Fans of Terrarria are in for a treat this morning as Crescent Moon via their sub-label Forest Moon Games revealed some vague details on their upcoming title Mines of Mars. Per Crescent Moon's Josh Presseisen, Mines of Mars is a sci-fi mining game with "quests, guns, a jetpack, lots of pick axe upgrades." Oh, and "fantastic" music.

I'm imagining Junk Jack [$2.99] (Another great Terrarria-like) with a Sci-Fi spin, which has me super stoked. Anything even vaguely Minecraft-related seems to explode on the App Store, so it'll be interesting to see if a sort-of spinoff of a Minecraft spinoff sees similar appeal levels.

Regardless, if you want to follow along with the development of Mines of Mars, check out the forum thread where you'll also find a sneak peek at a track from the game's original soundtrack. Alternatively, you could watch list this game in the TouchArcade App [Free] and we'll do all the work for you.

  • Zeldaniac

    This sounds awesome!

  • Ted Rampersad

    Once the controls are good, it have my money... lately once the controls for a game sucks, the games start to suck also :/