479190_largerIf you tried to open up Clash of Clans [Free] this morning, you may have seen an interesting "maintenance break" message appear, which temporarily prohibited you from upgrading your camp. What's the deal?

Supercell has just released a new update. Version 4.53 gives users a wicked new Freeze Spell to use when attacking other users. It can freeze enemy turrets, canons, archery towers and other pesky troops that emerge the Clan Castle. That's great news for long-time players, troublesome news for newbies who are still building up defenses against dragons and Lightning Spells.

Speaking of which, you can now boost your Spell Factory to Level 5 and take both the Lightning and Heal Spells to level 6 to deal some serious damage. Players can also upgrade their P.E.K.K.A to Level 4 so watch out. Don't fret passive players. Your defense also gets a boost with Level 11 Walls and Level 12 Cannons.


If you've been waiting for better, coordinated clan attacks ... you'll just have to keep waiting. We still don't have the ability to do some real team attacks and use our clans to the fullest. However, the new update does give us the ability to add a note with troop requests, so you can let your Clan members know to exactly what types of troops you need.

Personally, I would love a message that lets me know when one of my clan members is under attack so that I can send in additional defensive troops dynamically. The three-minute attack window is small so I can't say how it would work out, but the option would be great.

Download the new Clash of Clans update and let us know which of the new attack and defensive boosts worked out the best.

  • PallaZ

    Ok. Why is this update worth a news, and the whole new town hall two weeks before isn't?

    • deviladv

      I was wondering that myself. CoC should not be worthy of updates at all any more. Each update is simply changing the goalposts of the game for those who are able to figure out how to obtain gems. The game is mafia wars with pretty graphics.


    No thanks.

  • o0oJAKEo0o

    This game has been my go to game for some time now. If you can manage to get into a decent clan, you could have a blast with the game. One of the truly FREE games on the App Store. No adds and you can obtain EVERY SINGLE thing in the game without spending a dime. If you know of another game like this please let me know.

  • Double

    Great game. Been playing for 4 months and the only purchase I have made was a 3rd builders hut for 5 bucks.

    Not sure why people hate on CoC. I cringe when I see people buying 3 dollar coin doublers for endless runners, that will last until the next Wednesday release.

    • KrubKrum

      For the 1250 trophies achievement you get 450 gems, should have saved 50 gems and purchased your 3rd builder that way.

      • DranDran

        I spent some cash on the 3rd builder and got the fourth from the trophy achievement. 4 constructors total, havent spent another dime since.. Which is fine, and considering ive been playing three months.. Id say this game is the best value ive spent on the iOS store thus far. I really dont get the CoC hate around here either, its great fun.

  • chris16

    Im so happy for the new update just got drags yesterday watch out everyone chris is comin for you!

  • Glamrod

    A little annoyed that this game is covered yet not ONE mention or coverage on any Kabam titles on TA. Kingdoms of Camelot, arcane empires, the hobbit and now dragons of Atlantis. All games and communities of thousands SKIPPED over for everything else on the App Store.

    Love TA, been here for 4 years. I'm assuming turning the other cheek is for the war of freemium and everything. I'm down with that. A plague really.

    Since its probably not going to be covered here, kabams new title "dragons of Atlantis" is very close to done its beta. I've been playing it for over a month now(one of their longest betas for mobile so far), and I must say it's pretty sweet. If you like long timer RTS style games and have time for another one, I highly recommend trying it when it's available in your store.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Glamrod

      P.S. TAs castlecraft coverage from years passed got me into these kinda games ๐Ÿ˜›

  • ioahaij

    To be honest, passive players will take years to reach that lvl 11 walls. By then gemers would be god like already. Destroying our walls like cutting cakes. Lol.

  • piroz noroz

    Please have the option to add the game.