mc5logoGameloft was showing off the newest entry in their flagship first-person shooter series Modern Combat here at E3 2013, and we kicked back as a representative gave us a lengthy demo of the game. There's not a ton to report here, Modern Combat 5 is very much in the same vein of its predecessors but with a new story-driven campaign, improved visuals, and new weapons and gadgets. You know, sequel-y stuff. Check out the video below, and apologies in advance for the screen glare (there are far too many overhead lights at E3 in my opinion).

If you enjoyed the previous Modern Combat games, and I definitely did, then I think you'll be in for another treat with the fifth entry in the series. I especially liked the new gadgets like the floating ball that can detect and visually tag enemy locations. Also, and this doesn't translate as well to video, but the game is straight-up gorgeous in person. Look for plenty more on Modern Combat 5 as its release draws near, and by now you should know that adding it to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List will send you alerts on your mobile device as more news on the game hits.

  • Reignmaker

    Own Modern Combat 3. It was fun for what it was. But I don't need further clones of the same thing. Not sure if shooters work all that well on this platform, but I'm interested in what Deus Ex accomplishes.

    • B3nlok

      `Not sure if shooters work all that well on this platform`
      Thats something i expect to be extinct as soon as the first batch of gamepads start to come out

      • Reignmaker

        Yeah, I can't say I would buy a gamepad for the current generation of tablets and available shooters.

        I suppose given the rate things are going, I could be convinced to do so in year or two. Especially if a big name came in and enabled cross-platform play.

      • B3nlok

        This is only the first step, a really needed one to get the controls right. Things will change for better soon, as the platform continues to evolve.

  • Matt Curtis

    Modern Combat 3: More Modern Combat than Ever Before

    • Matt Curtis

      4: more combat

      • Matt Curtis

        5: extra extra combat + floating balls

      • SandmanSandlin

        6: Someone just shoot me

      • wildperson

        7: shoot SandmanSandlin

      • wingz


      • greatnoob

        9: call of modern duty

      • iPadCary

        10. tss sss This Combat Sure Is Modern!
        tss sss

  • marc0313

    Matt Curtis & Rainmaker ^^^
    You're both retarded. 4 improved greatly on 3. And is so much better. This'll probably be another big improvement.

    • Der-Kleine

      MC4 had you walking through some levels twice, didn't have the same environmental variety, didn't have as memorable setpiece moments and had by far the worse turret sections. When it came to the multiplayer the leveling system wasn't as interesting as in MC3. I don't know how that's an improvement.

      That's not saying that it was worse in every way, technically things definetly got better, but I didn't find the game as interesting or fun as MC3.

      This (MC5) however looks like a BIG step up in every way so far, one can't deny that.

    • Reignmaker

      From what I researched, it didn't look like a very big jump. Regardless I'm done with Gameloft offerings. They just clone other companies, and many of those companies are beginning to wise up and enter the mobile space. No need to keep paying the pretender when I can get the real thing.

      • AlexMilo

        Until there's OFICIAL Call of Duty/Battlefield/Crysis games on iOS, Gameloft will stay on the throne. They copy, yes, but isnt that better than having no fun games at all?

  • agentblank

    Same shitty reload animations.

    • dariusjr98

      Are you seriously whining about reload animations?! Really, of all things?!

      • AlexMilo

        The games are amazing yes, but theres no doubt that their absolute biggest weakness is the weapon animations. It's just sad that such pretty games has so weak animations.

      • agentblank

        Good animations show quality and that the company cares.

      • ihd1234567890

        maybe they see the reload animations as a small thing. And it probably is becuz it ain't ruining the gameplay, or the graphics, is it? But yes, it does show how Gameloft won't work with the tiny details that their console superiors have perfected on.

  • AlexMilo

    Cool to see theres not only CoD and BF but also a bit of Crysis inspired material in this sequel. I'm not fond of that drone thing, it looks way to unrealistic. Based on what I've seen so far (except for the drone) I would guess it takes place between Modern Combat 3 and 4 (just like CoD:Ghost is between MW3 and BO2), so the drone is very misplaced, hopefully they'll remove it.
    One enormous minus: same crappy weapon animations as in MC4. God it pisses me off to play game that looks so amazing and something as simple as weapon animations f*cks it up.. MC4 had, what, 3-4 animations for ALL the weapons?? how about unique animations for each weapon, in my opinion THAT after all determind what makes a weapon. Theres a reason why I prefer MC3 over MC4 and NOVA 3. Hopefully those animations will be changed, theres nice animations in Blitz Brigade, why shouldnt here be in MC5??

    • Der-Kleine

      The drone thing is still better than the upgrade in MC4 that just let you see through walls without a reason.

      Also, the Modern Warfare series, the Black Ops series and Call of Duty Ghosts all play in completely different game worlds that have nothing to do with one another.

      There is also a chance that the animations will still change/improve, since this is a verry early version of the game. (Let's hope they change them!)

      • Lerisbo1192

        Between mc3 and mc4?? Ok i m sure everyone here ( except from you obviously) know this is gonna be the continuity of mc4 with sander as the main villain! But lets forget it.... I'm more curious about..... What could have possibly lead you thinking this is between mc3 and 4??seriously!!

      • AlexMilo

        Well since the whole MC-franchise is 'basically' a copy of Call of Duty and has been released almost simultanously with the latest games in the CoD-series. Basically Gameloft makes clone-games:
        Modern Warfare (2007) = Sandstorm (2009)
        Modern Warfare 2 (2009) = Black Pegasus (2010)
        Modern Warfare 3 (2011) = Fallen Nation (2011)
        Black Ops 2 (2012) = Zero Hour (2012)
        Ghosts (2013) = The Last War (2013)

        And for that matter:
        Blitz Brigade = Team Fortress 2
        Ganstar Rio = GTA
        Gangstar = Saints Row

        And theres even more examples.

        I never said Modern Warfare and Black Ops is the same thing, I only said that the time they take place matches the MC story perfectly, which is no coinsidence.

        DO NOT take this a negative critisism, I love Gameloft for making good copies.

      • AlexMilo

        Oh and I forgot NOVA, which basically is a combination of Halo and Crysis.

      • CaptainFelix

        Sure, they are heavily based on other games, but I'm not complaining. They make darn good games and that's all I care about.

      • AlexMilo

        And I completly agree. The only thing I am whinning about is that the flying-drone-ball-thing is very misplaced, the game probably takes place some time around 2015-2020 where I doubt we have this kind of technology yet. :p

      • Lazyninja7

        The flying drone isn't even that far off, the military already has radar capabilities quite similar to this, and there has been many advancements in flying small-scale drones in this fashion. The only thing that is unrealistic is the shockwave/ping visual effect it makes, lol but this is a video game, the drone would be ten times less cool without it 😛

      • hourglass

        We could have that exact technology by next year.

        And our government will likely use it to spy on us.

      • meteo_nox

        Bruh, Modern Combat 3 takes place between 2028-2030
        Modern Combat 4 takes place around 2037
        And MC5 takes place sometime around 2039-2042, PERIOD

      • rdw2552

        though gameloft makes copies of games, they don't make them bad. At least they make them period- it's better than nothing.

        I agree with the other guy and I'm not disagreeing

        So what I'm saying, if I'm saying anything at all is welcome to the awesome games expo!

      • iSupah

        Dude you said Ghosts takes place between MW3 and BO2. Really? MW and BO are designed by different companies and have 2 completely different story lines. What in
        the world makes you think Ghosts will be in between? Ghosts is also a complete new story, not a continuation of MW. Seriously, do some research before posting such things.

      • ihd1234567890

        Yes it is proven that Ghosts IS in between MW3 and BO2 based on its time which is 2015 I think. I'm not sure

      • ihd1234567890

        COD: Ghosts is based more on stealth and strategy elements than the shooting, which i think there is quite a bit. It's also unlikely that the stories between MC3 MC4 could possibly have anything going on in between, And the demo proves it to me. Why a war in between MC3 and MC4 is a mystery to me. So the story where they try to take down Everett Saunders and end the threat once and for all sounds more reasonable to me.

      • meteo_nox

        "It's also unlikely that the stories between MC3 MC4 could possibly have anything going on in between, And the demo proves it to me."
        Are you being serious here, dude? The protagonist of MC3 comes back as a support character in MC4 (Walker). Literally every character in MC4 comes from MC3 (Walker, Downs, Anderson, and more importantly Page)
        There's even a reference to the Fallen Nation attack in the end mission of MC4.
        The whole game picks up from where MC3 left off.
        Like dude, do some research before making some strong idiotic claims about something you clearly don't know anything about.

    • Lostpop21

      CoD? With over arching story tie-ins? HA the CoD developers stopped giving a **** about story after MW2. Also, Bo2 and MW are made by different developers.

  • OreoCookiesMilk

    They should really change the reload animations

  • iPadCary

    Y'know what I don't understand ....?

    But other than that, how about that garbage gun audio, huh?
    At least in Modern Warfare, all the weapons have a distinct
    & accurate sound to 'em .
    Modern Combat?
    It sounds like they have 3 or 4 different sounds for everything.
    Yeccchhh ....

    • meteo_nox

      Damn XD

  • BobCat5142

    Is this gonna play well on ipad mini or lag?

  • wildperson

    The one thing I can't stand about MC4 is the control lag. Even on my iPod touch 5th gen, there's considerable lag between the input and the actual recognition on-screen. Doesn't make for a good twitch-shooter experience.

    • meteo_nox

      Get the a better then, lmao

  • matus

    Is that confirmation that the game pad I payed £80 or has officially been dropped, no apologies, refunds or hope it will be used again, even though these games are designed to use a controller already (android) 🙁

    Wonder what the odds some sort of firmware update could bring the gameloft pad inline with the new apple specs.

    Sometimes I get the impression Gameloft is not the most loyal company to its fans

  • phonecats

    Gameloft is too big too fail.
    Obey and buy your $99 IAP.
    Resistance is futile.

  • qwaszx277

    There really needs to be drivable drones in multiplayer for killstreaks not like in MC4 where they were just A.I controlled

  • JackyLau95

    Does anyone else notice a delay after you press the reload button on the Modern Combat series? It seems like, when you press the reload button, it takes about a second to respond. This happens especially in MC3 and MC4. I hope there isn't this delay bug on MC5.

    • meteo_nox

      I didn't notice anything like that in MC4, dude

  • iPadCary

    Interesting that this is called "The Last War".

    Mebbe Gameloft has some inside dope that a
    Frostbite-powered version of "Battlefield" is coming to iOS,
    so this is the "last" time that "Modern Combat" will rule
    the iFPS roost.

    At least I hope that this is the case.
    I, like everyone else with a Soul, am sick to f**king death
    of GL's nickel & diming you for EVERY f**king little thing
    via this IAP or that IAP ....
    Wanna reload your weapon?
    That's 1000 koinzorz, please!
    What's that, you say?
    You don't have 1000 koinzorz?
    No problem!
    A "Koinzorz MegaPak" is available for the low, low
    price of just $4.99!
    Say, while you're there, why not pick up two?
    One both for little Billy & one for Mom!"
    Yeccchhh ....

    But, as I say, while I hope "Modern Combat" -- with it's
    ridiculous, childish & cliché-ridden "plot", along with
    insubstantial so-called story twists like, MISSION UPDATE: Kill Tangos -- is going bye-bye in favor
    of the Frostbite-powered "Battlefield" franchise,
    I really don't hold out much hope for that one, either.
    Because, as we all know so well, Electronical Arts is
    sooo against using the IAP model as a revenue stream, right?

    Oh, woe is me ....

  • kuly113114

    U guys should make Modern Combat Online for Free

  • jummpy

    Why is this getting compared to cod? Cod is on consoles mc is on a phone HUGE difference this looks like an amazing game just what I would expect from gameloft 🙂

  • hourglass

    I have loved Gameloft for bringing console quality games to iOS.

    Too bad even the $7 games have IAP. Those darn IAP unbalance online play.

  • GameIoft

    This game will be released next month because of the the technical issues we are having. Sorry for any inconvenience. Don't forget to check out our other games on the app store.

    • ysbert97

      Seriously? Nobody likes this, only you. Keep smiling

  • Bryno

    When do they tell the release date?
    And do you think they'll add multiplayer online chat?

  • fishypandaman

    Why do the graphics look soo much better on asphalt?.these graphics still look like MC4s glowing objects.what happened to mc3. What I would like to see in Mc5 is a cinematic vignette and a more realistic grey based colour palette with hard light to get really nice reflections with a higher contrast to bring out the darker shadows. they were soooo close when they made MC3. This just really looks like an ipad game and it is really hard to take it seriously.

  • pufix

    i have galaxy s 4 the best mobile yet and realy max graph gameloft go on graph there is not everythin on graph need physics and better gameplay and if you want game handheld console buy ps vita

  • Roku Kishimoto

    Ok so i am getting MC5 when it comes out. Should i get MC4 because there is a story Line im supposed to follow or just for the test and experience. Maybe in the end i should save my money and just get MC5 with some of the in app purchases.