KRF_AppIcon_iPhoneAfter playing Kingdom Rush: Frontiers a bit, it's clear that it definitely delivers one thing: more Kingdom Rush [Free / Free (HD)]. In other words, it doesn't break the mold; it adds to it. The new towers, new heroes, a new world, new enemies, and the addition of hero skill trees enhance an experience that its predecessor laid the groundwork for. It's a pretty good game almost by default since the first was great to begin with.

Eli and I gave it a spin the other afternoon, and we documented some of our adventure with moving pictures. In the below, you'll see some familiar mechanics and faces, and get a taste of the new stuff that's been added:

It's probably pretty plain, but if you liked the first game you should probably think about grabbing this one. The spot of design that's really hooking me this time around, oddly, is the brevity of the levels. Kingdom Rush has super short instances that give you some good challenge without requiring your afternoon in exchange.

As with most of tonight's releases, Frontiers will be available in the US at 11PM. You can add the game to your Watch List on app if you'd like to get a notification when it hits the App Store. You know, just to be safe.

International App Store Link: Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, $2.99

CORRECTION: Kingdom Rush Frontiers is not universal. There are two different iPhone and iPad versions of the game.

  • Jacob007

    Kingdom Rush? Never heard of it.

  • Bool Zero

    ... Whatever...

    • Jacob007

      I guess sarcasm isn't a good idea through the Internet..

      • araczynski

        yeah, i never have much luck with it either πŸ™‚

      • MidianGTX

        That's a common misconception, sarcasm can absolutely be properly conveyed through text. You just need to be good at it.

      • Bool Zero

        I should be the one making the comment about sarcasm not translating well over the Internet... I wasn't being mean with my "... Whatever..." Comment, I was bringing his post full circle as a joke to referencing the hands on title "Kingdom Rush Whatever"...

        Way to prove your own point guys!

      • Bool Zero

        Apparently, they changed the title of the hands impression...

      • Bool Zero

        The initial title of this hands on was "Kingdom Rush whatever", but they seemed to have edited it... Hence the confusion and misinterpretation of my comment...

  • Eric Sah

    A little help here? The writer said this app is universal, but this app is optimized for iPhone 5. Does that mean it will not be full screen for my iPad 2? Thanks so much

    • mguniverse

      Why would having iPhone 5 support make the game not universal?

  • Eric Sah

    A little help here? The writer wrote that this app is universal, but in the app description, it says it is optimized for iPhone 5. Does that mean it will not be full screen for my iPad 2? Thanks so much!

    • Daman2u

      Correct me if I'm wrong but i think that "optimized for iPhone 5" just means that it is adapted to the 5's taller screen. It should work on iPads just fine.

      • TheFrost

        You are correct πŸ™‚

      • Eric Sah

        Thank you guys! Confused for a second because they released hd and non hd version before!

    • Kev Pilotton

      Acutually it runs really good on my iphone 4s.

  • wigzisonfire

    I absolutely loved the first game until they killed it with the shop and purchasable instant win items. I had aced every level and grinded my balls off to complete everything and it felt like such a waste when the pay to win shop appeared!
    How are the difficulty levels on this one? Does it feel hard enough but achieve able without IAP items??

    • TheFrost

      Yes this loses my interest about competing in leaderboards the correct and hard working way

      • loox

        Kingdom Rush has no leaderboards. No score.

    • Plang Fu

      You could just as easily "cheat" your wins by reading a walkthrough for perfect tower configurations. Instawin aid is optional, so don't use it. I have a huge pile of crystals in the original KR and I've never bought or used anything.

  • Louis Ace


    • dariusjr98

      Your hashtags have no power here.

      • Plang Fu


  • loox

    11pm west coast time?

    • TheNeck

      good question, i was thinking midnight, but 11pm(PST) would be even better πŸ˜€

  • Revognah

    I'm foaming at the mouth.

  • Chuck Ankenbauer

    as always, looking for IAP info on this... I've pledge no games if they have IAP, no matter how great. Now if it's a game that you can buy a new campaign, DLC, or something like that, fine... but no more nickel and dime IAP crap for me like gas for my car EA! πŸ˜‰ (new to iPad gaming, so don't know this game.)

    • Eric Sah

      This game, you don't want to miss regardless of IAPs which is really only for heroes

      • wojovox

        So defiant.

      • Eric Sah

        There is a reason why I'm shunning my ps3,xbox, and pc for this πŸ˜‰

    • mdavis1016

      So brave...

    • Ironhide Game Studio

      It has IAPs but only as extras. You don't need to spend a single extra dime to complete the game or skip waiting times.

  • sortvind

    IAP for heroes i can live with, but if they do the whole gem and gold in this to, they lost a fan.

    • nicodemus82

      They do

      • sortvind


      • Nyan

        If the gem system is anything like the system in the first game, you shouldn't worry. In no way will it truly impact the way you enjoy the game.

      • ElectromagneticMelaniePulse

        Speak for yourself. I found the gem system in Kingdom Rush to be completely broken. That game includes one of the hardest paywalls I've ever run into in a mobile title.

      • dariusjr98

        I think that is a major exaggeration.

        Not everyone is good at TD games…so maybe it's your skill, no offense.

    • ejfarraro

      Half the time in games those things aren't even necessary. The Kingdom Rush guys know what they're doing. I'd be shocked if they nickle & dime. The $2.99 price point suggests a 'premium' title. Other premium titles like Warhammer Quest offer gold and whatnot, but it is absolutely not required.

      Wait for reviews and impressions, but don't write off a good game simply because it has IAP. Developers are just giving a niche group of players what they want (the ability to "cheat")

      • Ironhide Game Studio

        sortvind, we're very sorry you feel that way. ejfarraro is right, we balance the game completely without consumables.

        All stages and challenges are designed to be beaten using only towers, heroes and powers (reinforcements & rain of fire).

      • sortvind

        Sceptical, but i will buy it and give it a try, just hated how the first was a premium game, then it went free with IAP.

  • Ironhide Game Studio

    Frontiers is not universal. It has an iPhone/iPod touch version ($2.99) and the HD for iPad only: ($ 4.99)

    • peon2000

      I wish you would reconsider making the HD version universal.
      For those of us with multiple devices it makes things much simpler along with the fact it's easier to justify paying for IAP heroes when they will transfer to your other devices.

  • tex32

    If KRF is anything like KR and you enjoy tower defense, at 2.99 this is a complete steal. I felt like the balance was perfect without gems, and the game was ridiculously enjoyable without the additional IAP heroes. I spent over 50 hours on Kingdom Rush, and bought a few of the heroes to support a smaller developer who had brought an awesome title to the IOS. IMHO, this "optional" IAP setup works for both the consumer and the developer, allowing a small company like Ironhide to make more awesome titles we can enjoy in the future.

    • drloony

      To bad it was IMPOSSIBLE to kill the boss in the original Kingdom Rush without using IAP. Anybody who says otherwise is a liar

      • tex32

        Never used an IAP (and used one of the original heroes) for the end boss and three "star'ed" it. Keep on tweaking with the towers and upgrades (especially upgrade the Arcane Wizard with the upgraded teleport properties and the Big Bertha with the upgraded Dragonbreath Launcher). You can do it brother!

      • Respox

        LOL impossible? Not even close. You are just bad at games.

      • drloony

        Did you read what I said? Beat the boss, not beat the level. And if you guys claim you beat the boss out of the castle w/o using IAP refer to my above post

      • mjgarwood

        Ummm... I have beat every aspect of this game without any iap... There are multiple ways to beat each level. Hence, tons of replay!

      • KEB

        Keep trying, man. It's definitely not impossible.

      • Atangerine

        Lol the last level is one of the easiest. Just spam tesla towers and overcharge

  • DannyWalkman

    To Eli and Brad:
    Is there any point in buying the first one, now that this is released? Is it just an "expansion", or a whole new game?

    • dariusjr98

      If you want to, knock yourself out. It's a good game, hard as nails, and only Β’99.

      Plus, at least for me, it bothers the crap out of me when I have a sequel but don't own the original, as long as the original is any good of course. πŸ˜‰

  • loox

    Actually I did so,e digging and it looks like 11pm EASTERN time for the U.S. so, yay!!

    • wojovox

      Let's hope. 22 minutes away and I have nothing to do.

      • loox

        10 minutes!!! *crosses fingers*

  • soh

    Kingdom rush is one those games that makes you love iOS and the iPhone.

  • KEB

    I fell hard for the original game through the flash version, threw some money down for the flash version (pre-hero days, IIRC), and later paid for the iPhone version. I finished the flash version multiple times and didn't even get halfway through the iPhone version due to headaches. πŸ™

    I will gladly pay for the flash version of Frontiers. Are there plans for it?

    • loox

      Yes. In a few weeks

  • Anthony

    Same, when hard came out on the first KR I played through the hardest difficulty without the use of any crystals, however I did have prior level knowledge, thats not the case in KRF, veteran difficulty, no crystals, no prior level knowledge, I feel you steal from the experience when you do that.