if you haven't and you like RPGs!

      • ikari_paul

        i know, i know... its just that i have Bastion, Rayman Jungle Run, The Last Express, Yesterday, Catan, Ascension, Caylus, Rage, Mass Effect and Dead Space sitting on my ipad3 😛

        even if i remove the boardgames (which have an "endless" quality to them...) theres so much good stuff to get trough 1st

        i hope that theyre lowering the price again by xmas...along with Walking Dead, King of Dragon Pass, Deux Ex and XCOM... and lets see if Baldurs makes a comeback :-O

      • dancj

        I'm in the same boat

        Far too many games taking up space on my iPad right now that I haven't even tried yet.

      • hourglass

        Mass Effect is a waste of time. Trust me.

  • Pray For Death

    Will wait for the inevitable $0.99 price drop

    J/k already have it 😛

  • darkenmore

    Wow thanks, already waiting for this sale, just in time after freeing some space from my ipad

  • fez

    I'm never buying another "expensive" game on release again. Just gonna wait a week or two before the inevitable 'half off' sale. I should've known better

    • Lerandir

      This sale is probably caused by the apple 5th anniversary.

      • kilrtom

        It's for the 10th anniversary of its original release....no I'm not a nerd! 🙂

      • Lerandir

        Yeah, I read it after the comment.

  • Reignmaker

    It always pays to wait.

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      Speak for yourself. If you waited, you would have missed out on playing this for the past 42 days. To me, that's worth a whole lot more than five bucks.

      • Reignmaker

        I was speaking for myself.

  • captainChocolade

    Yeah, $4.99 more to go and I'll grab it! 🙂

  • http://kevinmurphy.wordpress.com murph

    good enough for me. i'm in. took enough willpower to resist it in the first place.

  • http://www.youtube.com/MetalJesusRocks Metal Jesus Rocks

    Just finished this game last week on the iPad...and loved every minute of the 35+ hours it took me. Fantastic game...and so worth $5

  • bigred447uk

    Can't this come to iPhone ? I promise not to bitch like a baby about cramped controls if it does ! Please let it come to iPhone !

    • Amenbrother


  • James D. Dunn

    Jesus... I've got 4 gigs free but says not enough space. How much is needed?

    • hourglass

      If you're on a wireless network, 4.6 gig.

      • themostunclean

        Yup. When downloading direct to device you need to have double the app size available.

        If space is in short supply on your device and you have access to a computer it's best to download using iTunes then sync to your iPad. Then you only need the base app size free.

  • kilrtom

    Yeah I struggled to fit this on my 16gb iPad. Might have to finish it ASAP else I'm not buying any new games.