It looks like Twisted Pixel avoided being picked up in yesterda's coming tonight post because they decided to pull the "release everywhere at once" lever instead of letting the game drizzle out all over the world. Regardless, Ms. Splosion Man [$2.99] is now out in the wild. I saw it at PAX East and was totally impressed with what I saw.

Ms. Splosion Man got its starts on consoles, so the name of the game here is definitely "console quality."

Our forum members are digging the game too. We'll dive in a little deeper after GDC madness is over, but if you've been waiting for Ms. Splosion Man, mash that download link.

  • TheFrost

    For those worried about its performance on an iPhone 4, I can say its not bad... It doesnt have any antialiasing but the frame rate is pretty good and its the same game in all other aspects. 1gb uncompressed. And bindblowing.

  • osvd

    Is it worth it?? I got an ipod 4g and a iphone4s but ill download it on the 4s. Does it runs ok?? Thnx

  • 1Fcm

    Looks great and runs great on my iPad mini.

  • James Gerbino

    Ms 'Splosian Man is a stellar game... and I won't even be TRYING to play it on my iPad with virtual buttons. It is hella hard with an XBOX controller and real buttons. Touch screen? EeeeK! APPLE needs to quit dicking around and make, or at least allow a real controller.

    • Mrwubbs

      It controls like butter.

    • jeffyg3

      I agree with the game. There were many times where precise controlling was needed to get the best of each level, with virtual controls, no matter how smooth like butter it is, it more than likely wont be as easy to pull off. I'm sure it'll be OK for people who don't have an Xbox 360, but the idea of not having those kind of physical controls to better pull off the precise moves, seems like it would lose a lot of the fun I had with the exclusive Xbox 360 console game. I hope Apple comes out with their own controller...just think, Apple TV with downloadable 3rd party games and a control, that would be awesome.

      • Zetaspawn

        I have it on Xbox. And I have been quite pleasantly surprised by the controls. The "analog" versions of the controls are definitely not accurate enough, but the static ones are just fine.

    • MidianGTX

      Stop trying to take away everything that's unique about touchscreen gaming. Throw a controller into the works and suddenly you get the same old recycled, uninspired garbage we've had on consoles for years. Plus it'll be in direct competition, and it won't win. P.S. Ms Splosion Man works pretty well on iPad, you suck.

      • tigerclaws

        well this is a console port, not a game originally made with touchscreens in mind. makes sense to want a controller for it. just sayin'...

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Not worth $2 IMOHO.

    • themostunclean

      $2.99. And cheaper than the XBOX arcade version. 10 years ago a game like this would have set you back $40.

      Have you even played it? Or are you just another person with the ridiculous opinion that "everything on the App Store should be .99¢ or free"? If you've actually played it and think its so horrible that its not worth the cost of a large cup of coffee then I respect your opinion but personally have to disagree, I think it's easily worth double the asking price.

      • MrSHakerEsq

        As I said my review was based on my own honest opinion. Wished I'd bought a coffee instead.

  • araczynski

    I love how the term 'console quality' seems to imply something high end, I've always equated the term with being on the low end of the bell curve. Call something 'PC quality' and then I'm interested.

    • Soarel

      No, we filthy console peasants don't want to obey the glorious PC Gaming master race.

  • phonecats

    Oh god I'm only on first world and it's getting hard. RAGE HALP.