Hey, remember back in March when we told you that a new rhythm fighting game starring Snoop Dogg would be coming to iOS? Yeah, I sort of thought that was just a really weird dream, but it actually happened. Over the weekend, a new trailer surfaced for that game, called Way of the Dogg, which shows its brand of rhythm fighting in motion. And actually, it doesn't look half bad.

Way of the Dogg is out now on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and should be coming soon to PlayStation Network, Android and of course iOS sometime in the near future, though no specific date has been announced just yet. If you'd like to follow the path of Way of the Dogg then be sure to add it to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List and we'll alert you when more news becomes available.

  • HeroComa

    Lol this is ridiculously awesome

  • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

    So...I'm thinking, and, hear me out: Maybe Snoop Dogg or Lion or Phoenix or whatever hi name is, should make video games, and not music.

    • rawr=3567

      Lul, damn right son, I hate his music i only liked him in California Girls by Katy Perry, but overall I hate Snoop Dogg's music and he has a stupider name then Riff Raff!

      • Ryan

        No offense but your taste in music is horrible, Snoop made so e good songs but that is not one of them lol

  • FreezeFrozen

    Fighting sessions are looking good. Cinematics & GTA cover art style are not.

    • john360

      Your face is

    • Dueler

      Sometime i agree but in this case i think the cutscenes look good, probably better to go with that then an in game scene.

      • FreezeFrozen

        Well. I respect the work of the graphic artists. But to me the art is not well directed.

        John720 : love u.

    • rawr=3567

      To me the whole game just looks FLAT, if u want a more solid rythym game try Russian Dancing Men 99 cents and/or Red Rusher also 99 cents w/ free ver.

  • Dueler

    Looks sort of like Elite Beat Agent's with some Quick time event's. Will probably wait for some actual footage of people playing and not advertisement to see how it flows but its looks pretty solid.

    • mrTofu

      Elite Beat Agents should be on iOS

      • rawr=3567

        Totes agreed, I feel in love with it on the ds and it introduced me to rythym games as a stand alone genre it also made me fall in love with Sk8r Boi By Avril Levine, and plus i liked the story and the graphics, it was worth twenty or however it was and it totally deserves a good port and i feel like it should 4 dollars or 3 dollars or 5 dollars (anywhere along the range)

      • mrTofu

        I agree! Elite Beat Agents is the only music game I actually like.

  • rodgerodger

    The game looked terrible in the GiantBomb Quick Look of the XBLA version.

    • Dueler

      Had a look, Horrible tutorial, long load times, censoring and beat matching is way off.

      If those were fixed it could be a lot better.
      But that'll probably never happen.

  • rawr=3567

    Get it now on xbla for just ten dollars

  • http://twitter.com/TomateDiseno Tomate Diseño

    Noticed this on Xbox live last night. It's got the lowest star rating I've ever seen for an XBLA game.

    • rawr=3567

      Eyy man, thats because it came out the same time as blood dragon, it could be boring but with a competitor like blood dragon any game would get a low rating (if u havent noticed i love Blood Dragon, doesnt even feel like a xbla fps, it feels like a disc fps, I LOVE IT)

  • Aventador

    Snoop Dog is dead for me, he was once cool but now it's nothing more than a fraction of that guy

  • Heavnsix

    Did Snoop become the 17th member of the wu-tang clan without me noticing? Shoulda left it to them, that's their thing, not that anyone cared when they did it either.

  • Hoggy110

    It'll be named 'Way Of The Lion' in a couple of years

  • blindspot

    The apparent quality of this surprises me.

    Snoop should coordinate his PR better though. I just saw all the promo for Snoop Lion and he comes off like its a total rebirth or something. Yet clearly this app is all about the Dogg. Maybe they started development when he was still Dogg?

  • psk

    His porn movies might of made better video games...