wiiulogoNintendo's Wii U launched late last year, and so far it doesn't seem to be doing so hot. It's missed its original sales projections, and it seems like Nintendo is scrambling to try and right the ship. A similar thing happened with Nintendo's 3DS handheld too, and after dropping the price significantly shortly after launch and speeding up the delivery of some highly-anticipated titles the platform is finally starting to show some life.

According to a report in the Japan Times as noted by Polygon, Nintendo is hoping to pull of a similar turnaround with the Wii U by making it easier for developers to port their existing mobile titles to be playable on the system. The Wii U, in case you didn't know, features a tablet-like controller with a large touchscreen, so existing smartphone and tablet games would make sense on the console. Nintendo is reportedly offering developers special software which would allow them to port existing games to Wii U as well as build games from the get-go with the Wii U in mind as one of the target platforms.


The consensus surrounding this news seems to be that most people would rather Nintendo put their focus in the opposite direction: port their existing library of first-party titles to smartphones and tablets. I mean, touchscreen controls aside you can't deny that a Super Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda port wouldn't immediately top the App Store charts, even at the higher price tiers. If Nintendo's goal was strictly to make boatloads of money, I think they would already be doing this.

However, Nintendo is a proud company and I think they'd rather have their latest system tank than put their beloved franchises on different platforms. Increasing pressure from shareholders and fans may change that sometime down the line, but I wouldn't bet on it in the near future. As for porting mobile titles to the Wii U, I think there's greater problems at play here than a dearth of downloadable games, but it will be interesting to see how the initiative shakes out nonetheless.


  • iammane

    Excuse my French but this is super fucking annoying. Why would I want to play Angry Birds on my (at a minimum) $299 console. If Nintendo wants to make more money just put the games on iOS and/or Android. Console developers really should start thinking about how they can tap into the mobile market users a little more...

    • iammane

      And yeah this article is the ultimate bait wtf lol:(

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        How so?

      • iammane

        Well you know it's gonna stir the usual Nintendo IP on mobile pot lol

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Oh right, heh. I should just bow out of this thread right now while I have the chance 😉

    • Olip96

      A good smartphone costs more than 300 bucks in general. iPhone, Nexus 4, GS3/4... that's more expensive than a Wii U. I honestly don't see the problem with the device's price.

      I even have Angry Birds on my $300 iPod touch.

      • iammane

        Yeah but, what is the draw to play an ios game on a console? I must not be the target audience.. Now wanting to take The Legend of Zelda or Mario in my pocket on the same device I make phone calls with.. That's a different story

      • Olip96

        Probably because it is pretty much always better when you play on a big screen. And, because of the controller, I think that the Wii U is the best console to do that.

        I do see something interesting in playing mobile games on a console, even if I'd rather use video mirroring with an Apple TV.

      • Phoen1x1

        The arguments against Nintendo doing this are poorly thought out. The tablet only type of games would be absolutely perfect on the Wii U pad. And a lot of the normal IOS games would work real well on that pad too. Its just more content for the eStore. It can't be a replacement for regular Wii U games but in addition? It is a no-brainer.

      • http://twitter.com/emerazea emerazea

        Indeed. Hell, quite a few of the great iOS games I have originated on WiiWare, anyway.

      • Steven Molina

        Okay, but it shouldn't be the main focus, point of the Wii U. Lets be realistic...how many of you actually spent 350 bucks on a home console to play angry birds or watch a street view camera? I feel that Nintendo, actually believes, that the real reason, the system is not selling is because of the smartphone/tablets era. When its only just partial. We all know the real reason... Its under-powered and it needed more games at launch. As fans, its okay to let Nintendo know how you feel, don't worry, your not going to hurt, there feelings.

      • Phoen1x1

        I couldn't care less about their feelings in fact I agree with you about the under-powered nature of the machine. I always shake my head and wonder why Nintendo makes the same mistake over and over again. It would not have cost them all that much more money per unit to bring some of the specs up a bit on their newest console. If only to stop the barrage of negative press they get every time they release a new console. It would also allow more 3rd party developers to consider porting their newest games to the system.

        Me personally I like the graphics from the 15 dollar games we get on PSN or XBL and I know that the Wii U can easily do those same type of games but the way things are with the Wii U being not as powerful all those triple A ports never make it to a Nintendo console until their next gen machine hits the market. Who wants to pay 59 dollars for Mass Effect 3 when you can get it for under 18 dollars for the other systems. Heck I got it for the PC for 5 bucks off of Green Man gaming.

      • Steven Molina

        I don't mind playing these underpowered games on my iphone, but the focus of my phone is not entirely relyed upon the indie games. I spent $300 on my system to play quality games. As far, as I know I still can't make a phone call on my Wii U, or (facetime) skype. Nintendo, seems to be really out of touch.

    • techkenb

      I agree but let's remember everyone doesn't have every piece of hardware. If someone has a wii u but no tablet and wants to play angry birds on the big screen why not?

  • Smartbomb

    This does nothing to persuade me to change my mind about buying the console. Nintendo used to be the purest, greatest gaming source, I really was hoping they'd stop this trend of catering to the casual masses, their identity is fading away...

    The GameCube treated me to some of the best gaming moments ever, Wii got a quick trade in for a PS3.

    I miss their class.

    • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perski

      I don't know, the Wii has a lot of great games and most of them aren't by Nintendo. Red Steel 2 and MadWorld are great.

      • Scape3d

        Not really. The Wii U is dying a slow death.

      • Hoggy110

        How so? Have you seen the game line-up in the future? Or are you just judging by sales

      • homosaur

        If a tree falls in the forest.......

      • Scape3d

        Sales numbers are normally a good indicator of how well, or bad in this case, a product is performing.

      • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

        Take a look at the PS3's sales in this first years

      • Steven Molina

        Yes, but at the time, it was the next Gen console to compete against an Xbox-360. So eventually, it received third party support. Also, did Nintendo, not learn from the PS3, on it's first year?

      • techkenb

        I think the same thing was said about the wii. The wii u was just released people give them a little time. They MAY surprise us.

      • Eidaven

        What about Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 remake?

      • MidianGTX

        A lot by what standards? Certainly not in comparison to other consoles.

  • http://twitter.com/spacecowgoesmoo Taylor Calderone

    It's not pride keeping them from porting their games to iOS, it's their hardware. Loads of people wouldn't buy their consoles anymore if their first-party games were not exclusives.

  • SoyGreen

    Nintendo is more concerned with selling their consoles and making money off of that than off their games... Their behavior couldn't make that any more obvious.

    If they were truly interested in making money off their games - why on earth wouldn't they be available in iOS and the Google Play Store?!??!

    Apple needs to dig into its coffers and buy Nintendo outright!

    They cannot say it isn't possible because of the hardware or the OS... all the emulators prove that 100% false... But come on!

    I would love to be able to play the mario games, or zelda, etc on my iPhone or iPad. It could be a huge success... Instead - others will continue to make a bunch of money making extremely similar games. Prime example - I can't remember the title of the upcoming game - but there is a title that looks a lot like the Zelda Wind Waker game - I'll pick that puppy up day 1! Would I prefer it to be an actual Zelda title? Of course!

    There will be a time when Nintendo will need to consider the route that Sega took... do we continue to focus on having a console? Or work to make our games and IP available on more platforms?

    • Jerutix


      • SoyGreen

        That's it!


    • homosaur

      Nintendo will literally commit business seppuku before they would allow themselves to be bought be a heathen American company. Apple might be the one company with enough cache to make it happen though. But why? All Apple wants to do is sell hardware too, unless they are getting into the console business, which they won't because it's a bad business.

      • SoyGreen

        "All Apple wants to do is sell hardware" - I believe that was originally the case but not anymore. Truly are selling an ecosystem... If the iPhone stayed locked down like Jobs has originally intended (he didn't want an app store originally) it wouldn't have had NEARLY the success it has today. One of the main draws to the iPad for me is gaming - especially board games - and that wouldn't exist without the app store - and I wouldn't have purchased it.

        You'd be hard pressed to argue that if Apple had exclusive rights to Nintendo's catalog that it wouldn't sell a TON of hardware for them. Can you imagine if Nintendo titles were available on iOS and not for Android and WinMo? It would be a big advantage as more and more the iPhone and iPad are becoming consoles for people.

        I personally will never purchase the Wii U. But when my iPad 2 craps out here I will be replacing it pronto. I will always upgrade my iPhone as my contract comes up... no hesitation. There is tons of hypothetical money if Nintendo were to make their games available on this platform. I think you are right in that they likely never will... I will be EXTREMELY shocked if they do... but it would be great! I think it more likely that Apple will finally realize it needs to make its own controller hardware - once there is a fully supported controller and they make the API freely available to game developers - it will really accelerate it being viewed as a legitimate console replacement.

      • Steven Molina

        Okay, but its there selfishness that will loose other consumers interests. I think resorting to sell Nintendo to Apple, is just weird, it won't happen? But they need a better strategy and damage control. Unfortunately Its a heathen american company that's pursuing the top of the game console industry.

  • garret44

    Dang. Got excited when I saw the headline 🙁

    • Smartbomb

      Yeah lol, same, my mind didn't read it properly... Would've been much more enticing/interesting if a few words in the headline switched places

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    It's not the wrong direction.

    Nintendo's games don't translate to mobile well at all. I love games on my many iOS devices, but touch screen controls that require up and down movement and four buttons (and that's just for NES) are going to be a poor experience.

    Most mobile games will translate well to the GamePad screen and some will be boosted significantly by having a control pad and buttons. Anything that used Airplay would be much better served streaming on the GamePad as there is almost no latency at all. Line drawing games can use a more accurate stylus. Makes much more sense in this direction.

    Nintendo is hitting a console hardware crisis right now, but I think that after E3 that's could change. Mario Kart, Smash Bros. and a new 3D Mario will be there along with more Zelda Wind Waker HD, and whatever Retro is working on. That's going to grab some attention.

    I suspect you will see a bit more focus on the core gamer. Nintendo is reinvesting in boosting interest of all parties in it's core franchises. Nintendo Land is an amazingly fun game (especially with groups and co-op play) that is crafted to turn casuals into core gamers. It's too bad Nintendo mismanaged the perceptions about it.

    Whether Nintendo accomplishes this conversion or not, the goal is pretty clear and those special E3 events (that aren't main stage conferences!) will hopefully go a long way to bringing positive attention to the WIi U again.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      I love Nintendo and want nothing more for them to succeed, but the Wii U just plain isn't interesting to me in any way. Yeah, it might be the kind of thing I impulse buy for a Mario or Zelda game, but I doubt it.

      You're probably right that ported mobile games will fit great on the Wii U Gamepad thingy, but if there's nobody there to buy them then it doesn't really matter anyway.

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        To each his own, of course.

        Nintendo Land was hugely entertaining for my family. If you have a group of regulars I'd be hard pressed to find a way to have more fun playing games.

    • Marvin

      NES had to buttons SNES had 4

      • Marvin


      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        I guess you are forgetting select and start which were often used for more than just menus and starting the game.

        SNES had 8 buttons. a, b, x, y, select, start, L, and R (shoulders).

      • Marvin

        Of course not. But when you refer to buttons the lettered ones what is generally spoken about.

  • curtneedsaride

    Nintendo must be a proud company. And a stupid one. Their new device will probably flop. I mean, I used to have a Gameboy, GBC, GBA, and even a DS for a while. Then I got an iPhone and realized I could fulfill my gaming needs with it, and sold the DS. I haven't purchased a single Nintendo thing since.

    Sure, most smart phone owners who want Nintendo games on their devices just have to instal emulators. But I would pay for their games AGAIN if they were ported to iOS. And I bet many others would. So, when Nintendo finds themselves on the verge of bankruptcy, then maybe they'll wise up and port titles. They would top any category with the amazing catalog they own.

    And as for controls, I have thoroughly enjoyed FF games, Dragon Fantasy, and numerous platformers like Sonic, League of Evil, etc. So, basically all Nintendo has to do is make their own emulator, and sell each title along with it. Their cost, very little compared to the HUGE profit they would reap. Man, if only I owned Nintendo now...

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      Those games you listed that work on the iPhone are very particular. Unmodified, an emulated FF with a onscreen dpad and buttons is a pretty lousy experience. League of Evil has double jump and no up and down controls for a reason. Classic NES and SNES platform games were not built that way. Sonic happens to have the benefit of not needing to push up or down very much.

      Besides pride releasing your games in such a way is detrimental to the brand. "I remembered this playing a lot better" says joe consumer.

      • curtneedsaride

        I've run many old games I own and have owned through an emulator on my old iPhone and played just fine for me. I'm used to the virtual D-Pad and I've embraced it. So, no matter what excuses people throw out, I'd still rather play THE original Metroid emulated on my iPhone than any other current iPhone space platformer. I'd still buy up Mario before any other cartoony platformer. And heck, I'd much rather build a track in Excite Bike instead of playing the best 3D racer. It's my personal preference. And anyone else who grew up with those classics would pay to just find out if they were playable. I mean even if N charged $0.99 a pop with a huge catalog... they could make a killing. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start. Works just fine for me on an emulator as a controller. And that's the test.

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        That's nice for you. I don't think it applies to many other people, myself.

      • curtneedsaride

        Everyone I know that has a smart phone has some kind of platformer on it, even if they don't play it often. They're casual gamers... with disposable income. That's a huge market share that Nintendo isn't necessarily going after. Just their loss. Those of us who really want can just emulate the games.

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        I have a few awesome platformers on my iPhone. Not my point, though. The good ones are custom made for that platform. None of the old greats are. A few happen to match up well by accident.

        It's not so much about making money as it is protecting your brand. Might seem unimportant, but Nintendo lives and dies by its brand reputation.

        There certainly may be a tipping point where it makes sense, but I hope it's done right if/when it happens.

      • curtneedsaride

        Yeah, I sometimes do miss my old GBA collection and GB/GBC games for that matter. But I just had to give it up when carrying some good games on phones became a reality. Now I would rather not have multiple devices.

        But shoot... Mario Kart would not be that great without buttons. Sonic/Sega racing looks and feels great, but I definitely struggled with those controls!

      • Decoy_Octopus

        Dude, give it up. Virtual controls suck and you know it. And iit would bad business for nontendo to launch their games on ios when they already have a handheld and the Wii U. Thats like Sega releasing Sonic on the SNES when Sega had they're Genesis back in the 90's

      • curtneedsaride

        Well, that would have just upped their sales of Sonic on TWO platforms. Not necessarily downed their sales of Genesis's. BUT the fact is most people have phones. Those that ONLY like buttons will get a DS, sure. But those who don't like DS's or Wii U's, will stop giving Nintendo money. It makes sense to bring those games to the phone market because otherwise Nintendo will never see my money again. And the same is true for many others. Sure you'll buy a DS, but everyone I personally know won't. But a lot of them would say, "Sure, I'll throw down $5-10 for Super Mario Brothers again." A lot of those add up.

  • bigrand1

    I don't feel sorry for Nintendo. They keep making mistakes and obviously don't have the innovation to make a true next generation console anymore. IMO, they should just hang it up and just make money on their existing library of games and port them to mobile platforms kind of like what Sega did. They've lost touch with what gamers want to see. And these big-name companies like EA are sticking the proverbial boot up their own behind by constantly churning out one FPS after another with no variety in their genres at all! Oh, well, console gaming is in it's twilight and the flame is slowly flickering out. Same- old-same-old... I think it's run it's course.

  • Allen Arcelo

    I'm not surprised that Nintendo is having so much trouble with there target audience. I myself only found out about the Wii U a tad bit later after the release. I actually first thought it was some new software for the Wii lol, like Wii Universe. They should have named it "Wii 2" or something now they're going to all the trouble of telling Wii users "Hey guy's so we have this new console called the Wii U and we just want to make it clear that THIS Wii isn't the same thing..." Oh how embarrassing. Such losers haha.

  • bigballer

    Nintendo totally skimped out and made the touch screens capacitive. You can't translate multitouch tablet and phone games onto those shitty controllers. Nintendo will be going the way of Sega within the next decade.

    • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

      Nintendo has a billion dollars, they could fail for twenty years at their current spend rate and be ok.

      You are right about the touch screens, though. It doesn't matter if Nintendo makes it easier if half the games don't translate well due to the Wii U's low resolution, single touch screen.

      I'm also happy to never see a Nintendo game on iOS. The controls are part of the game and I'd just assume not see them ruined so that some 8 year old say "This Super Mario 3 whatever is terrible! I don't know why dad said this was a GOOD game!?"

      • iammane

        I dare my son to say that and I will send his ass to his room FOREVER 😐

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        It ain't retina but the screen is not that low resolution, really. Plus, it has almost no latency when gaming on the 1080p TV screen at the same time. Most iOS games don't use multitouch or could have the functionality easily transferred to an analog stick or a button. Plus, the stylus is far more accurate than a finger which will benefit some games.

        I agree with you about people's experience with classic Nintendo games being irrevocably marred by using inferior controls.

      • homosaur

        Who said they wouldn't have physical controls? Nintendo can put out iPad accessories and controllers like anyone else.

      • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

        They are fundamentally handicapped. There's no real way to integrate analog controls as it is and saying the future "may" bring it is worthless.
        Also requiring a peripheral is costly and always hurts your overall sales potential. As Apple has clearly shown with lighting as well, they have no reservations on potentially making any 3rd party peripheral obsolete within a year of it's availability.

      • homosaur

        There's literally no reason that wouldn't get them into hot water with the FTC to deprecate a simple Bluetooth controller. Nintendo is the one company with the cache to sell this retail, plus they already have the retail channels.

      • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

        There is still no analog support for Bluetooth on iOS. not to mention a host of other Bluetooth limitations on iOS as well.
        This is on top of the fact that revenue a Nintendo emulator would bring is less than the damage it would do to Nintendo as the exclusive distributor of its own product.

      • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

        Actually, if Nintendo could make a deal with Apple and make some sort of a hardware deal with Nintendo style controllers and great support, it could be WAY more successful than previous attempts.

        Not very likely, but I'd buy in.

      • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

        Final Cut Pro isn't on PCs because there's no interest or money. Apple just wants to control the experience and wants to maintain value for their PC line.
        Nintendo would still sacrifice control of the experience by working around Apple's software limitations (and there are MANY). Backlog content isn't a huge revenue stream for Nintendo and it would do more damage to the brand in the same way many PCs could run Final Cut better than an iMac yet many PCs would run it poorly only hurting the product's integrity.

  • swarmster

    Nintendo doesn't put it's software on third party hardware for the same reason Apple doesn't put OS X or iOS on third party hardware (which, btw, you could say both Nintendo and Apple learned the hard way with Phillips and Mac OS, respectively).

    Their products sing because they control the hardware and the software. You don't keep multiple franchises going strong for 30 years by slapping them on every piece of hardware under the sun.

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      Agreed. Also, if you haven't experienced the possibilities of the GamePad, it's fantastic for co-op or competitive same-room gaming. Even simple uses like two-player racing without a split screen (one on TV, one on Gamepad) in perfect synchronization (not networked) is a big advantage.

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    This hilarious console was dead on arrival.

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      Mine has gotten constant play since the day we opened it. Lego City is pretty hilarious, though. 😉

    • homosaur

      I know a ton of gamers and literally do not know anyone who owns one aside from a coworker's kid. Thing cannot be moving many units.

  • gryphonofmight

    Those saying Nintendo will go the way of Sega are not aware of some basic facts.
    Fact 1. Sega was hurting financially from losses when the dreamcast came out. Nintendo has over 10 billion dollars in assets and can afford to take losses for decades before having to resort to 3rd party status.
    Fact 2. Sega had come off a string of console failures. The 32x sega cd, in most of the world the sega Saturn. Nintendo might not be first place but they never lost money on a console and the wii sold extremely well.
    Fact 3. Nintendo has a library of IP that have been proven sellers and are making new IP as well. Sega didn't have Pokémon which is a 4 billion dollar industry in and of itself. They didn't have Zelda or Metroid. And Since the gamecube era Nintendo has been slowly bringing over Franchises from Japan that never saw American releases before like Fire emblem which quickly found an audience.
    Here are some more interesting facts.
    Fact. Sony sold off their US and Japan headquarters due to financial troubles.

    Fact. Sony and Microsoft first party IP are not that extensive and some lack in innovation
    Fact. Square Enix devs have said the PS4 is about 1 1/2 times as powerful as Wii U but given that all the systems are HD they can scale the engine easily to accommodate the Wii U and not have to miss out.
    Speculation. The New Xbox has been said to be less powerful than the PS4 which means there is less of a gap between it and the Wii U
    Fact. EA's dropping of support for Wii U has to do with that Nintendo refused EA's request to make origins the official eshop even though that is third party suicide and has been caught lying about it. Their subsidiary DICE claimed that Frostbite engine 2 didn't work on Wii U despite Cry engine 3 a much more powerful and more cpu intensive engine working beautifully on wii u according to crytek.
    Fact. Nintendo isn't going third party anytime soon.

  • wojovox

    The selfish side of me wants Ninetendo in the iOS market, but if they wanted to sell consoles, they need to try harder. I fundamentally don't want a wiiU or 3ds. If there was a system that felt designed for my demographic (older male), I would pick it up immediately. A mobile Ninetendo system that was more refined and grown up than the DS would sell me.

    • Jerutix

      Like, a Nintendo GameGentleman Advance? How's that for refined?

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      I'm not denying that Nintendo is not making what appeals to you personally, but I'm curious what a console designed for an "older male" would be about.

      I'm an "older male" and the Wii U has been my favorite console in a long time. I'd like more games though, but Nintendo's are the ones I look forward to the most.

      Is there some type of game I'm supposed to like because of my age and gender?

    • homosaur

      Oh yeah just want the industry desperately lacks, games aimed at older males.

      Hopefully we'll get some more films aimed at white people someday too.

      • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

        Nintendo is still reviled by many "hardcore" gamers for making on non gaming centric system last gen. They also sold way more units and likely generated a similar amount revenue on their own without much 3rd party support.

        Acting like Nintendo could ever be part of the "violent games for men" trend is a joke. Incidentally, they are the ONLY company who is consistently doing that well outside of the male 15-32 demo. Most companies have all but given up trying with exception of the recent Skylander's fad.

  • gmattergames

    When it comes to business, pride is usually the single virtue that results in greatness, but inevitably, also leads company's to resist change and miss the revolutions that leave them obsolete. It's happening right now to Nintendo and unless they change their perspective, their beloved IP's won't be enough to generate continued interest in their lackluster hardware. I'm sure the fanboys will disagree, but Nintendo's relevance as a hardware manufacturer is waning fast.

  • LazerTag

    Mobile big screen gaming can be had for $100 right now with IPEGTOP RK3066 mini PC. I have one at work and it is very slick. Otherwise upcoming mobile consoles like Ouya are very interesting. Lastly my iPhone or iPad with a PS3 controller and Blutrol are great on the big screen. Can't wait for the updated .EMU apps hopefully due out soon with built in PS3 support. My only wish there is that airplay mirroring to my AppleTV wasn't so laggy so I could lose my HDMI adapter.

  • http://twitter.com/oily_chi oily chi

    My 2 cents: This is more about getting a broad base of developers *onto* the platform than hoping people will re-purchase their current mobile game library.

    Once devs have taken the first leap -- by releasing their first game on the platform. And *if* their experience with the tech and the company was positive, they will need to consider "doubling down" on the console, and develop another game for it.

    This can lead to yes, a large quantity of shovelware, but more importantly, a small portion of gems that couldn't have existed otherwise; a small portion of gems that will take up all of the buzz-bandwidth, making the shovelware irrelevant.

  • http://twitter.com/doho123 scott slomiany

    *sigh* Maybe you should just stick to reporting on Apple centric products. Nintendo isn't going anywhere soon. Or at least play with a 3DS or WiiU before reporting on them. The 3ds hardware sales have outpaced DS sales when you compare the total sales of each hardware kit in the first two years of their existence. So, "finally showing some signs of life" is a pretty idiotic statement.

    "Most people" seem to simply be the echo chamber here who want everything on their preferred hardware for 99 cents or less. Really, if you want to play a Nintendo game, spend the $150 and get a 3DS. It's cheap compared to buying the latest iphone plus monthly service charges or whatever. And that's beyond the whole "games not designed for touchscreens typically don't feel good on a touchscreen" argument.

    The 3DS actually reminded me of how badly I miss having real buttons and stylus for precision touching instead of using my fat thumbs and having my hands cover 1/3 of the screen space.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Read the comments on the articles I linked. It's not just here that people wish Nintendo would put their games on mobile.

      As for the 3DS, comparing its sales numbers to the original DS isn't saying much. The DS didn't become a significant seller until the DS Lite hit.

      I think you're mistaking me for a Nintendo hater. I've owned every Nintendo system ever made, except for the Virtual Boy and now the Wii U and 3DS. I came close to buying a 3DS a few times but there just wasn't anything about it that was very compelling. Since its original launch though they've filled out both the library nicely, and I'm fixing on picking one up soon. I actually WANT one now.

      As for the Wii U, there is nothing about it that I want. I don't know if that will change or not.

      • http://twitter.com/Platronic John Francis

        If you like original Nintendo games, then you will want a Wii U. It just matters if you are willing to pay the price.
        They still have way too little output but with games like Pikmin 3 it shows they are supporting franchises that are unique and don't have many clones, let alone many successful clones.
        They are trying to control the experience the same way Apple does with Final Cut Pro. There would be TONS of revenue making a PC version of FCP and yet there isn't one to drive and maintain the professional videography market to Apple.
        Hopefully that analogy makes things clearer.

    • Decoy_Octopus

      not to mention my iphone 5 will be obsolete this year and the wii u wont be for atleast 6 years

  • WarMachine

    All they have to do is release the next Super Smash Bros game.....

  • MidianGTX

    Both 360 and PS3 have ports of mobiles games available for download. The bigger screen does nothing but amplify just how shallow and unpolished they are in comparison to AAA console titles.

  • HisDivineOrder

    As long as Iwata is in charge of Nintendo, they'll keep making hardware that no one wants but a large niche of gamers tolerates in order to play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Brothers.

    But the reality is if Nintendo went third party, axed its hardware development teams, and focused solely on their games, they'd make a lot more money across the board than they do now. Sure, the Wii made a lot of money because it rather (famously) cost less to make than they charged to sell it. This was mostly because the Wii was a Gamecube reheated and re-served at SLIGHTLY higher clocks on a refined fab process with a new controller.

    The Wii U, on the other hand, is already--according to Nintendo--costing them money to sell (they lose money on each console sold), so any price drop is 3DS-like: it costs them lots per console to implement.

    Whereas if they were just releasing their games on pre-existing devices, they could just make software money and not have to worry about R&D'ing, developing, QA'ing, market researching, advertising, selling, shipping, and supporting hardware at all.

    With the exception of the Wii, they have a rather atrocious history of declining hardware sales (ie., Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Wii U) and third party publishers have had a really horrible time of getting big sales consistently on any of their home consoles since the SNES, including the Wii.

    There's really no reason for Nintendo to be making its own console when people just want its games. Not its console. That said, Iwata is stubborn and he will NOT stop until the Japanese board gives him the boot.

    The good news is Nintendo is showing signs of preparing for a future of third party development imo. They consolidated Nintendo of America under Japanese leadership, which imo would be the first step toward consolidating control back under Nintendo of Japan. They're also investigating putting apps out with a feeler app, so I think that's their test case.

    The Japanese rarely do anything rapidly without having tested it long before. Someone at Nintendo of Japan is testing the waters. I doubt Iwata will commit, though. I think at this point he'd see that as defeat, so he'll have to move on after all the things he's said about app stores and cheaper games on tablets and smartphones.

    I won't miss him honestly. His ego has kept Nintendo from really using its cash reserves to great effect and now they're burning that cash on trying to prop up pointless and expensive consoles that at best would be great companion consoles.

  • one.sixty.four

    I would pay some serious $ for a good Zelda or Mario port.

    • B34$T

      If you really wanted to spend serious cash for Zelda or Mario you would get a Nintendo console. Just sayin'

  • nightc1

    This article wasn't about me, an iOS gamer. It's about what Nintendo want's for it's console which honestly I have no issue with. It's kind of a strange article for TA to echo. Yes it has to do with mobile games, but it has Zero to do with me getting something on my mobile device so it's not news to me. Nintendo has no plans to port games to mobile devices.

    Why wouldn't they want these cool games the same way we want the cool nintendo games on our systems? Many of them are programmed for iCade controls already. So the whole "capacitive touchscreen" argument doesn't matter when so many of the best platformers on iOS offer icade options so they'd port over just fine.

  • ilikefungames

    Bethesda (the makers of fallout, elder scrolls, dishonored, rage, and the evil within) refuse to port there games to the Wii U. However, they have job openings for unannounced IOS games. What I want to see is zelda vs Skyrim on IOS devices!

    • ilikefungames

      I would buy both games.

  • http://twitter.com/VULTR3 Mike

    Nintendo put out a new system? Haha, just kidding... kinda...