So remember yesterday's leaked photo of the first actual "Made for iPhone" game controller in the wild? From the looks of it, that was from a Crytek demo of their upcoming iOS title, The Collectables. Here's another shot of what looks to be the same controller courtesy of our pals over at 9to5Mac:


The game was demo'd at a session at WWDC, and tons of photos from it have made their way online. Apparently, you'll seamlessly be able to switch between touch controls and using the actual controller.


Head over to 9to5Mac for the full gallery.

  • iammane

    Man this has been a GREAT last month haha. So exciting!!!

  • subshell001

    million bucks says anyone who said they "didn't care about the controller news" in the previous threads are eating their words right now.

  • JaysUsernam

    So can we officially declare June "iOS gaming month"?? So much going on that is making iOS a valid gaming platform!

    • Gamer1st

      Who in the world is still dense enough to think the thing isn't a gaming platform?
      I bought mine for no other reason than to use it for the bajillion games on the thing, and I use it for almost nothing else. (Yes I have filled a 64gb iPad with games and have no music, movies, or pics on it.)
      It may be that I started playing games in the late 70s so I see a huge number of the games on the iPad as similar to those first games that relied on gameplay over graphics. But there are plenty of games on the iPad now that are nearly as graphically intensive as consoles, and every bit as intensive as previous and current handhelds, (that I also own).
      If the 3DS and Vita rely on mostly a joypad/stick and buttons with some touch elements and they are gaming platforms, then the iPad that mostly relies on touch with some other inputs is a gaming platform as well. Albeit one that could use better control options from time to time.

      • Brrobotix

        I have music... To play in the background while I play games

      • WarMachine

        See the problem is - the game QUALITY itself. Graphics mean absolutely nothing. Look at the GBA. Find me an iOS game that matches the quality of a Pokemon game or a Fire Emblem game. One that isn't a port but an original. And there are plenty of people that will refute your first sentence. Me, I'm just waiting to see how far the iPad can get. As it is in terms of game quality it's something like this: Facebook games/ flash games > PS Vita > iOS games > 3DS > console/PC (very rough estimate).

      • greatnoob

        Wow so FarmVille is superior to Gracity Rush? I develop games using the Flash platform and although it has recently shipped with Hardware acceleration for 3D games, NO Facebook or Flash game at this moment is superior to any Vita game (even the crappy PS3 ports like Ratchet & Clank). Period.

      • greatnoob

        So FarmVille is apparently superior to Gravity Rush. Hahahaaa

      • iammane

        You must mean flash games are the worst and console/PC is best... Otherwise... My brain just broke 🙁 so if those are arrows denoting sequence and not actually "greater than" then ok lol

    • ptdshiznit818

      I think just "gaming month" is enough ^_^

  • Brrobotix

    Looks like a great controller, but I'm not sure why they would reveal it for a game that isn't really going to rely on it. Strategy game s don't typically have a lot of emphasis on quick reflexes or precision. It's what you do rather than when or how you do it. I. Would like to see this tested out on a precision platformer, or maybe an fps.

  • speedyph

    Soooo nobody is excited cry trek is giving us a game holy shit lol