kotor_logo_0According to some accidentally revealed evidence spotted by IGN, it looks like BioWare and LucasArts' classic Star Wars role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic is getting set for release on the iPad. The snippet of info comes by way of an email newsletter announcing a sale on Call of Duty games. In the header is the text "The critically-acclaimed Star Wars RPG is now available on iPad..." which seems most likely to be referring to a Knights of the Old Republic game. Here's a screen cap of the newsletter taken by IGN:


The newsletter is from Aspyr Media, and as IGN notes they're no stranger to Knights of the Old Republic as they ported the game to the Mac previously and also they have a presence on the App Store already with Sushi Mushi [Free]. So by connecting the dots, it doesn't seem like that big of a stretch. We'll be keeping an eye out for more details on a possible Knights of the Old Republic port to the iPad as soon as they become available.


  • Zdgames


    • Aventador

      Looks like things will go in a much better direction with Disney holding Star Wars license for us iOS gamers

    • nicydunegev

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  • Shadowking2214

    One of my favorite games of all time!!! I pray a they put it on at least all A5 devices so my iPod 5 can run it,if not then at least I have the PC version 🙂

    • themostunclean

      With a game like this and the interface it will require, it's likely the smallest device that will have it is the iPad mini. Combined with the fact it says coming to iPad, not iOS, I really doubt it will be available on iPhone/iPod touch.

  • http://twitter.com/Turkeydipking Jacek Mackiewicz

    Sorry for caps i just holy ****! Of all ports I could ever ask for, THIS IS THE ONE <3

    • lewsheff

      The best ultimate port for me would be an old game called hogs of war, it beats outwitters and would be amazing on ipad! Hahaha there should be a "port wish list" thread

      • Zdgames

        Hey should port arena daggerfall and morrowind lol

      • doolphinl

        That would be to awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Hopper/1238691947 Paul Hopper

    please god let this happen.

    • fleshman

      God? It will port the game?

      • meatz666

        God is the first developer... Developed the Earth... 🙂

  • Aventador

    I would buy additional battery charges just to play this game on the go

  • jmelrose

    I bet it'll be Yoda Stories. 😉

    • HisDivineOrder

      The critics truly loved that one.

  • Jazzpha

    One of the greatest games ever. If this game gets ported and I ever get an iPad, this is the very first thing I'm buying.

  • McCREE

    Awesome news!

  • laxking97

    Eil's tweet made me laugh. I'm guessing that they knew and weren't supposed to say anything, but now that its out of the bag...

    "@hodapp: So do we have to keep playing dumb about KOTOR I don’t know what procedure is here."

  • {SQUEEK}

    I just geeked out

  • Bool Zero

    I need a towel and a cigarette... And nobody touch me, nobody touch me!

    With this news I can't ask for more... But I will! Now with Baldur's Gate, BG2 a possibility and now this, is it too much to ask for Fallout 1 & 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, The Temple of Elemental Evil, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and perhaps a Might and Magic collection released for IOS devices? I know, I know, I am asking too much! I'll settle for Arcanum and Anachronox!

    • Aventador

      BG2 is already in production for iOS.
      What probably most people don't know is guys who hold River City Ransom are planning a port for iOS.
      I told this would be a crazy year for iOS.
      Now all I need port of Commandos 😀

      • Bool Zero

        You just made my day with the news of a River City Ransom port! Excuse me while I do a snoopy dance!

    • Protoman

      Planescapes: Torment would be an excellent port as well.

  • MasterChief3624

    I don't understand how this means anything. It looks like a sly internet advertisement. One of those ads where it says something about what you're looking at, or what your internet history has been like.

    Like... hm... I can't think of an example, but there are tons of ads. I think eBay's sponsored ads always say something about your search. Like if you search for taco shells, you will see a sponsored link about eBay saying, "You can find all you need about Taco Shells at our site."

    It fills in the blank of whatever you are typing or searching.

    Obviously that isn't the same thing, but I just have a feeling this is not a hint at KotOR for the iPad. Probably a misprint. An unfortunate misprint.

    I know I've seen it before when it came to a site saying something about a came coming to iPad, but it meant to Mac... and since KotOR is on Mac already... I don't know.

    I'm just saying don't get your hopes up. This is a ridiculous sliver of evidence.

    • SoyGreen

      "I don't understand how this means anything. It looks like a sly internet advertisement. One of those ads where it says something about what you're looking at, or what your internet history has been like."

      I'm not sure you know what you are looking at. 😉

      That isn't an internet ad in that spot - that's IN an email FROM Aspyr... The recipient wasn't visiting their website - this was in an email that was sent from the company to the recipient.

      If it were on a simple web page and the author was just surfing there - SURE - with you on that one. But this was a crafted email by the company... very likely using an email/communication system (like constant contact etc.) that is an intentionally crafted communication. - every part of that was created manually - nothing automated.

  • Solrac

    Thats amazing!!!!
    Please, iPhone!!!!

  • StepwisePilot

    I would love it if this actually happens

  • diaskeaus

    This getting ported would be enough of a reason to buy an iPad, if you've been holding out.

    Because you know if it successful, this will be the first of many ports this awesome.

    • diaskeaus

      And honestly, a touch screen for this game is ideal.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    omfg, asldfkjaslkfdjaslkfd blacka!

    This fucking sucks! I need a god damn ipad!

  • https://twitter.com/SirPrimeau Matt Prime

    Looks like I'm going to need to buy an IPad afterall...

  • http://www.about.me/liamdaly Liam Daly

    OMG my favourite star wars game, hope this is true

  • flashbackflip

    Let the Force be with us

  • http://www.friv4game.net/ Friv 4

    It will do wonders if we share everyone knows

  • xStatiCa

    My life will not be complete until an iOS version of the classic PC game X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter comes out (or even just X-Wing).

  • toxiccheese

    This is great news... Gives me hope for a Battlefront port!

    • Aventador

      Having battlefront as a premium game , no matter if it's 1 or 2 with multiplayer on iOS would be a dream come true, I played SW Battlefront like crazy on PC and PS2

  • http://twitter.com/BulkSlash BulkSlash

    I've been saying for ages KOTOR would be a perfect match for the iPad. From memory all the movies in the game are 4:3 so wouldn't need borders or re-creating to look good on the iPad.

    The stop/start nature of the combat along with all the buttons for different moves would work perfectly on a touch screen as would swiping around to move the camera about and touching items to examine them.

    I really, really hope this is true!

  • SmugPugD

    Please God let the first three Elder Scrolls be on the horizon. Planescape:Torment and the Fallouts too por favor!

  • meatz666


    • iPhallex

      You know it. This port alone would generate another million dollars for Disney, easy. Then there's all the DLC options...

  • cinapssam

    Please let this be true! Brought this on Steam last year after playing it on the Xbox a long time ago. Absolutely love this game and would love to see it on the ipad.

  • jForsythe

    If there was ever a insta buy game been made it would be this one. Wonder if they'll port the 2nd one with the user made ending cut screens.?

  • anteye5

    There is a chance going by the three periods following the leaked report that it could come to iPhone and iPod.

  • http://www.kizilove.in/ Kizi Love

    I would love it if this actually happens