We've already posted quite an extensive preview of Paradox Interactive's Leviathan: Warships, a totally cross-platform multiplayer game filled with ship on ship action. Whether or not you read the preview, or are even vaguely interested in anything to do with strategic ship battles, you've got to watch the trailer, or even watch it again:

Leviathan: Warships is an iPad exclusive, largely because I'm not really sure how the in-game UI could ever really translate to the smaller screen of the iPhone. But, if you're lacking an iPad, just go ahead and grab the game for your PC via the bazillion different digital download options available. Leviathan: Warships should be available in the US App Store at 11:00 PM tonight.

We're currently fighting over who is going to review the game, and I'm thinking the best way to decide who is worthy is through one massive winner-takes-all in-game battle, right?

International App Store Link: Leviathan: Warships, $4.99

  • Deonaldi

    I CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Bischi777

    I'm so gonna instabuy the ship out of this!

  • Greyskull

    There is a single player element, correct?

    • Bowbow

      There is a trailer, right?

    • Mark

      Yes, as the trailer says, "Single Player Campaign" 😉

      BTW, if you prefer this on PC/Mac as I do, it's 7.50/ea on Gamer's Gate for a 4 pack (so $30) and $8 on Greenmangaming with the 20% coupon.

  • iamthekiller

    Holy ship!

    • PureRumble

      I gave u +1 because i know that's what u were aiming for 😛

  • B30

    Somebody had too much valium. 😉

  • Ax23000


  • sakara214ever

    I laughed with the trailer!!! Lol! Instabuy!!!

  • Louis Ace

    Is this only iPad?

    • Mark

      For iOS, yes. It's for PC/Mac and Android too.

  • Biowhere

    Not sure if Paradox has released any other games on iOS (or their state upon release for that matter), but with their long track record of... Shall we say 'problematic' releases I would be very cautious about picking this one up on release.

    • Mark

      Paradox is just the publisher, the dev is Pieces Interactive. Not sure what else they've done.

      • Biowhere

        Ahh ok. The article should be corrected to indicate who the real developer of the game is. In the PC gaming world Paradox Interactive's name generally indicates deep and complex games however they also are generally buggy/broken/unfinished at launch.

        I originally wanted to provide a heads-up to iOS gamers who were unaware of Paradox's PC reputation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gqstevens Grant Quiller Stevens

    This Ship Just Got Real - Best Trailer Ever!

  • dancj

    Not sure if I want the game, but the trailer is great!

  • Bool Zero

    ...add to cart...

  • NOEN

    Still my favorite trailer.

  • icoker

    is this over 1GB?

  • Flare_TM

    I'd buy this in an instant were it on iPhone

  • ryannair

    Got to be the best game trailer I've ever seen! 😀

  • Heavnsix

    Downloading this at 11, gonna be playing all day tomorrow at work!

  • froley22

    Don't see it. Hopefully it's there in the am

  • froley22

    I wonder if IPad exclusive men's no iPad mini

    • Mark

      No, any iPad app can play on the mini.

  • john360

    Hmmm....yeah....ships got reaaal...cheaper than the real boat.

  • Chris

    iPad version currently points to the wrong server for multiplayer and therefore won't connect. As a result the devs have pushed the tablet release date back to 2nd May, even though in some areas its already on the app store. Oops.

  • http://twitter.com/Mikeeb99 Mike Bullo

    Yes you can go to the forums and the devs posted about this.

  • Houndskull

    Vat about uz Germans, ja?

  • slaggo

    Straight from the press release:
    'The iPad and Android tablet versions will be available on May 2 2013 and are $4.99 each. '

    • Rothgarr

      Yeah, this totally didn't appear in the app store last night...

  • jarland

    Well that figures. I bought the game that night and just tried to play it tonight. Locks up on the account creation screen. I guess maybe I can play offline, but I hate to get into a game just for it to crash and that wasn't much of a first impression.

  • SpiceTheCat

    It did appear yesterday in the UK and was then pulled.

    It's a real disappointment.

    The multiplayer isn't the only problem. The controls are horribly laggy and in the tutorial, don't work for me (couldn't move the ship), other people are reporting long loading or hang times.

    Generally, it's not ready. Treat it like any other Paradox game and wait for at least a major patch before buying.

  • readysetboom

    I got it and it was not ready to be released. Lag and loading times. Freezing and crashing are prevalent.

  • Guest

    Looks like it was pulled... The game showed up yesterday in the list at least but now it's missing in search entirely.