079234_largerIf you've been getting stomped in Star Command [$2.99] and stopped playing as a result, consider giving it another shot. Creator War Balloon just pushed out an update that added a bunch of rookie-friendly features, including tutorials, a beginner difficulty level, and tips for the weapon-firing mini-games. Also, three additional tokens are now being dished out at the start of every new game, bringing the total to a hefty 15. Show the space zombies who's boss! Or not!

This update also sees a bunch of other tweaks and improvements. The list is sorta crazy huge, actually. Here are some notable additions: room ammo and assign buttons have been disabled if a room can't hold anymore, max crew has been increased, and you can unlock "larger ships and heavy difficulty," provided you're a Bad Enough Space Dude to handle them.

You can check out the patch notes for yourself over at our sister site AppShopper. Also, if you're still having troubles after updating, consider swinging by our guide for Star Command, which is full of hot tips from us and our community.

  • airwa1k

    Cool beans

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    In many ways this game has exceeded my expectations. Yes, there are some major elements that were suggested at the start of the Kickstarter that haven't materialized, but I also never expected the part it now focuses on to be so much fun. If the other ideas War Balloon has had from the beginning can be added on at the same level as the combat it will be way better than I ever hoped. It's also promising how fast these improvements came. Bring it on, War Balloon!

  • Aventador

    Still not enough to make a decent game ; more rooms, contrabands, mission variety, more unlocked planets, etc needs to be added soon because having a sandbox mode in non-existent world is pointless

  • Crimzzen

    Gotta say the games pretty boring. It's pretty much the same thing every mission. Fly to a planet, have a combo, fight, repair and upgrade. The combat is stale, the story line is OK, and the graphics are cute. It feels like the "free" version ATM. It would be nice to be able to gear your troops, have expanded skill trees, more management regarding the ship, the ship really should have been the focus point. Micro-managing an entire space ship from things like crew, weapons, civilians, entertainment districts, food districts, etc... I'm thinking roller coaster tycoon in a space ship with the story line and combat thrown in to keep things interesting and on your toes....

    • Terwilke

      Kinda like sims? Everything can be going good and then all of a sudden the entertainment part of the ship is invaded as both parties enter an asteroid field

    • http://www.facebook.com/eric.farraro Eric Farraro

      Agreed that the game needs a lot of work. It's an okay start, but right now, it's just a combat sim (and a shallow one at that). I don't so much care that they weren't able to deliver yet the original vision, but there's just really not that much there yet. Combat with ships is slow; the unit to unit combat is flat. It's basically an 'arena mode' game, set in space.

      The 'diplomacy' doesn't really influence much. All the battles play out exactly the same. Compare this to FTL, where there were many different types of ships, and your strategy would differ depending on the enemy's capabilities. Random weapons forced you to try different things. Scarcity of resources would force you to conserve ammo.

      I REALLY want to like Star Command because it's so pretty and I'm sold on the vision, but frankly, it's not a great game in its current state. If the graphics were poor, we wouldn't even be talking about it.

      That said, I am very much looking forward to see where they take the game. There is a decent base here, it just needs a lot more love.

    • http://twitter.com/PaeK6 Pae K.

      and they spent like 2 years in development?

  • araczynski

    so is the 'bigger ships' part only for harder difficulties? or can you enjoy them on the noob difficulties as well? god forbid people have fun in a game.

    • Bloodangel

      They said that they are hoping to bring an away team add on in next/future update. Would be cool to board other ships and planets

      • Bloodangel

        Made me think.... If they had a game like Sid miers pirates... But changed it to a space theme like this... That would be cool.
        Travel around, upgrade ship, board other ships and do combat which could allow you to capture the ship for your own use. Have missions to do and trade at ports or get crew at inns

      • flashbackflip

        Sure why not

    • Boobi

      Completed black hole difficulty, heavy and normal but don't see the larger ships.

      • Boobi

        StarCommand tweet, no"Large Ships" they meant larger crews and black hole level is bugged. Emergency update next week for black hole difficulty,large ship will get description change to larger crews.

  • wigzisonfire

    Who is getting stomped on this game as the article suggests?! I wanna meet the retards that are finding a game hard that is literally impossible to lose at.

    • JJE McManus

      Look in the mirror

    • MidianGTX

      You mean the people playing the game in a way that's actually fun? You seem to be confused, a retard would look for a boring exploit and use it to finish a game they spent money on whilst avoiding any hope of enjoyment.

    • killslaughter

      I agree Wigz. This game is not nearly as difficult as a lot of people claim it is.

  • neonblurb

    The patch contains a nasty bug on Black Hole difficulty which makes boarding aliens invincible and kill your crew almost instantly - not sure if this is limited to loading existing saved games or new play-throughs. The Star Command Twitter account says that they're working on an emergency fix.

    • FLK

      Was coming to talk about that bug, thanks for the info about emergency fix. This is real fun-killer 😀

      Game crash a lot now too...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Montgomery-Gabrys/1085446349 Montgomery Gabrys

    I see no new ships, it won't let me hire more crew than I already have, and just an option to fly around to other planets instead of getting a new ship (which isn't different from the previous ones). I did see the game try to make boarding parties impossible on black hole, but I did it on a ship that was more holes than external walls. Oh it also promised more token bins, which never arrived, but it did try to steal all the red-ones I amassed for 4 of each (instead of mostly red). Thanks but I'll ignore this.

  • http://twitter.com/realBohd Bodo Pfeifer

    Why making the game easier? It already is way too easy IMO. After the first 4-5 missions and some minor grinding, you have your ship maxed and all you can do is continuing the story with repetitive gameplay. A dynamic ship expansion would be great. Or some way to beam my crew to the other ship and go wild there..

    • jclardy

      I just bought the game and started on "beginner" because of everyone saying how difficult it was.

      That was a mistake, in the first "huge" battle the other ship couldn't even get my shields below 75%. We warped away when there was no way we would have lost...

      Unfortunately it seems I can't change difficulty mid-game so I am going to have to start anew.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mdcdeve Max Deacy

      Hm .. indeed well i completed the first run from start to finish on normal difficulty when it first came out, without dying or losing any crew. Considering i'm not great at these kinds of games, take from that what you will on the original difficulty level.

  • jclardy

    So a newer update was just released that reduces enemy weapon recharge times. And I kind of wonder if they even tested the games themselves...

    I was having fun with the game, but the latest update made it impossible for the final boss to get past my shields. I could have left the game running for hours and they would just be slowly charging their weapons at a slower rate than my shield regen. Lame. I am guessing they made the change to all difficulties but only tested on the hardest. So for any newcomers - don't start on normal difficulty - it is too easy now.

    I really like this game, but they could have done so much more with it...randomized encounters when exploring, non-linear story arcs, etc. They have a great base gameplay formula, but they just need more content.

  • anabolicMike

    I didn't like this game at first. I bought it tried it. Watched the stuff slowly load and thought, oh yay one of those games that you pay money to speed everything up. I turned it off and chalked it down to my buying something without reading the reviews. So I left it for weeks. Then I read the reviews and decided to give it another go. Awesome. Pure awesome. Hah. I like it! I went and beat the story already and have the next shop but next time ill try everything else too. Good game well worth it. Now I want MORE