263643_largerKavinsky [Free] is one of those weird games where the concept, ideas, and its gimmick are way more attractive than the brick-and-mortar mechanics are.

In brief, Kavinsky is an arcade game that features both brawling and racing segments. In one level, you'll be beating up "night creatures" in the city of LA. In the next, you'll be running from Mad Max wannabes in a Testarossa. Neither the racing or fighting are all that great. The racing in particular is wicked floaty, while the brawling is really one-note. There's just nothing much to do outside of punching stuff.

The interesting stuff kinda lies underneath the lackluster play. Kavinsky, if you didn't know, is a made-up dude created by french house artist Vincent Belorgey. Kavinsky is a music-slinging zombie who writes songs about his undeath. This game, oddly, follows the adventures of Kavinsky. It also uses his new album's music.

There's some weird little touches here and there, too. You pick up packs of cigarettes for health bonuses. Some levels forces you to take a picture of something in your room to use as a background. Also, there's a really cool surprise in the fourth level that you'll see in our video.

Should you play Kavinsky? I don't know. Better question: do you like electronic music or really weird premises? If yes, then give this a shot.

  • Jazzpha

    Kavinsky was also the artist who made the song that plays over the opening credits of "Drive", if you've ever seen that movie.

    And the "Faith No More"/Mr. Bungle dude is Mike Patton. Also did the score for The Place Beyond the Pines. All around badass experimental musician.

    This game looks cool. Thanks for the entertaining TA Plays as always, guys!

    • lezrock

      Mike Patton is Kavinsky?

      • Jazzpha

        No, I meant Mike Patton was the other guy that Jared couldn't quite remember the name of, who was in Mr. Bungle and Faith No More. Sorry if that caused confusion; Patton and Kavinsky are two separate guys.

  • rudy847

    You're excitement in your video sold this game for me.

  • rurmel

    Absolutely love this guy 😀

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Haha, I tried to use my cat in the AR level, and the game told me to pick something with more detail. I actually thought I had a pretty detailed cat up until that point.

    • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

      try a cat with a hat!

  • RunningWild

    Visually, the title is a treat. I've got to say, the gameplay is awful. The beat em up sections are as generic as you get. As stated earlier, the racing sections are poor. Really didn't like the placement of cigarettes as health either. In an age where nothing stops a young kid from grabbing an app like this (especially when free), this placement is poor form. If its illegal for tobacco companies to advertise on most mediums, then games should be no exception.

  • Guest

    Yeah pretty average game at best. Suprised it even made it into the app store with the health regen from cigarettes, beer and porno magazines.

  • http://www.nafna.com/ nadav bar kama

    great review! great fun! wonderful way to begin the day ... "why did it turn into a car ..."!