Halfbrick's Fish Out Of Water is among the many other games that are launching tonight, and I'm not sure I could be more stoked about it. We've extensively covered the game in the past, but here's the gist (again)- Imagine skipping stones in a constantly changing ocean that's directly linked to the weather in game, only instead of stones you've got a variety of fish that each have slightly different abilities such as being able to fly extra far or being able to skip across the surface like mad. Each attempt is graded by a set of judges who each look for specific things in your tosses, and doing well involves not only choosing the right fish for the weather but also throwing them appropriately to best handle the current state of your waves.

Of course there's a Jetpack Joyride-style objective system, so even if you're totally failing at impressing the judges you can at least complete different mini-goals, such as tossing all of your fish to stay under a low vertical line across the screen and much more. Will it be the next Fruit NinjaFish Out Of Water.

Forum Thread: [NZ] Fish Out Of Water! - (by Halfbrick Studios) [Universal]
International App Store Link: Fish Out Of Water, 99¢

Fish Out Of Water should be available on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you're in a region east of the USA. To be alerted when the game is available, open this story in the TouchArcade App [Free] and add it to your watch list. A little after 11:00 PM tonight you'll get a push alert with the download link.

  • Flamingo


  • Eidaven

    I'll be picking this one up tonight. Should be good.

  • TheRealRealBazz

    Excited! 😀

  • AceSox

    This looks awesome. I hope star command comes tonight too! That would be too perfect though. 🙁

  • grits

    Cool. Any IAP?

  • Dams

    This is what i call polished !
    Halfbrick and Zeptolabs are really strong for this

  • Stustaff

    It's not doing it for me, not a fan of the fling and forget genre. There should be more to do once you have launched.

    That adventure time jumping Finn game had that and is considerably more fun IMO.

    Once I start getting longer distances in this then the ratio of watching to actually doing will get even longer and it's already boring now.

    Loved jet pack joyride but not enjoying this so far

    • AceSox

      It's not about distance, it's about skips and getting a good score and competing with friends

      • Stustaff

        I don't have any real friends that play this. And to be honest if getting the score is boring then I'm unlikely to beat a score.
        Have played a little more now and still think that fun wise this is poor, great graphics sound etc etc.

  • toxiccheese

    Totally reminds me of Monkey Bash, which I played a lot. Looks like it will have more to offer in terms of gameplay.