As we told you back in February, the folks over at Ravenous Games are prepping the release of Random Heroes 2, the sequel to last summer's action platformer Random Heroes [Free]. The original Random Heroes was pretty cool, but Ravenous is hoping to ratchet things up in the sequel with new mechanics, new enemies, and plenty of hew heroes to play as. Check out the latest trailer to see the new game in motion.

Today Ravenous announced that Random Heroes 2 is approved and set for release this Thursday, which is actually Wednesday night here in the US. In equally exciting news, to celebrate the impending release of Random Heroes 2 they've just dropped the price of their other platforming sequel League of Evil 2 [$2.99] to free for the next week. Here's the trailer for League of Evil 2 in case you want to see it in action first.

If you like fast-paced platforming with quick, bite-sized levels then you should jump all over League of Evil 2 while free, if you don't own it already that is. It's been on sale before, but this is the first time that I can recall it being completely free, so it's definitely noteworthy. Grab it while you can and keep your eyes peeled for Random Heroes 2 to drop later this week.

  • dariusjr98

    Both LoE games are really good. They deserved higher review scores from TouchArcade. Get LoE 2 while you have the chance, and buy the first to support the devs.

  • felipe

    Every game i buy goes free.. Thats sux!

    • Pray For Death

      Welcome to the App Store.

    • MrSHakerEsq

      That does not sux. That supports developers and future game releases. That's the morally correct thing to do.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Still suxs

      • one.sixty.four

        I was waiting for you to show up.

      • MrSHakerEsq

        You may think that morals suck, however I can assure you that if society as a whole was as amoral as yourself then saving a couple of cents on an app would be the last thing on your mind.

      • one.sixty.four


      • monoclespectacle

        He's got access to alternate realities and is able to make precision judgements based off of Internet comments. Not only that, but he is either a decent troll or is dense enough to believe that his one-man war on TA freebie alerts is winnable, especially since he's been told countless times: In the realm of entertainment, exposure is King.

        Yup. Anyone that further responds to him is either feeding the troll or arguing with a brick wall. Both of which are pointless and boring after about five minutes.

      • felipe

        Blablabla.. Save me from this. I dont argue about prices, but about going free.

      • ianlogsdon

        There is no morality in capitalism, only choice

  • Kevin Agot

    I loved LoE 1 & 2, but their latest offerings have been ho-hum, including RH1. Hopefully, this will bring back the arcadey-goodness the former restored in the action/platformer genre.

    • Alex

      RH1 was great. the levels were long, with lots of areas and coins to collect, tons of upgrades, and bosses. I don't see the problem. It wasn't Super Mario World, but I can name DOZENS of platformers that suck in comparison to RH1.

  • WhiteHadal

    I like this game (:3)

  • xzeldax3

    inb4 MrSHakerEsq "stealing devs money for downloading their promotionally discounted game."

    • dariusjr98

      Lol, it's funny because that guy's a buzzkill.

      • MrSHakerEsq

        Last time I checked developers are not charities and indeed have their own families to feed and clothe. That's not a buzzkill, that's reality.

        As I've stated oft before its not the promotional price drops that I object to but the freebie alert and subsequent scrum by freeloaders it creates, encourages, and supports.

        Incidentally Apple agrees with me. Why else do you think that they pulled all app apps from the App Store if not from seeing developers and Apples margins shrink.

      • Doctorossi

        What part of "In Celebration of 'Random Heroes 2' Launching this Week" don't you understand?

        This sale is a PROMOTION by the game's developer/publisher. The VERY POINT is to spread the word as far and as wide as possible. This is precisely HOW they're trying to feed and clothe their families and the more people enjoy this promotion, the larger their market for 'Random Heroes 2' and other future products.

        Your attitude is in the right place, but you're fighting the wrong "enemy". The developer/publisher wouldn't be engaging in this promotion if they didn't expect it to help them make some money. It's noble of you to want to help them out- do so by aiding their promotion, not speaking against it.

      • Zeldaniac

        Don't feed the troll. This guy obviously doesn't get it. Probably a freeloader IRL.

    • wufilesolen

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    • sturgeonslaw

      LMAO! True story.

  • Zeldaniac this hours ago. Appshopper, you know.

    • arr4ws

      So? Not anyone check apshopper every hours. So this is a welcome news from TA.

      • Zeldaniac

        I know, just a joke pertaining to AppShopper's recent re-release. I actually do appreciate these alerts.

      • arr4ws

        True. Sorry .

      • Zeldaniac

        No prob

  • BobCat5142

    THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME! Wanted this game forever....

  • Dueler

    Got League of Evil for free and played it to completion twice, Bought LOE:2 But didn't like the cartoon style and it felt less responsive.
    Random Heroes i never really got into, Bought it but played only a little. I really hope RH:2 makes it more interesting but I'm holding my breath.