It seems like only yesterday that this Angry Birds merch' phenomenon was just starting and we were all giggling at the idea of why anyone would want Angry Birds flip flops. Well, Rapala, the world's largest manufacturer of fishing lures has upped the Angry Birds swag ante to never before seen heights. Check it out:


Those are just the lures available as keychains, but there's a whole collection of Angry Birds stuff over on their site. Everything from actual Angry Birds fishing poles to Angry Birds tackle boxes. Apparently, these treasures are only available in Finland and Denmark currently, but here's to hoping they make it across the pond.

[via TUAW]

  • Matt Curtis

    Great, so they can use these to fish out the bodies of whoever first suggested all this silly Angry Bird merch.

  • NotYou


  • TheFrost

    I actually want one! ☺

  • Gatada

    I was going to say that this has got to stop, but they actually look cool.

  • basil

    Mm. Great article. Not sure where I'd be without my toucharacade app. Probably rummaging through a run-off drain in Manhattan trudging through human excrement sludge looking for something I could call a wedding ring to put on my toothless lover's finger.

    I'll wait until they go free.

  • Eseres

    And what kind of fish will you catch with those?
    I can almost see those fish laughing their fins off LOL!

  • Smurgendorf

    "…here's to hoping they make it across the pond."


  • Protoman

    Still amazes me that Rovio is making so much money off of a Crush the Castle rip-off.

  • bigrand1

    I actually want one too! So, if I get ahold of Rapala, I can pick one up?

  • Rubicon Development

    "It seems like only yesterday that this Angry Birds merch' phenomenon..."

    Not really. If feels like a looooooong time ago to me. Just me who's sick of the sight of this now?

  • Karzay

    You can probably create an entire site reviewing Angry Bird merchandise. You'll never run out of material.

  • Nycteris

    Unfortunately you can only catch green fish.

  • Zeldaniac


  • Tranceaholic

    And Rovio's plans for world domination continues...

  • nx8

    I think that is entirely possible.