This week's bonus edition of The TouchArcade Show features Edmund and Tommy from Team Meat, the studio behind Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, and an interesting upcoming cat simulation game called Mew-Genics. At the top, Team Meat clears the air about its past comments on the state of App Store games in the early years. Later, we talk about that re-imagining of Super Meat Boy on mobile as well as chat a bit about the ideas fueling the creation of Mew-Genics. It's a great talk overall and filled with some pretty funny bits.

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We'll be back with you later in the week with another episode of The TouchArcade Show.

  • phonecats

    so amped about this game.

    • chimpman252

      Fool! You forgot the H!
      It's fhqwhgads! Gahhhhhhh!

      Yours truly,


    talentless unfunny awful scum

    • Illuminerdy

      Stop talking about yourself. Also, I liked your comment. It wasn't someone else.

    • Mrwubbs

      Wtf? Who are you even referring to?

  • grits

    Man those guys are awesome. It was great to hear a developer that shares my opinions on design integrity and the disgustingness of IAP-designed games.
    I could hear some tension in the air. I kind of hope the TA guys give it more than a little thought. I understand their position of needing to please everybody but I kind of wish they would take a solid stance on the whole thing.
    I really hate seeing wallet and soul siphoning games that are designed around a business model rather than a great game getting so much publicity on their website.
    You just can't praise games like ridiculous fishing for their lack of IAP and then turn around and tell people to go by coin packages from a vapid freemium game. These games are bad design, they are bad for the industry and even worse for consumers.

  • grits

    I really really like all the TA guys. But it pains me to see them give so much time to a game like nimble quest and pretty much ignore a game like Ronin which is a much deeper game without in app purchases.

  • diego

    So tommy does not hate the AppStore? what about Zits & Giggles?

  • caomhan15

    What I'd give to beta test for them...

    • grits

      Yeah that would be awesome. Though playing the finished game without knowing anything about it will probably be even more awesome.

      • caomhan15

        Yeah youre actually right

  • Nicolas sommerfeld

    I love Super Meat boy and all indie games !!