Almost a year ago we posted about the Sworcery AV Jam tumblr. The basic idea is/was that people submit fan art of basically any medium and they compiled it in one place. They originally got so many fantastic submissions that we posted not one, but two articles with some of our favorites.

What originally was a short event that was supposed to only last a weekend has since turned into a year-long thing with a constant stream of updates being posted. In fact, the tumblr collecting all the art has basically turned into my go-to place for new wallpaper for my phone. Seriously, check it out.

If you don't know what this Sworcery junk is all about, you can check out our review for the game, Sword & Sworcery EP [$3.99]. It's written in a way that gets more and more spoiler-y as you go, so once you feel like you've got enough information on the game to drop some cash - which I really recommend you do - you can stop reading. Sworcery is high up on my personal list of best games I've ever played.

Image by Jeremy Cain

  • Jeremy Cain

    Woah! I'm so honored that my piece is featured here!

    Please credit me.
    Thank you!

  • LauraFitz4

    I've always wondered about this game (former GOTY, right?) and on more than one occasion thought about grabbing it based on the trust I have in the TA staff to pick good games (I still might)... Would a TA Plays (rewind) video be too spoiler-y? I'm not sure if the gameplay would come across better in video form.