If You’re a Bad Enough Dude to Clear “Dungeon 2”, You Can Now Unlock Bolas in ‘Nimble Quest’

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The Brothers Marsh at NimbleBit (and honorary Marsh brother Tim, I suppose) just released the first content update to Nimble Quest (Free) which we first posted about a little over a week ago. There’s a new hero to unlock in the game now, who goes by the name of “Bolas." He’s available as the reward for clearing the “Dungeon 2" level. Alternatively, you could just flip out the two bucks for the IAP.

Bolas is a “elemental monk from the eastern planes." His attacks are a spinning disc with an area effect explosion attached to them. You know how hard Gizmo rocks? Imagine that, but magical. Here’s a video of Bolas in action:

If you haven’t tried NimbleQuest, now is a fantastic time to get on board. The game has basically become The Official Toilet Game of my household, which is basically on par with seeing that Nintendo Seal of Approval stamp on the box of NES games back in the day.

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