BIA3_1_1500Brothers in Arms isn't dead! Earlier today, Gameloft announced Brothers in Arms 3, a new follow-up to the studio's long-running WWII-themed franchise. Details are few at the moment, but we do know this: it's an on-rails, cover-based shooter that tasks users with swiping between pieces of cover. You know, sorta like Epoch [$0.99], except without robots. And lasers. Probably.

We've got some more screens below:

BIA3_2_1500 BIA3_3_1500

Brothers in Arms 3 is at E3 this week, so we'll probably be bringing you more about it later in the week. Stay tuned!

  • sbnewsom

    Keep in mind that the series is a Gearbox IP. Just saying. 🙂

  • Deaconclgi

    I really liked Hell's Highway for PC. I still have my limited edition box set that comes with the figurine and booklet.

  • YoungSinatra

    From What I'm Seeing This Will Be Third Person ?

    • ImJPaul

      From What I See You Capitolize All The First Letters Of Every Word You Type. Must Get Really Annoying. I Already Wanna Slaughter A Pig.

      • ImJPaul

        I Also See That I Spelled Capitalize Wrong.

      • YoungSinatra

        Haha ... It's The Way I Type -_-

      • JBRUU

        Go Back To The 6th Grade Then.

      • YoungSinatra

        Haha ... It's The Way I Type -_-

      • iAmTheWalrus

        well if it isn't my old nemesis, captain capitalize

      • dariusjr98

        Actually, it's

        cAPTAIN cAPITAL!!! wE mEET aGAIN!!!

  • Lamar Taylor

    I don't like games on rails that are scripted. I'll be passing on this and waiting for the next Modern Combat.

    • vesp67


    • JaysUsernam

      This. Never Understood On Rails Shooters When You Can Play Shooters You Can Control??

  • speedyph


    • SandmanSandlin

      So will the multiplayer be on rails too?

    • SandmanSandlin

      Whoops that wasn't supposed to be a reply

  • extol4000

    The first one was good but the 2nd was HORRIBLE! The screen shots look promising but who knows. It will probably feel like Modern Combat re-skinned.

    • Mark1227

      Yeah except you can't walk around

  • foxtrot3699

    Cant wait

  • iValerio90

    it seems to be a frontline commando clone

  • zachattack165

    What happened to this game?