trialsfrontierTwo new Trials games are coming in 2014, Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier. The latter of which is coming to mobile exclusively, Ubisoft revealed at its briefing this afternoon at E3.

Fusion, an upcoming Xbox One and PS4 title, interestingly, will incorporate some second screen experience action, allowing users to "access previous runs" and view high scores. Both Fusion and Fontier will be able to interact with each other somehow.

Trials Frontier will be the first official Trials release on mobile. The series, which is all about tricking out on a dirtbike, is well loved and well designed, so we're more than stoked to give Frontier a shot whenever it hits.

Update: Here's a short teaser!

  • Rivalsan

    Trials + iOS = WINNING!

  • 1337brian

    There's already a few Trials clones on iOS but I'm stoked to see the official one coming soon!

    • philadendron

      I know of Bike Baron, which is excellent. What other good clones are out there?

  • toxiccheese

    HOLY CRAP!!!

  • dribblejam

    Awesomely made trailer!

  • Matt Curtis

    That is one impressive trailer.


    Satisfying trailer!

  • Mark Stamps

    That's stupid it's only next gen.. I might be completely done with video games just cause this nex gen crap and how much they charge!!