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E3 2013: ‘Ultima Forever’ Doesn’t Taste Much Like ‘Ultima Online’

EA’s upcoming Ultima Forever is a strange beast. The name Ultima invokes so many memories that fans of the series can essentially let their imaginations run wild on the possibilities of a iOS MMORPG of something like Ultima Online re-imagined for the modern age. The problem is, if you’re hoping for an Ultima Online-like experience, I think you’re going to be sorely disappointed as all the social interactions and amazing things that came of the notoriety system in UO are just nowhere to be found in exchange for these short little five minute dungeons that you can see in this video:

Ultima Forever is coming soon, and I’m really curious to see how it’s received in the mass market. Admittedly, I have a weird history with the Ultima properties, so it’s hard for me to not be disappointed to see those experiences so comparatively watered down. If, however, you’ve only vaguely heard of the Ultima games, and are looking for a quick dungeon crawler, this might be up your alley.