175049_largerIt feels like every discussion with Gameloft inevitably devolves into a discussion about their tendency to make games that are greatly inspired by others. While originality is obviously an important element, I care less about that and more about whether the game is simply fun. Such is the case with Blitz Brigade [Free], a game that takes its cues heavily from a certain Valve game. While Blitz Brigade won't win any points for innovation, the team-based FPS gameplay works well enough to overcome its freemium shell be enjoyable on iOS.

Have you played Team Fortress 2? If so, then you'll know what to expect with Blitz Brigade. The cartoony visuals, player classes and team-oriented play are very reminiscent of Valve's long-standing F2P FPS. As you might expect, Blitz Brigade is multiplayer only, and players are matched up into games with a maximum of 6 v 6. A total of five character classes can eventually be unlocked, and a multitude of weapons can be purchased and used.


Seeing how this is an iOS freemium game, Blitz Brigade does have a few differences from its inspiration. For starters, the game features a standard duel-currency system which is used to upgrade weapons. Coins are earned during normal play and are used for purchasing weapons and single-use power-ups. Diamonds, meanwhile, are primarily earned through IAP and are used to purchase diamond-only equipment, fast-track weapon upgrades and special appearance items. As one might expect, diamond-bought weapons are a bit more powerful than their coin counterparts, so it's relatively easy for a newcomer to buy their way into powerful stat increases.

While this is can be a concern, especially for a multiplayer-based game, I didn't find it to be as big a deal as one might think. Due to the touch-based controls and the inclusion of auto-aim, Blitz Brigade does a decent job of giving players an opportunity to succeed, regardless of how much you've paid for powerful weapons. Hitting objectives, sneaking up on players, and sniping with a steady hand still go a long way. Competitive gamers looking for a purely equal footing will certainly not be happy with Blitz Brigade's underpinnings, but for most others it's satisfactory.

mzl.itkvgywi.320x480-75More importantly, I found matches and standard coin collection to be enjoyable. Sure, there aren't any treasure chests or collectibles as in TF2, but the coin rate during normal matches (assuming you make at least one IAP purchase and obtain 'VIP') is fair and there's enough long term goals and challenges to keep you playing.

The above enjoyment assumes you get into a match that's lag-free which, unfortunately,  is harder to come by than it should be. It's a shame too, because matches with high latency are completely unpredictable and simply not fun and I encountered more than I'd like when getting assigned into games. Adding to the annoyance is the fact that even simple things like logging into the multiplayer infrastructure can take whole minutes if the server is under load.

Otherwise, my biggest complaints were with the lack of game modes (only Team Deathmatch and Domination currently exist) and the limited selection of stages. Weapon durability, which lessens the strength of your weapons the more you use them (until you pay coins to fix them up), is aspect of Blitz Brigade that I really feel is pointless. Is it a deal breaker? Not particularly, but it's annoying nonetheless.

While Blitz Brigade offers an enjoyable experience in team-based FPS gameplay, the overall experience is still clouded by freemium add-ons that add unnecessary annoyances. Unfortunately, this description is the norm rather than the exception in this day and age. If you're looking for a multiplayer oriented FPS that will have a player base and receive support (at least for the short term), by all means check out what Blitz Brigade has to offer. Just be forewarned that this isn't your PC's F2P shooter.

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  • Zeldaniac


  • rdw2552

    I hope in the next update they add engineer class and a "Mann vs machine" like mode because I love Mann vs machine on TF2

  • Matthew Rossman

    It's official. I no longer trust Toucharcade reviews. Only using it for the forums and news from now on.

    I mean come on, "the overall experience is still clouded by freemium add-ons that add unnecessary annoyances. Unfortunately, this description is the norm rather than the exception in this day and age"

    So that means we should just give up and learn to live with crappy games? Reviews should not be relative.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson


    • dancj

      I think your reading comprehension is a bit lacking.

    • ptdshiznit818

      I don't understand how that comment is getting up votes, no one said anything about "giving up" and you whining about it here isn't going to bring an end to the freemium model anyway.

      • chimpman252

        I figured it might be slightly more productive than whining about it on an article about rock collecting.

      • ptdshiznit818

        Doesn't matter where it happens, whining is never productive.

      • Karzay

        You don't see the irony in whining about whining? Actually, complaining is just as helpful as praising. Both help you make better informed decisions.

      • MidianGTX

        Any comment bashing TA gets upvoted these days, it's cool among the "in" crowd.

        Among real people, it's facepalm-worthy. It makes the popular "sheeple" insult that Android users use sound almost plausible.

    • Protoman

      TA is a blog so I don't get why you would take a review here seriously in the first place. That's your bad, not the authors. There are plenty of gaming news sites to choose from, I think what you are looking for can be found on them.

    • Doc Robby

      I'm a bit confused about your comment... Where does he say or even imply that we should just give up and learn to accept crappy games? How did you pull that out of the section of the review you quoted? I'm sincerely curious.

      • Matthew Rossman

        Apologies for being unclear. The quote itself doesn't say that, it's more of a quote explaining the reasoning of why the iOS gaming community has "given up". I was more referring to the fact that this game got a relatively good review, and the 1.5 stars taken off seem mainly to point to the online issues and lack of game modes. The reality of iOS games becoming corrupted by freemium business models is not getting nearly enough criticism these days.

        Also, brownie points for being the first person to not reply to my comment in a sarcastic or snobbish way. I appreciate your sincerity.

      • TJK15

        What would you propose we do about it? We complain and complain and complain about the freemiums but there are always those rich kiddies with the parents credit card that will continue to support them. We would literally have to have everyone boycott them so freemiums are abolished. I see why you're angry, but bashing a blog that is completely irrelevant to the game itself is pretty low. Do you expect every fremium game blog to give all freemiums games 0 stars and have the review say "it's a freemiums game, there will be no review because you shouldn't buy it ,period" ?

        Terrible outlook. I personally believe that this game is actually good. Of course the freemiums suck but if you want to complain go directly to the developers , not small town people doing us favors and writing these lovely blogs for FREE.

        Anyways hope you take this and realize the faults in your post.

      • MantaNZ

        As a game developer, I agree, but at the same time, you really have to blame the customers... It is they who support "freemium". My games are now being designed around the freemium model (though I try to make it as painless as possible), as for some reason, plonking a buck down on a full game is unacceptable, yet downloading a "free" title that requires tens of dollars of IAP is perfectly reasonable... I don't get it, but I gotta make a living!

      • Sarvrin .

        When the model is reasonable and does not force the player to purchase then yes. If not, better design a game to be one time purchase. And if ppl still complain...well probably the game is crap. Nowdays we have tons of wanna be devs who flood the markets with tons of wannabe be games just to earn a buck or two.

      • http://www.polygame.co.nz/ Karl Burnett

        Totally agree. I've actually changed my mind and am going to release my next game as a paid app too... I want to give it another chance... If it fails, will try IAP but to be honest, I hate IAP myself, especially in paid apps!

  • thiefwriter

    "dual-currency", not "duel-currency". Although the latter sounds far more interesting.

  • Josh Dombro

    I thought there was a single-player mode? I deleted the game a little while ago to clear up space, so I can't really check, but I'm pretty sure I remember playing missions with stars, not just multiplayer... Can anyone confirm?

    • dribblejam

      You are correct, it just requires an Internet connection.

    • bigrand1

      Yes, there is a one player 'practice' mode there.

  • DannyTheElite

    Reading/playing this really makes me want to reinstall tf2 on my PC.

    • parkerpunk

      After 5 mins in this game I decided I needed the pure tf2 experience. Haha

  • GreyLeg

    Reminds me of battlefield heroes!

    • Fep52

      Yep. Definite mash-up of TF2 and BH

      • boxedninja

        Am I the only one who thinks this is only like Battlefield 1943 (I've never played Battlefield Heroes) and nothing like TF2? The only similarity to TF2 is that it's red vs. blue.

      • Sarvrin .

        This is pure BATTLEFIELD Heroes rip off. Those who think it has to do anything with TF2 are...sunday gamers 😉

  • caomhan15

    When the servers arent down, this game is some of the most fun ive had so far this year! If only they could improve the online stability 🙁

  • PureRumble

    Can u imagine how low the morale at the gameloft studio must be? I mean for gods sake seriously why do they keep ripping of other game titles and concepts? Doesnt it increase the risk of suffering of a burnout when u work for them?

    "Oh hi dear hard working colleagues! For the upcoming two years were gonna work hard to rip off game X from console Y and stuff it stiff with juicy consumable IAPs!"

    I mean they obviously have a huge team of talented developers that are able to push out fully functional games! So is it so hard to add a few creative script writers and concept artists to come up with unique ideas and see them through?

    • Skullinton

      I don't believe that's how they say it... It probably sound more like; " which popular game should we bring to iOS? "

      • PureRumble

        bringing = ripping

  • YMCMBRules

    I wish this game worked on my ipod. :/ Unjailbreaking soon.

  • monsieurfreeze

    Battlefields cartoon cover with iap at every corner .
    Fun & crap at the same time

  • phonecats

    gameloft is cigarettes.
    they don't want a sale.
    they want you to repurchase every day.
    games aren't made for pleasure.
    they're made for addiction.


    • Zeldaniac

      Fact: Cigarettes give people lung cancer.

  • Adams Immersive

    "Weapon durability, which lessens the strength of your weapons the more you use them (until you pay coins to fix them up), is aspect of Blitz Brigade that I really feel is pointless."

    This is the kind of detail that really rubs me the wrong way.

  • elmazzer

    Zis game rockz bietch!!! Weeeeuh!

  • henrychan1111

    The game is quite good cuz I've been playing it for the past few hours


    "Greatly inspired"

    Screw the democratic approach. If you weren't worried about losing their favour "ripped off" would have sufficed.

  • Rickard Olsson

    Pay to spawn faster? Good thing I could delete the game for free, at least.

  • Sarvrin .

    Since when this inspired by TF2? This is a rip off from Battlefield Heroes. Srsly man...get your facts straight next time. What is more. If you can buy more powerful guns this is indeed BAD.

  • http://www.omgsriy.yolasite.com Omgsriy

    Blitz brigade cant take over tf2

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