We already posted about Com2uS's attempts to re-balance the IAP in their recently released online golf game GolfStar [Free], but today they're taking that a step further. In what seems like an attempt to spur more online multiplayer, they just launched a "Million-Golfer Appreciation Event" where one on one as well as ten player tournaments don't burn any of the consumable "Hearts" currency required to play the rest of the game. According to the patch notes of the recent update, this promotion will be running until next week.

As we've already mentioned, the actual golfing in GolfStar is a ton of fun, and easily up there with some of the best golf games I've played on the App Store- particularly as all the equipment and unlocks scratches my proverbial character progression itch quite well. Unfortunately, the actual gameplay is totally mired with some really crazy (and sort of confusing) IAP mechanics, bonus offers, and all that other gross freemium stuff.

So, this event should let you cut through the crap and just play the game against real people- A welcome change in this brave new free to play world we live in. Be sure to check it out while this promotion is running so you can join me over here in the, "Man, I wish I could've just paid for this game" camp.

  • Korenaren

    Sounds more like the "we're-not-making-enough-money, what-should-we-do? event".

  • Tooluka

    I was very skeptical about this "free" game (man, I wish I could have... ehm...). After first launch I was even more against it. 4 different currencies? Really? Constant popups and coercion to buying it didn't really help.

    But after playing a bit I can say that it is really fun, unlike some other "top grossing" games. First of all there are no "buy this" windows during actual game. You click play and just enjoy steady and fun gameplay. Dialogs with your opponents are rather good too, they don't feel out of place like in cheap RPGs. Quests in campaign are different and not boring, and boring ones are turned into achievements.

    About hearts - 20 default hearts translate into 12 holes in campaign or 15 in 1:1 multiplayer or 18 in 1:10 multiplayer. 12 holes in about half an hour of game play and hearts regenerate in 5 hours. So I've played this week sometimes in the morning for a bit and each evening without buying additional hearts, seemed just about right and in any case I can always buy 450 additional hearts for a 5$ IIRC and have about 5-10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Not a fixed price but still not hundreds of bucks like other free games.

    The only thing I want right now (I'm level 19) is realtime refresh of player counter waiting for each 1:10 game, because currently it shows something random every time.
    And some simple chat in the waiting room, at least to check that master player is online and not making tea somewhere. I've seen several 10 player rooms fill completely and master was away so everyone just left after waiting.
    Oh, and some performance improvement of interface (actual game runs smoothly on iPad2) would be nice.

    Try it, it's free and fun most of the time.

  • MrMuggz

    I wish these companies would offer an IAP game and a $4.99 game. Once lets you play unlimited at your leisure and the other you can pump in credits if you want more stuff. The fact that these companies don't offer 2 pricing models tells me that they make WAY MORE by only offering an IAP game. The people who are going to pay will pump in $5, $10, $20, or more so it's a better business model to only offer an IAP game. If they sell they game for $5 or even $10 they'll make a lot less money.