KnightsoftheoldrepubliccoverOriginally released on the Xbox just under ten years ago, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] is considered by many to be the best Star Wars game ever released, and those who don't agree with that would at least put it among the best. A big reason why the game succeeded so massively is that instead of inventing their own systems, Bioware leaned heavily on the existing d20-based Star Wars tabletop RPG. This becomes more and more apparent in the game as you go through character creation and then experience the round-based combat which is limited by the number of actions you can take each turn just like a tabletop game.

You can have two other party members accompany you through your adventure, and KOTOR was among the earliest games to feature all sorts of branching dialog trees complete with a morality system that not only influenced conversations, but also which party members you could have as well as the actual ending of the game itself. Admittedly, it seems a little dated now, with most of these choices landing on the two extremes of the "Light" and "Dark" side of the force, but it's still cool to see in action.


Like any good RPG, there's also all sorts of side elements such as mini-games that involve racing, a Star Wars-ish version of blackjack, and sometimes you'll even need to man a cannon to shoot down enemy fighters when travelling from planet to planet.

As far as where KOTOR lands on the Star Wars timeline, it actually takes place 4,000 years before The Empire was even a thing. The bad guy in question is a dude named Malak, who is not only an Ex-Jedi but also, of course, a Dark Lord of the Sith. You're on the hunt for something called the "Star Forge" which is said to be the source of Malak's power. A large part of the game is both searching for and learning about the mysteries of this device.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic absolutely ripped it up on Metacritic, rocking a overall 94 in its original Xbox release. Since then the game has been ported a bunch, and the iPad is its most recent resting place. We've yet to really sink our teeth into the game yet, but an exclusive IGN review from this morning seems mostly positive aside from the somewhat predictable control issues that occur when you take a game originally designed for a controller and apply it to a touchscreen.

We're going to be playing through KOTOR today, so stay tuned for some more in-depth coverage including a review and a TA Plays video.

  • eventide

    So is it up?

    • Aventador

      Yes 1.98 GB download and price is 9.99 $

    • curtneedsaride

      "You need 1.9GB for download and 2.5GB for installation, so around 4.4GB free."

  • eventide

    I see no link for purchase, price, size..etc

    • wimbuytaert

      Yea where the hell isit?

    • arn

      Took a minute for ta app to pick it up

  • kurzz

    WHAT? OMG!

  • LA4k

    fastest release ever

    • flashbackflip

      Indeed!! I am very surprised! In a good way, of course))

  • LA4k

    but why no iphone?(( i want it in my pocket

    • ttocs

      Way too small of a screen to enjoy this on an iPhone.

      • Josh Dombro

        You think so? Would it be totally unplayable or just really slow because you'd have to get so close to things to see them?

      • VA1N

        I'm going to go with unplayable for most people. I'm sure you could technically play it, but I can't imagine it would be fun on that little screen. This game was initially made for a TV, then moved to a PC. The iPad is a logical next choice but a phone screen just won't cut it in my opinion.

      • Josh Dombro

        I was afraid you'd say that...

      • HCivic

        I want it on iphone too, this way i would had access to it anytime. Well i think this will be the game that will never be deleted from my ipad 🙂

      • Whil McCutchan

        I'd put it in the unplayable area. There are tons of buttons on the screen and they'd all have to be big enough to hit them with confidence. No way that's fitting on an iPhone screen and being enjoyable.

      • dancj

        That's what they said about Autumn Dynasty and Bastion.

        (For what it's worth, Bastion felt a bit small on then iPad so I can't imagine what it's like on the iphone)

      • Jazzpha

        Bastion actually works incredibly well on the iPhone, I think. I was surprised by how smoothly the transition went to the smaller screen.

      • caaalrb

        To this day, Bastion is still my favorite game I've played on iOS

    • skylerolson

      Isn't there a way to convert it to an iphone game file? I remember something like that from the little inferno comments before it had an iphone release

      • ImJPaul

        You can do the opposite. But unfortunately. Unless its a jailbreak thing, that doesn't exist.

      • DizzyNBG

        It IS possible. U just need an Mac, the script (iTelePad2Pod) and the legally bought iPad only App of course. Converted apps running just fine and controls are the only thing u have to messing around with.


      • DizzyNBG

        erm...and u need to be jailbreaked of course.

  • ttocs

    Finally! Can't wait to play as soon as I get off work!

  • icepulse

    If it "hit the App Store", where is the link?

    If anyone has tried it on iPad2, please post performance impressions!


    • ttocs

      The game is out there now. Seems to have taken a few minutes to hit after the post.

  • eventide

    Where is it?? I'm an impatient gamer with a keyboard and can't wait reasonable amounts of time for this type of thing :p

  • HCivic

    Bring it on! Do not stop at this, i want KOTOR2 too.

  • eventide

    Even in my watch list it's showing up but there's no picture of the game or a link for purchase

  • Jazzpha

    An iPad, an iPad, my kingdom for an iPad!

  • wildperson

    Definitely not on the iPhone, which, while understandable, is still really disappointing. This game was one of my foundation RPGs.

  • Galsia

    I would buy an iPad just for this game.

  • dylanmannen

    Make a TA plays of it like now! XD, want to se how the controlles is before a buy

  • Flesh

    Awesome, i really liked that game, but i don't really know why there s no iCloud or Game Center with Achievements... The Bard's Tale have all the stuff... Even GTA:VC have iCloud... Lazy port team

    Too bad i can't miss that game, so i probobly buy them after the exams

    • Karzay

      This game has an ending, which is the achievement. I'm actually relieved that I won't be receiving a popup message in-game telling me I achieved something trivial.

  • Bool Zero

    Such an expensive week for core iOS gamers, LOL! I will have spent $50 easily just on three games (Warhammer Quest, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright and now this) which is a nice change of pace for iOS gaming where games are cheap but usually geared toward casual. Nice to see this healthy alternative or premium price, premium quality games releasing!

    Now to explain to my wife and kids why I am going to unable to do anything family related with them for the next few weeks while daddy "works" on his iPad!

    Kidding, kidding!

  • Jazzpha

    Also, those screenshots made me laugh. Using Mission for anything? You're making life so much harder than it needs to be.

    • MidianGTX

      Real gamers like it rough.

      • Karzay

        Are you suggesting Unreal gamers don't like it rough? Can you elaborate?

  • eventide

    Its up but I have 4GB available and it's not working

    • HCivic

      You need 1.9GB for download and 2.5GB for installation, so around 4.4GB free. I need to update the ipad to iOS 6 instead 🙂

  • denisvjcr

    Never had the opportunity to finish this game and now is the moment.

  • XboxOne

    no iPhone support? Then I don't care. iFab owners will think differently.

    • MidianGTX

      Maybe if it blocked used games and focused more on live TV than the game itself you'd be interested.

      • Mookmonster

        Technically ios dont have used games either

  • tranceforma

    Bring it on! Will be getting this, haven't ever played it before so should be an experience xD

  • JindoFox

    Been waiting for this. I've read a lot of hate for touch controls elsewhere around the web, but I know I'm going to prefer them. This is one of the only "long" Xbox games I ever finished.

  • curtneedsaride

    Man, I should've got at least the 32GB iPad... I've got one personal AND one work, and they're both full at 16GB a piece. Too many good, big games and too little time for me. Maybe I'll get to this one someday.

    • NickyNichols

      This is the problem I am having. I really want this, but I have trouble freeing up 1 gb, let alone 5 to play this. I gotta clear up my backlog of games I need to finish playing first.

  • iOSPeace

    $10? Really that is a whole bunch knowing that KOTR is a free to play game.

    • Doctorossi

      Yeah, but KotOR is good.

      • iOSPeace

        Lol I forgot. Make it free and ill get it

      • Doctorossi

        Hear that, devs? iOSPeace doesn't want to pay, so make it free.

        You're welcome.

    • dudeguypal

      Since when has KNIGHTS OF The Old Republic been a free to play? The Old Republic is free to play but that's a totally different game

    • Michael Anderson

      Um ... wrong game. This is the GOOD one, the classic RPG from when Bioware was Bioware ... not the $200 million flop from EA.

    • Ryan J Gill

      No it isn't. You're thinking of TOR. KOTOR was a single player RPG. Bought it when it was $60 on Xbox. Have no problem paying $10 now.

  • icepulse

    Any verdict on iPad 2 performance?

    • riChchestMat

      Awesome sauce on iPad 2 so far. No issues.

    • Ben Norvell

      Runs fine for me

  • ImJPaul

    And this is announced right after I sell my iPad on eBay. Ay yie.

  • rdw2552

    They need to bring down the price

    • eventide


    • Ben Norvell

      This game is easily worth that

  • twistedmind87

    I'll download this onto my iPad and have a look into the files and see if it is iPhone playable over the weekend 😉

  • Shadowking2214

    Cool! But no iPad,back to PC version then

  • bababewey

    Are people actually complaining about the price?!?! What is happening?

  • twistedmind87

    Full game £6.99 is a good price! It's spot on in my opinion. Take war hammer £2.99 to buy but with all IAP (£5.97 for character classes, £2.99 for extra realm) comes to £11.95!

  • twistedmind87

    Great week for games : Gameloft sale Batman and Spider-Man for 69p, war hammer, world war z and Phoenix wright! All full top quality games!

  • Louis Ace

    Universal PLEASE

  • broadcastmonkey

    6.99 is fine for this type of game. If we don't pay a premium price for certain games then the platform will never be taken seriously and we will be stuck with freemium nonsense and iap for the rest of our days. Have played this for half hr or so and it's great. Good luck getting this on android any time soon.

  • worldcitizen1919

    What a pleasant surprise!! Bought it in a flash!!

  • flashbackflip

    Looking at screenshots at the appstore i noticed suspicious un-retina looking images...

    Can anyone please confirm if this is retina-ready or not??

  • araczynski

    Have fond memories of the pc versions from back in the day. Don't want them molested by replaying now, ages later.

    • Michael Anderson

      I replay KotOR every 1-2 years, and know what? Aside from a few niggles it has aged extremely well, and remains one of Bioware's top games (after Baldur's Gate 2, of course)

  • araczynski

    I can't bring myself to replay any game. If There's no joy of a new story or exploration/discovery, it's a waste of time to me.

  • Taeles

    Plays smooth on ipad3, controls are nice you swipe left or right to look around and swipe up or down to walk/run. Dosent look like anything was sacrificed to get it on our tablets either, everything is here 🙂

  • speedyph

    Wow look how far IPAD gaming has come

  • !nsomn!ac

    Noooooo! Why isn't this for iPhone. /sadjedi

  • ratsinheat

    So much for yoda stories. Thanks for nothing.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I remember grabbing this for the original Xbox. It was a lot of fun the first time through, but I've never been able to play through it twice. Guess it didn't have much replay value for me. (Not like the Baldur's Gate games anyway) Still, it's cleverly disguised turn based battle system aught to be well suited for iPad play.

  • LanceAvion

    Next week, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is coming to the iPad!

    • swisssk8er1

      No it's not. But I hope I'm wrong and your right.

  • WarMachine

    No fucking way!!! I haven't been excited about an ipad game since never. We need more of these! I never got to play this as a kid, but now I'll get the chance.

  • Jay G

    Meh, it's the same price on Steam, might as well get it on there.

    • flashbackflip

      U r kidding, right?

      • Jay G

        That's the most inane question ever. Do you think I'm kidding about that? The PC version is far superior to this, and it's a pretty long game. Why would I want to spend hours and hours squinting at a 3.5"-10" screen when I can play it on a 27" monitor?
        Not everyone's phone/tablet is the center of the universe, you know.
        Is it cool that this is on phone? Yes. Is it practical to play it on one? No.
        BTW, am I the only one not overlooking the fact that the characters have no shadows?

  • lordyokomoto

    Well took some getting used to as not played for long time.... But for 6.99 UK this has to be the bargain of the year so far ;))) especially when u consider they charged 11.99 for FF games

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    only 10 bucks...Lol they could've charged so much more, and we all know we would've bought it anyways

  • Phillip Nicewaner

    Absolutely brilliant release. Aside from a very small issue with controls affecting the momentum of movement, I have not had a single issue on my iPad mini. Funny enough, I have more glitches on the original game for the Xbox than I do for the iPad. I would now like to see Star Ocean 2 and Nintendo get into the mix!