Starbucks has been offering various iTunes freebies for what feels like years now, and typically the way you'd get them is by going to an actual Starbucks location and looking around for the physical cards that had iTunes promo codes printed on the back of them. There is/was several problems with this system, in that some Starbucks locations didn't seem to bother to put them out, their employees didn't know about them, or if they did, some jerk could've just come and taken the whole stack to give away or trade online (something I've actually seen with some high-demand freebies). Well, that's behind us now as the Starbucks app [Free] is now offering freebies directly.

If you download the app, then go to the home screen by tapping the "Home" button in the bottom left you'll see a "Messages" icon. Tap that, and you'll get a mews feed of sorts filled with free songs, as well as a free offer for Angry Birds Star Wars [Free]. Getting it is as simple as tapping "Download Now" which tosses you over to the App Store with a free copy of the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars is a fantastic game, which you can read about in our review. Rovio did a great job of combining those super-familiar Angry Birds mechanics with new abilities and gameplay elements that make the whole thing feel very Star Wars-y. And, for free, why not? Also, the Starbucks app is pretty useful too, especially if you drink a lot of coffee from them. It's a little shocking how quickly rewards stack up if you use the Passbook Starbucks card.

UPDATE: ...Aaaand if you really don't want to bother downloading the Starbucks app, or would prefer to redeem the offer on your computer, you can mash this link right here and get Angry Birds Star Wars for free in your normal web browser. This sort of seems to be circumventing the whole idea behind the promotion though, so don't be surprised if that direct link doesn't work for very long.

  • redkins54

    The title says Star Wars but the article says space.

  • Madison Bound

    It seems the messages feed is empty?

    • Nutrilica

      Try making an account and check to make sure your notifications for the app are turned on. You should receive a notification today or tomorrow if they weren't already sent out. If this doesn't work you might have missed it.

  • John V. Keogh

    I see no Messages icon in the Starbucks UK app. Hey ho.

  • murgo

    unfortunately it doesn't work in germany 🙁 had to change my region to united states to even get the "messages" icon. there's nothing there though.

  • kraze ivan

    Not working for me... Just signed for an account though still not working.

    • James

      I have had the app for a few months, messages come once a week or so at random. It might just not come the second you sign up. I did get the angry birds message sometime yesterday. Maybe just have to wait or have been signed up before they sent the message yesterday.

  • KitJ32

    For whatever reason this isn't working for me. I downloaded the Starbucks app and even signed up. But nothing shows in the messages portion of the app.

    • Nutrilica

      Make sure:
      Notifications = ON
      Account = Made
      If you have done these two things, wait a day or so, and come post your results. I'm not too sure if needed to have made an account before the message was sent.

  • scykei

    Mhm... US only. :/

  • Derrick Billig

    not working for me either. Just downloaded the star bucks app and had no luck

  • ssjtrunks9d9

    Yeah same thing happened for me too. Went to messages and there was nothing there.

  • Toasty_Cat

    The UK app is showing nada, unfortunately :

  • Wizard_Mike

    I never used the starbucks app on my iPad, since I have it on my phone (android). But since the itunes freebies are coming through e iOS app, I guess I'll keep it installed from now on.

    Like others have already posted, installing this app does not populate the messages section with messages from the past. Which is a bummer. Oh well, I suppose. I never really liked angry birds, so no biggie for me. I do like star wars, however (who doesn't?), so I figured it was at least worth a look while it was free.

  • NickyNichols

    No iPad HD version 🙁

  • Scape3d

    Downloaded, signed in and my Messages box is completely empty. Lame.

  • borntodie007

    Same here. Message box is empty.

    • Nutrilica

      Make sure that:
      Notifications = ON
      Account = Made
      If you have done these two things, wait a day or so, and come post your results. I'm not too sure if needed to have made an account before the message was sent.

  • krazyk095

    Come on guys, at least say when it's US exclusive.

  • cartmanthegreat135

    Like Wizard_Mike said I think you night have already had to been signed up before the freebie alert was sent out. It might have been sent out before touch arcade got notice of it leaving anyone who downloaded the Starbucks app to get it out of luck cause it was already sent out

  • Boo!

    TA-Link worked perfectly for me in the US-Store.
    Angry Birds Star Wars, iPhone version only, no HD, but FREE!

  • Dai Lion

    Starbucks no available in my country, snif.

  • JohnGreenArt

    I'm in the US and there's no message for me as well. Probably needed to be signed up before they sent out the freebie.

  • oooooomonkey

    I would have thought that anybody who's even remotely interested in angry birds games would already have this anyway, I know I've bought them all.

  • Arch Deluxe

    Message box empty, like Eli Hodapp's promises.

  • MMAforMoney

    In the US, signed up, messages box is empty like many others. =(

  • Garret Moniz

    Click on the link towards the end of the article from your phone and Angry Birds should start downloading

    • cartmanthegreat135

      It makes me try to download iTunes onto my phone. I already have the App Store app and the iTunes app, so mayb it's trying to download into an iTunes library?

      • REkzkaRZ

        Follow Frungi's instructions, buddy.

    • cartmanthegreat135

      It also says in the article that if you want to download it to ur "computer" use the lib so Idk what u did to get it directly to ur phone through the link but I would really like I know how hahah

      • Frungi

        Copy (tap and hold) and paste the link into Safari. It doesn't work within the TouchArcade app.

      • cartmanthegreat135

        Thanks for your help man. It worked like a charm

  • MrSHakerEsq

    No messages? This is one in the eye for the freeloaders hawking after each and every freebie alert. Nice one Starbucks.

    • Wizard_Mike

      I'm not new to the starbucks app, but I only kept the app on my phone (which is an android, since I'm stuck with tmobile... luckily they are finally getting iPhones this month!). Heck, I probably spend more at starbucks each year than I do on college tuition, lol. I just never knew there was any benefit to also having the app on my iPad until now. So yeah, one in the eye, sure, but don't stereotype everyone commenting here as freeloaders.

    • monoclespectacle

      Keep trollin, trollin, trollin, come on!

  • Stichz

    Amg statbucks no like sweden :<.... Brb gevalia (tastes better though)

  • Frungi

    Does this only work if you had the app at the time the "message" went out?

    Oh well. Guess I'll be able to get future promotions now, though.

    • Frungi

      The link does work, though (if you copy and paste it from the TA app). So thanks, Eli!

  • Bassem


  • MartianLM

    Used the update link above aaaand
    "This code is only valid for customers of the US store"

    Any way to switch store locations temporarily without ruining everything?

    • dancj

      Yes, but it's a bit of a faff.

      You need to find a proxy server that will convince iTunes that you're in America and then set up a US iTunes account.

  • Graw5102

    Didn't work. What a jip.

    • Frungi

      A gyp? What exactly did you lose? Anyway, if you’re using the TouchArcade app, copy and paste the link at the bottom into Safari. Dunno if it still works, but it did earlier.

  • Saulo Benigno

    Oh noes!
    US Only 🙁

  • Ramychan

    FINALLY! I loathe those cards!

  • RelientKSoCal

    Getting it through the Starbucks app worked just fine for me. This is the 4th Angry Birds game now that I haven't had to pay a penny for. Sweet. Thanks for the heads up, TA!

  • bigheart1992

    USA only 🙁 🙁

  • Adams Immersive

    A cross-promotion between... Starbucks, Star Wars, and Angry Birds. I will know I have finished going insane when a coffee shop is giving away Lego Angry Birds Star Wars.

  • one.sixty.four

    Everyone having trouble: click on the TA link! I clicked on my Mac where I store all my downloaded apps, but it should work on a mobile device.