Last week we told you that a new update was heading to Real Racing 3 [Free] which added two new vehicles from Chevrolet, a new "Hunter" mode, and more than 100 new events to play through. Today that update has gone live in the App Store.

If you hang around TouchArcade with any kind of regularity then you should be familiar with Real Racing 3. It's the third entry in the popular racing sim series that has made hugely positive waves with its jaw-dropping visuals and presentation, but has also made waves in the opposite direction with its decision to be free-to-play rather than a premium title.

Where you fall on the whole pay model drama largely depends on your own personal preference and gaming habits. If you just want to jump in and take part in a few races throughout your day then Real Racing 3 is an impressive experience on your phone that you'll likely never feel the need to throw any money at at all. If you want to sit down and spend hours with the game at a time, well, you pretty much can't without doling out premium currency in some way.

Anyway, if you're among those who have been enjoying Real Racing 3 since its launch last February then you'll want to give this new update a look for the new vehicles and events. If you don't enjoy Real Racing 3 then there's nothing here that's going to change your mind, but at the very least if you haven't given the game a try it's worth the free download to check it out.

  • iValerio90

    freemium sucks

    • dariusjr98

      Really? REALLY?! People are still whining about that? What's done is done dude. No sense in still bringing it up now.

      • MidianGTX

        It's not done, it keeps happening.

      • Rothgarr

        I agree -- I can totally live with the way they implemented the freemium model in this game. Sure early on I had a wait once in a while a car to finish getting serviced but the moment you buy your second car your wait time is greatly diminished. And when you've got your third or fourth car there's zero waiting because while other cars are being serviced you've got plenty of other cars to race with. People also complain about having to grind for cash but you have to do the same thing in Forza and Gran Turismo -- so even if this game wasn't freemium and cost $20 you'd still have to grind to earn cash for more cars in your garage... Freemium or not, this is the best racing game for mobile.

      • Pray For Death

        Nimble fan huh? Guess that explains your staunch defense of IAPs

      • dariusjr98

        My avatar has absolutely nothing to do with the subject, so I don't known why you are bringing it up.

      • dariusjr98

        Don't make stupid assumptions pal. I don't support the money-grabbing IAPs, but I have absolutely no problem with IAPs that add actual content, or actually buying some extra currency for developers that really deserve it.

  • err404

    Nice. I've been waiting for cloud syncing since RR3 was released. It works well, but I'd like something more seamless. Too bad the Android update hasn't appeared yet. The game plays very well on a 7" screen, and an N7 is the only one I have.
    For the record, freemium sucks, but playing RR3 rarely makes me feel like I'm being punished for not paying. That said, you can feel that the rate money comes in is tuned to be frustrating instead of rewarding.

  • Duhbyo47

    The update has completely screwed my game. TSM doesn't really work anymore, I can win very easily. Also, all events are missing a name or are simply called "(null)" or "N". I hope they fix this....

  • Karzay

    So real, you'll get a ticket just for playing it... (New idea for IAP.)

    • Pray For Death

      So real, you'll crash when you get a text notification that slows down the game, because texting and driving is bad.

  • tripper54

    This update is unusable for me - crashes on series menu. Judging by the reviews in the App Store I'm not alone. iPhone 5 here but seems to be happening across devices. You may want to hold off on updating until a fix is released.

    • one.sixty.four

      Hmm, no problems so far for me and I'm also using a iPhone 5. Do you have low memory? Because I know that this game is very picky about that.

  • diaskeaus

    I am still waiting for new locations, not just new events.

  • TheMountain

    Haven't you guys already gone against the freemium factor by skipping time on your phone/tablet, launch the app, then putting the time back to where it was? It makes the app so much more fun cause you can play it non stop. I do wish the game did things differently but this helps it be more enjoyable.

  • Johnny101

    I'm not a fan of Freemium, but...... this is Freemium done right!! This is the best racing game on mobile.

  • wojovox

    This game is wicked and this update is fantastic. The complaints of freemium fall on deaf ears here. I own the Bugatti and 8 other cars and I haven't paid a dime and never feel as if I'm grinding.

    The update included simple things like showing a gold trophy if you got gold on all courses in set and silver if you still haven't hit 1st in one of the tracks. It also put control tabs up prior to the green light so you can tweak how you race on the track rather than in settings menu.

    I'm addicted to this game. There is no IAP wall so the complaints are meaningless to me. EA just gave you this game for free and you complain because they offer options to pay for things.

    Let me reiterate. I own the Bugatti (R$ 1.65 M) and 8 other cars and still have around a Million AND 350 gold. I haven't paid a dime.

  • diaskeaus

    Anyone else struggling to download update? I've trying since it dropped but update keeps failing.

    • Alex Lopez

      Yeah how much actual space do you need to download it

      • one.sixty.four

        You need a full 2GB. It won't use that much, in fact with this update the file size decreases 700MB, but it just needs to 2GB to update properly. Otherwise it will just freeze in "waiting" mode until you plug your phone into a computer or clear off at least 2GB. Once you do that tap on the icon twice so it will go from "real racing 3" to "paused" to "loading". Good luck!

    • Andy Giles

      Yeah. It keeps getting right up until the end and then says there's not enough space. I've deleted about half of my apps that I never use and it still has problems.

  • halfcack

    Free is hardly a word I would use for this game. As far as graphics I didn't think anyone could mess up a retina display this bad.

    It is a perfect model of what is to come, the most devious armed robbery software engineers in the world made a two armed bandit.

    My advice, if you have a compulsive addictive personality do not even think of downloading this game. It plays on every human fragility and weakness.

    At best it is false advertising rising to fraud. There isn't a single car, even at 99 dollars, that will perform to advertised specs fully upgraded at another 99 dollars, even on a 15 degree downhill run on a nearly straight stretch of road.

    Although Asphalt 7 got a bit crazy with speed, go and get that. At least you won't lose your house.

  • jenny monteagudo

    i had just downloaded the upgrade but it caused the program to hang / freeze and my ipad mini goes back to the home screen. how can i fix this? will my cars disappear if i uninstall and reinstall the app?