443676_largerWell, this is surprising. Square Enix's Deus Ex: The Fall [$4.99] seems to have just hit every App Store instead of just the New Zealand App Store. According to everything we've heard from their PR agency, this is very much not how they planned this launch so it wouldn't surprise me at all if the game gets pulled, at least until later today.

If you're wondering what this game is all about, take a look at our E3 coverage where Jared and I got a decent bit of hands on time:

We'll have way more coverage on this game ranging from videos to reviews later today, it was just all scheduled to happen much, much later in the day.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Downloading Australian store snails pace!!

  • mrcheese

    It doesn't work on the iPad 2!!! NOOOOO!

    • http://terak24.wordpress.com/ Eugene Terak

      wait... seriously?

      • Royce

        iPad mini but not iPad 2. It doesn't seem to make sense.

      • Ryan

        Maybe Apple gave the devs an incentive to make it uncompatible..would make sense as would convey the (false) message that the iPad 2 is outdated so people would buy newer hardware..but what do I know. Weird that the devs would so blatantly exclude a huge demographic for seemingly no reason anyway...

      • rotopenguin

        It's nothing so conspiracy-laden. The iPad Mini is also too inadequate to play, but devs are not allowed to release an app that doesn't officially support a current model. Owners of iPad minis need to read between the lines.

      • Royce

        It runs quite well on the mini.

      • adin

        the iPad2 is still a current model, sold at $399USD

      • Hampus Jensen

        Yea, noticed that as well, odd. When I read "iPad 3 and above" I kind of went "darn I can't play it on the mini?" which really is the best format for that kind of game but then just after that it says iPad mini.

        Now, the iPad mini and iPad 2 hardware isnt identical, but there isnt anything that should impact the game. Both are based on the A5, sure the one in the mini is a second generation A5 but that really only means it's a smaller chip, the specs remain the same so it really doesn't make sense.

        Maybe we should point it out in appstore reviews, the could change the requirement. TouchArcade could prompt Square for a comment as well maybe.

      • fleshman

        Newer iPad 2's also have the new, smaller A4, and this was a year ago...

      • greatnoob

        The newer iPad 2's have a 32nm A5*

      • BobCat5142

        Well ipad mini is so popular that they had to use there witch craft to make it work or lose a large section of gamers (like me)

      • hourglass

        iPad Mini is more comfortable to hold for long periods of time. It is the future of mobile gaming.

    • Ben Norvell

      Seriously? Wow I'm pissed. I've been looking forward to playing this game for a long time and now I can't.

    • NickyNichols

      It truly is a sad day for us iPad 2 owners. But at least I don't have to try to free up a gb or two of space.

      • wojovox

        Not a sad day at all. Their loss, literally.

    • Tommmy

      I heard downloading it through 25PP should work for iPad 2. However, it is not legal.

    • Arpan Bagri

      Install it through iFunbox. iTunes won't let you install!
      Source: Did it myself! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • speedyph
  • Klonis

    Downloading right now!!!!

  • Paulos G

    It's showed up on the UK store too.

  • MaverickX12

    Not on the US store at all...

    • MaverickX12

      Never mind...should have used TA's link. Doesn't show up with a search.

  • memphis12

    Is this version "turn based"? Maybe like Mass Effect?

    • sbnewsom

      No. Watch the video.

    • Hampus Jensen

      "Turn based"? In Mass Effect? There's no Mass Effect game that is turn based...

  • ImJPaul

    Wish I wasn't at work so I could download thissssss

  • Rasec46

    I was soo happy!!! like yeyy, i get the game half a day earlier and then i click the buy and it says it isn't for my machine.

    T__T but it works for the ipad mini but no ipad 2? >_>

    i bought it for my iphone but i should boycott it since the mini is the same as my ipad 2.

    Guess i'll have to search for jailbreak methods of tricking the app to work on my ipad 2

  • Morgan01

    Sadly, it seems like its that time for Apple to start excluding people and forcing their hands to buy newer units. I believe it took about the same amount of time for them to exclude iPad 1 users. It was about this time last year that Apple stopped including the iPad 1 in their updates. I remember iPad 2 users not understanding iPad 1 users being upset and telling them to just update to a newer system. Wow, is the shoe on the other foot now? Not saying it's right. It's looking like the expected life cycle for any iPad version is just over 2 years.

    • handycapman

      Or just get a mini. It's selling too well right now to be ignored by Apple or by devs.

    • Morgan01

      There are allot of iPad 2 users. Hard to believe they have excluded so many people from being able to play the IOS Dues Ex. They've easily excluded over half as all iPad owners.

    • SilverGuardianKM

      Considering the ipad 2 has exactly the same specs (ram, cpu etc) with iPad mini, its exclusion is much more blatant this time round and really doesnt make any sense...

    • themostunclean

      Difference is, Apple still sells the iPad 2.

    • Hampus Jensen

      The iPad 2 will still get iOS 7, Apple isnt dropping support for it yet and I doubt they'd be pushing developers to abandon it. I think it's far more likely that when the submitted the game to the AppStore the ticked the devices of a certain age and simply neglected the fact that while the Mini is newer than the iPad it is practically the same, at least in specs that matter here.

      The reason the first iPad got phased out so quickly is that someone made the bad decision to only give it 256mb of ram which simply is too little. It's possible that when the hardware specs where finalized 256mb was all they could get in it while keeping the price and margin they wanted but in hindsight it was clearly a bit of a mistake. It probably couldn't play this game or have gotten iOS 7 with 512mb of ram but it would probably have been around for iOS 6 at least.

  • ridiculocity

    It gets even worse. You can't fire your gun on a jailbroken device WTF?

    • Rasec46

      don't tell me that or i will cry xD.
      let's hope xCon tweak still work and surpasses that.

      • swatbot

        Yep, xCon works wonderfully. That's so dirty of SE to lock out totally legit buyers after the fact without a warning.

      • ridiculocity

        Yeah xcon works fine. Pretty crap to add such a think when I buy all my apps as a jailbreaker.

      • swatbot

        So do I. I've never run into an app that's actually deliberately crippled itself just because I want the rights to run my own computer as an admin instead of being locked into a crappy user mode.
        (Skype brings up a notice, but that's about it. it still works).

  • James Wright

    Thanks very much for your interest in the game folks. Just to confirm we will be adding in iPad2 support in just a matter of weeks, it won't be long! (James from Square-Enix)

    • Rasec46

      YEYYYYYYYYY!!!! o/
      well i got it to work using apple's iphone configuration utility but official support sounds awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.

    • Morgan01

      That is good new.

    • B30

      But why excluding it in the first place?

      • SecondClassCitizen

        Because Apple paid Square Enix for artificial obsolescence when it comes to Ipad2. They likely showed them some fake figures and Square Enix had no idea that over half of ipad users are still using 2's

      • B30

        It's like the title of an old Metallica song:
        Sad but True ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hampus Jensen

        And why would they do that? Apple is still selling the iPad 2 and it will be getting iOS 7. If Apple is still supporting it why would they push developers not to.

      • B30

        To sell more of their newer devices.

      • SpacePenguinBot

        So your theory is that Apple would rather sell a cheaper, less profitable iPad mini, than a more expensive, more profitable iPad 2?

    • SecondClassCitizen

      Good, companies are being hurt by the backlash from their stupid decisions and have to make 180 turns. Stop screwing your customers and making backroom deals with other companies.

    • echo_pdx

      On a 4th-gen here so it doesn't affect me, but still very happy to hear this. It really did seem super-shady.

    • Ryan Bach

      How about you stop intentionally blocking customers on jailbroken devices from playing the game properly now? If that doesn't change FAST I will never buy another SQEnix game on any platform. It's outrageous that you would do this to paying customers and then refuse refunds.

  • themostunclean

    Wait, it even plays on the 4s? So 2 devices that are IDENTICAL in processor specs to the iPad 2 will run it. That's ridiculous.

    Well, I play most games on my iPhone 5 for the portability anyway. Hope the UI isn't too cramped.

    • koukou

      There's one way you can play it on iPad 2
      You should download ipa file (crack for jail broken device or original 7$ for non jail broken device) then install it by iTools it will work smooth like mini

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Whoooo! I love when Fall comes early ๐Ÿ˜€

  • TigerBoat

    I hope the review comes out before they pull the game...

  • Trent Berlinger

    FYI, the link to the AppStore page for the game does not work if you're using the Chrome iOS browser. It just leads to an itunes web script page in the browser. It works fine in Safari, though.

  • SpacePenguinBot

    For those downloading it, I'd love to know how it look and runs on an iPad 3. Also, I appreciate the 'small' size of the download seeing as I already have XCOM and KOTOR on my device.

    • blackout845

      It look gorgeous! And runs smooth

    • zerilos

      Possibly the best looking game on the iPhone. Near console quality.

  • Reignmaker

    Ready to rock this baby on my iPad 4.

  • jarland

    I really hope TouchArcade gets some kick backs for all the apps that I buy solely because I open your website and go "Yeah I'm buying that."

    Look forward to seeing how this plays. Screenshots look quite impressive.

  • ridiculocity

    Well it runs great on iPad mini and iPhone 5 been playing for about 40 mins.

    • Jesse7277

      Is it good?

  • RinoaHeartily

    Square Enix knows how to create non turn based games? That's very surprising

  • iOSPeace

    Why no iPad 2 huh? I really wanna play this game and I only have iPad 2): this really sucks

  • XboxOne

    Dear iPad 2 gamers,




    • Goat76

      Why so we can have more junk sitting around. You got your don't worry about iPad 2 users.

    • MrAlbum

      Not always possible. Not even in the distant future.

    • monsieurfreeze

      Never trust anything from a Microsoft game console fan !

  • Eseres

    YEY!!! This game is (insert bad word here*) awesome! Been waiting for something like this on iPad for a long time now. Deux Ex, Iesabel and Dead Space are being played day in and day out and my iPad is being recharged about once every day ๐Ÿ˜›
    Now im only waiting for TWD- 400 Days/seson2 and Plants vs Zombies 2. What a great summer for gaming this turned out to be ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Goat76

    iPad 2 users we will be alright it's not like we don't have 40 other games to play or beat for instance xcom and a host of others. I know people aren't even close to finishing 3/4 of the crap on there. Be thankful for what we have and screw the rest.

    • Jesse7277

      It's gonna get iPad 2 support.

  • Andronicle

    So could anyone post something about the game(play)? Or are only iPad 2 users here?

    • AngryBaby

      Head over to the forums for gameplay impressions. Haven't downloaded it yet myself, but to give a spoiler-free interpretation of what I'm reading so far, it rocks the motherf*ing casbah.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Just got through the first hour or so of The Fall, and I have mixed feelings about it so far. There's a lot to like about this game: Its production values are incredible, it tells an interesting story, the voice acting is great, and the environments are beautiful; it definitely ranks among one of the best looking iOS games to date.

    It's great to see a full scale action game for iPhone that gives you full control of your character instead of going the on-rails route, but it's really hard to make a console experience actually work on a phone (so far only game I've played that managed it perfectly was Dead Space). I honestly think The Fall is too ambitious to be an iOS game. The level of depth in the game is impressive, but it often feels to complex for its own good. The HUD has too many icons, and it's far too easy to accidentally fire your weapon when you're simply trying to navigate the environment, and with so many different ways of moving around (invisible dual analog sticks, double tap where you want to go, contextual icons popping up all the damn time, etc), playing the game is frequently frustrating so far.

    Those of you with iPads might have a better time with this game than I'm having on my iPhone, but for me it's been a fun but very frustrating experience.

  • defunct32

    Is there IAP in this? I feel ripped off if I paid for a game and then requires additional purchase to make the game complete.

  • NeonGreenKermit

    I feel for iPad 2 owners (even though you'll get to play it soon), but really, that's just life in the tech world. It's actually somewhat frustrating for current gen users like myself because wider device compatibility drastically limits top-end optimisation - the 4th gen iPad spanks an Xbox 360, but will not see similar levels of visuals for a long time because devs are more concerned with their core audience who have older devices, and file size limits on the app store prevent better texture packs. There's no right or wrong in the matter, and one day I'll be narked that my 4th gen will be too slow. It's just the way it goes.

    • Ryan

      It's got nothing to do with tech, if it was then the iPad Mini would be incompatible (same exact specs as the iPad 2)

      • NeonGreenKermit

        You don't understand what I'm saying in the slightest. Forget about the game. I'm talking about optimisation - making software compatible for generations backward is counter productive from a technical point of view.

  • BobCat5142

    I want a review NOW!

  • Reignmaker

    What the hell is with the in-app purchases for a $7 game?

  • hourglass

    I've been playing for a couple hours, and I really like it. It's a great game.