Zen Studios has been pinballing back and forth (see what I did there?) with their recent pinball game updates and releases. First, we saw Zen Pinball [Free] proper updated with the three new Star Wars themed tables that we'd been hearing about for the month prior.

The new Star Wars tables were awesome, but Zen Pinball hadn't yet been updated for the iPhone 5 or iPod touch widescreen (tallscreen?) so owners of those devices were left with a letterboxed experience.

Then a few weeks later, as Zen had hinted it was going to do, a standalone version of the new Star Wars tables was released as Star Wars Pinball [$1.99]. The initial purchase of Star Wars Pinball gave you the Episode V table with the additional two tables available as in-app purchases, similar to how buying new tables works in Zen Pinball.

The kicker, though, was that the standalone Star Wars Pinball did include widescreen support, so if you were dying for that you might have been quick to purchase that version and maybe even double dip if you'd already bought the tables in Zen Pinball previously (that is exactly what I did, by the way).

So just about a week after all that we again bounce back to the regular Zen Pinball, which at long last was updated with full widescreen support for the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch. Not only that, but four brand new Marvel tables have been added to the available in-game catalog, including an Iron Man table which you can see embedded below.

Zen Studios may have been a bit sporadic in how their latest stuff has been released on the App Store, and I'd imagine that has a lot to do with Apple approval shenanigans and whatnot. The important thing is that Zen Pinball, one of the finest pinball collections on iOS, now looks and plays great on my pinball device of choice, my iPhone 5.

If you've been anxious for that as well or are interested in some new Marvel tables, give the new update to Zen Pinball a look.

  • courseur

    It's a broken update on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Game crashes after launch

    • jamarohn

      Weird... Works just fine on my iPhone 5.

      What's annoying is the multiple Apple ID login prompts on every launch.

      • Adams Immersive

        I haven't had that, luckily. Just works for me! (iPhone 5.)

    • Jerutix

      There was a problem with the Paranormal table. It should work now.

    • Greyskull

      Broken on my 4S.

  • Emmalise Piquette

    It's amazing how much of a mixed bag the Zen Pinball tables are. Some of them are truly fantastic, while others are flashy and not that interesting to play. And, strangely, I think Sorcerer's Lair (the free one) is the best of the bunch that I've played.

    • http://twitter.com/EightRooks Matthew Lee

      I'm sure I'd disagree with you on which ones exactly but yeah, there are some really divisive ones in there. Usually it's the ones that seem to confine you to a playing area that's way, way too small for me, though (Tesla and Paranormal in particular). I agree that Sorceror's Lair is surprisingly good for "the free one", too. (Whereas Episode V - not really free but your first taste of the Star Wars standalone, so close enough - feels a little too scrappy and dull in places to me and nowhere near as fun as Boba Fett or Clone Wars.)

      It's probably a good thing, I guess? Different tables to suit different playing styles? Shame you have to try them out for a while before you can decide whether or not they're really your thing - I'm guessing some people love it but I'd give Tesla back if I could...

  • Adams Immersive

    In landscape, the game now fully fills a 16:9 TV or projector (although the slight Lightning-to-HDMI lag took a little getting used to). I like playing pinball titles in perspective (rather than straight down) and landscape is actually a better fit in that case.

  • http://twitter.com/bummerschool ike

    Wasn't it also not retina? I feel like i've played in the last couple months and it looked pretty rough on a new model phone

  • http://twitter.com/philippnr1 philippnr1

    I hate how they did not include bug fixes for paranormal and bobba fett table.