Sure, you might think you're a old school mobile phone gamer if you have fond memories of Nokia Snake, but the real cool kids were busy playing Space Impact [$0.99]. It was available on the Nokia 3310, the 5210, that weird sideways 5510, and a ton of those other bulletproof Nokia phones that seemed to have a battery that lasted for ages compared to modern smartphones. There's been a number of sequels and spinoffs over time, but Space Impact is the core game that every real Nokia gamer knew by heart.

Its available now, in all of its low-fi glory complete with ridiculously massive faux dot pitch for that old school feel:

Admittedly, what once was a pretty mind-blowing game to play on your phone a decade (or more) ago really doesn't stand up that well against the many other horizontal shooters available on the App Store... But, much like Snake 97, it is pretty cool spending a little time playing just for the sake of nostalgia. One weird thing about Space Impact is it isn't iPhone 5 widescreen compatible, but, really, of course it isn't, widescreen wasn't even a thing back in its day.

  • holden2015

    Haha I used to live playing this game!

  • TheEvilRobot

    Great article, Eli! 🙂

    I'm glad to see a review about this game 🙂

  • captainChocolade

    (C) by Nokia? Copyright Infringement?

  • Lloytron

    Tsk tsk.... I worked on the original... Copyright infringement ahoy!

  • riChchestMat

    Tiny sub -thread for owners of the 5510.

  • monsieurfreeze

    This game was cool 13 years ago on nokia screens . today this one is nothing compare to other true vintage games. Even snake is more fun. For fans only.

  • AlexJ

    Nice application, this is a salutation to Nokia. Copyright has been inquired by a Czech guy without reply from Nokia. Otherwise not the same platform, hardware and programming language, routines. No reverse engineering. Even design seems to be the same this does not match with the original in size and pixel layout, I assume.

  • elmazzer

    Are you serious? The worst game and it costs?! Dude?! Costs?! It should be free... I remember i was playing this when i was a kid but... Still, its crap.. It should be worthless... No offence