ultimaforeverDetails for a free-to-play Ultima game coming to PC and iOS courtesy of EA Mythic surfaced all the way back in July of last year, and the following month we got a few more details on the game, known officially as Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, by way of an interview with one of the game's executive producers. Most recently, in February, we got a taste of the game in action for the first time with a new trailer, along with the news that Ultima Forever was set for a spring release.

Well, spring is in the air and Ultima Forever is sort of finally here. Thanks to a heads-up from Ultima fan site Ultima Codex, we've learned that the game has soft-launched in the Canadian App Store. So if you're a real Canadian or just a fake Canadian with access to that country's App Store, you can download the free game and check it out for yourself.

I was never into the whole MMO or online RPG thing, but I've been interested in seeing a mobile one done right that would actually get me to stick around. I don't know if that game will be Ultima Forever, but I'm pretty excited to dive in and give it a try. I'd imagine that a full worldwide release won't be too far off either, so if you can't get a hold of the Canadian version then throw this bad boy on your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get an alert when more news of a full release becomes available.

Canadian App Store Link: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar, Free (Universal)

  • Wizard_Mike

    This isn't an MMO, but an online co-op action RPG. At least that's what everything I've read seems to describe.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      I think you're right, I changed the title. Thanks.

      • Boobi

        908mb download, has IAP, will leave more info once install on iPad complete.

      • Sanuku

        Wenn you start the Game the first Time it does download another bunch of hundreds of MB so have at least 2 GB Free on your iDevice to don`t get into Troubles.

      • Boobi

        Upload and played, after the tutorial love the intro. You get to enter dungeons with a party, have not done that yet. You have reputation levels, character levels, moral choices and tried other choices by restarting and they make a difference. For IAP here is the skinny, its just keys. When you find a chest the key you use on it determines loot level. Gold, silver, bronze keys highest to lowest. You can mash 15 bronze keys and get 5 silver once per day. They are free gold keys but there all register this, or get membership in that. Quite extensive. Gold keys to buy are expensive and going to guess don't drop in dungeons. So far game played great but can be sluggish on iPad 3.

      • jovyxafeseda

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      • Me

        Appears you spammers have chosen a new font. Nice that you're changing it up.

        Also, go away.

      • Sunshine

        It's very likely that they're trying to get a few weeks of bypassing the spam filters: what they've done there is used other characters that look like Latin, but aren't, from the Unicode set. I'm guessing most spam filters aren't setup to deal with that kind of substitution yet. To them, it's all just harmless greek.

        I'm sure it'll die down soon enough.

    • araczynski

      That's good news, for a minute I was worried it was another worthless mmo.

      • Rothgarr

        I would kill for a mobile Ultima Online...

    • LordOfLetterbox

      No this game is straight up a Birds eye view MMO. What you read was incorrect. It has action bars and typical MMO fetch quests.

      • Wizard_Mike

        I think you might not understand exactly what "MMO" means. Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance (the PS2 game) had fetch quests, yet was not an MMO. It wasn't even online.

        Quest types do not determine if something is an MMO or not. To be an MMO, it must not only be multiplayer, but MASSIVELY multiplayer. That means hundreds to thousands all playing together in a single, persistent world. That's not what this game is.

      • LordOfLetterbox

        There is strangers running around in the world every where and you constantly getting spammed with request to group up, I wouldn't consider Borderlands 2 a MMO but Defiance is for just an example for what I feel is MMO's play it before you through your opinion out there.

      • tehvar


  • Bloodangel

    Can't wait for this! Is it Internet? How much? Will it be in uk tonight too?

  • Heavnsix

    How would one become a fake Canadian so one could access the real Canadian App Store?

    • joaquin_ondamoon

      Eat a lot of back bacon, drink beer and call people 'hoser', eh?

  • TomCrown

    Pass, I'll wait for Lord British to finish his real Ultima successor.

    • Wizard_Mike

      I feel the same way, but I'm not going to hold my breath. There was Ultima Online 2, which got canceled during production. Then there was Tabula Rasa, and we see where that ended up. I think Ultima Online was his last great offering.

      Hopefully I'm wrong and he'll amaze us one last time. I'm just not expecting it, is all.

  • Nick

    Just made a Canadian App Store Account and it says the game is no longer available for download...? Also the game was listed as free.

  • http://www.jpaterson.net/ James D Paterson

    I've downloaded the game just fine, and I'm in Toronto. Still showing on the App Store for me as well.

  • korkidog

    Oh boy! More IAP from EA!!

  • Bloodangel

    Can anyone in Canada confirm this is legit?

    • Nick

      This is legit, got it downloading now on a second device.

  • riggysmalls

    This game seems to have a lot of potential, but I can't shake the feeling of freemium and gameplay pitfalls that many ios ARPG's seem to fall to. I can't wait to try it later tonight though!

    • Morgan01

      Not to be syndical, but I have become very leery of Freemium and many IAP models. EA is pretty high up there as well. We will have to see if this is a "must" or a "bust".

  • Bloodangel

    I would love this 🙁 any way I could get it as I'm in UK

    • LordOfLetterbox

      Change your iTunes account to a Canada mailing address then after it downloads switch back. Or you could create a new iTunes account with the Canada info after it downloads log back in to your UK account.

      • Bloodangel

        Thanks for info.
        Anyone know a Canadian mailing address I could use?

  • Bloodangel

    This is iPhone too isn't it?

    • araczynski

      According to the last second of the video, yes.

  • grits

    Sounds like a huge time commitment.

  • Hawaii Jeff

    Ugh the fact that this is published by EA makes me very reluctant to even try it.

    Makes you wonder how much better of a game it would be if it didn't have EA's influence on it...

  • worldcitizen1919

    Loved the Ultima series on my PC when I was younger. EA? Well EA is not kind to gamers so I'll wait and see.

  • Me

    Looks interesting, but...EA...no...

  • HelperMonkey

    Hmm. Aside from the name "Ultima," this doesn't look especially notable.

  • Nick

    Reposting what I put on the forums here in case someone here knows the answer that does not read the forums.

    I have a question not sure if someone would know the answer to it but I'll explain as best as I can.

    Will I have any issues if I download the game using a Canadian App Store Account progress through it while having it connected to Facebook. And when the game is released in the USA I delete the Canadian App Store version of it, download the USA version of it and connect to Facebook again? Or will I have to start over? Or possibly have problems playing/making an account?

    --Nick aka TearGod.

    • Bloodangel

      I too would like to know answer to this but I'm in uk

  • LordOfLetterbox

    I have some very bad news to those that are looking forward to this game...it's horrible in more ways than one. First the freemium mechanics are up there with the worst I have ever seen on iOS. I am dead serious and this is not an over statement. Second it is plagued by bad frame rate issues on my iPad mini and on top of that it force closes roughly ever 15 minutes or so. All this really breaks my heart to report because I was very excited after the trailers for this game. I wish I had some good news to give for the sake of balance but its very hard to say anything good about Ultima Forever. Sorry Guys 🙁

    • Morgan01

      If what you are reporting is true, then it really shouldn't be a surprise given where the game is coming from.

  • Bloodangel

    Does it play fine on ip5?

    • Biowhere

      I've been playing it on the iPad 4, and the frame rate stutters quite often. There are also frequent freezes of a second or two where you wait for the game to catch up with the action. Definitely a beta at this point, or since its an EA game it's good for release...

  • Chellspecker

    I'm in Canada, so I have a legit iTunes Store account here. Just uploading it on my iPad 2 now. Yes, 908 mb. Shows $1.99 IAP for Pouch of Silver Keys, but no others I can see. I have made a fake US iTunes account for stuff I can't or couldn't get here in Canada, like Skype when it first came out, Dexter, etc. I found a website where it makes up a perfect fake identity with an address and zip code, etc. everything you need to make an iTunes account. I think Apple is making it tougher to switch back and forth between stores. I'm pretty sure you have to do it in iTunes on your computer, not possible on your device anymore. I have downloaded apps from both stores. As for the game, it recommends 1.85GB free space. Exciting! For once something available here before the U.S. I feel so special.

  • Bloodangel

    When is this out in the UK?

  • flashbackflip

    Seems like another 'legends' by SpaceTimeStudios to me.. Will be watching comments to decide if it is worth to make all those account shifting stuff. Not a big fan of EA mobile (though loved their pc games)

    Can anyone provide info on the depth of the quests? Are they deep and interesting? Do they influence the game universe (or your avatar)? Or are they just 'go-kill-bring-get reward' bullsh*t as usual?

  • Protoman

    I loved Ultima in my youth. It's a shame I stopped buying EA games after Battlefield 2.

    • Morgan01

      Same on both counts. I can't even remember the last EA game I bought, though it was well over a year ago.

  • Digibear

    Just downloaded it and can't get past the "enter your name" screen. After I put in my birthday it says enter name and the app just crashes iPhone 4s. :/

  • Dan Stojanovic

    Hey all. Ultima's pretty epic. It's got a huge world, tons of unique NPC's, lots of story, and a great skill upgrading system. The only cons I can think of so far is that you can't sell your loot, and the game probably needs some memory optimization, every now and then it crashes on my iPod Touch 5th gen.

  • RJay Haluko

    I switched my account to Canada to download it. Its pretty easy to
    do. Its a bit choppy but so far I like it as a mobile experience. Its
    not extremely complicated but honestly I wouldn't want it to be
    complicated on a mobile device. To give a little background on me I
    played UO when it first came out and continued for about 6 years. This is in no way a mobile UO, but Im sure not many would expect that. Is it Ultima?... yeah its based on that but if you are expecting "Ultima" ported to a mobile device you will be disappointed.

    I played it for about an hour and a half. In that time I teamed up with
    another player and it was pretty smooth we took on the first dungeon. I like the keys you get for the chests, since it streamlines the gameplay. Again its not like diablo where you have to constantly look at the crap that drops. The dungeons are easily labeled with the amount of time it takes to do them. Seems to have alot of quests and the virtue component is nice. World is nice and big, and the pacing to ease you into it was decent. So far the IAPs dont bother me, it seemed pretty easy to get keys. Im hoping they dont pull some crap where you play for about 5 hours to get you hooked then make keys more rare.

    The graphics are decent. Some of the handrawn areas are above what I was expecting. Overall its mixed and a bit unpolished but i think it due to outsourcing content creation. I would blame who ever is overseeing the creative direction and consistency. Its easy to point and say its crap, but there are politics, budgets, the game is free so I wont be too judgmental. Still... the GUI is not very polished and could use a bit of love. Its functional but a bit bland. Im surprised by the font choices, colors and icons etc. I work professionally as a designer and illustrator etc so maybe Im being nit picky. The illustrations of alot of the people are nice but they need more of them, and maybe some other expressions. Again Im sure its really time, budget and resources.

    Gameplay is pretty simple. Its diablo style, just tap and attack with a few other abilities. Abilities are on timers which is fine, but at this
    point I would have hoped they had more depth.

    It would be cool if they had some crafting and other side skills. Im not expecting a mobile UO. I just think at this point its a bit shallow. To sustain itself and keep me playing they will need more than just kill and get keys. Overall I will keep playing I enjoyed myself.

    • LordOfLetterbox

      I played for about two hours and you really starting hitting he freemium wall around then..you equipment starts to wear out which requires you to convert bronze keys into silver keys and it doesn't take long to run out of keys once that happens ala the freemium wall. Also the gold keys in which the game starts you out with quickly runs out as well. I am glad you like it because I really did not. To each his own friend.

      • RJay Haluko

        Hah, I played about an hour more and hit the wall you did. My impressions are much different now. I don't like it and I'm quite disappointed. The wear on equiptment is too great, and everything really becomes pointless. 🙁

      • LordOfLetterbox

        Yeah I really hope they re think the wear down mechanic before this game goes world wide. I am still trying to play it but my equipment always wearing out is a very big disappointment. They changed Real Racing 3's freemium mechanics before world wide launch so I am still hope Ultima Forever will change with the next patch.

      • Traminer

        This was painful - I found myself farming lower levels just to earn keys to repair my staff. Ever notice that armor drops more than weapons? I've been wielding a broken Epic staff forever