QuantumSquid was here at GDC 2013 showing off a couple of upcoming games, and their Diablo-esque hack 'n slash RPG Pylon was looking incredibly good. I'll keep my introduction brief as we cover a lot of ground in this fairly lengthy look at Pylon, so without further ado please give our hands-on video a look.

There have been many attempts at Diablo-like games on iOS, with varying levels of success. My all-to-brief time with Pylon has me feeling very positive that this will be one of the winners, and I'm really looking forward to its release sometime this summer.

  • Allen Arcelo

    At least there's finally something worthy to look at. GDC '13 is shaping up to be an pretty unimpressive event. Not to sound spoiled, but I've seen better apps on Google Play, that says alot.

    • echo_pdx

      What, you've seen enough endless runners to last several lifetimes, or something? That genre's not oversaturates at allllllll, so I certainly hope your comment isn't aimed at these cash-gr-er, innovators.

      • Allen Arcelo

        What the hell are you talking about dude? All I'm saying is that most of the games being featured aren't super "original". Tengami, Exiles are the ones that I'm sure have a good chance on the App Store.

      • echo_pdx

        I guess I should have used sarcasm tags. I was agreeing with you. Dude. ;p

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Yeah, echo_pdx, please remember to use your snarky tag!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Burkett/100000210607581 Joe Burkett

    looks awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Burkett/100000210607581 Joe Burkett

    they gonna have more then 1 character to choose from? or more classes?

    • http://twitter.com/Scredesign Jesper Eriksson

      what do you need classes for you can build the one just however you want instead no need to restrict yourself. I can agree that a few diffrent charactermodells could be great, but its just a ton of extra work for the developers so i rather have all the game systems in place before they start to think about extra cosmetic stuff.

      anyhow the game looks great im not a fan of the button lay out. and instead of a clunky virutalstick, i would love the controll system of magegauntlet/wayward.
      lets just hope that the diffuculty progression ramps up a tiny bit faster then gear progression. And we will have a great game.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        B/c 'build' is more open, no need for classes IMO.
        BUT ... other char models seems like a no-brainer. Can't really be Conan while lookin' like a bikini babe. (Speaking of which, I didn't see the bikini babe build.)

  • Rusothil

    Best game of 2013 right here.

  • cclogg

    I like everything about this game, except the same problem that every other ARPG had which is controls. I just can't get into virtual joystick games; someone needs to really think if it's possible to do it any other way on iOS. I was hoping Infinity Blade Dungeons would be one big budget attempt at it... but that's on hold lol.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Holy crap, this looks awesome!

  • schuim

    This looks great!

  • Illuminerdy

    The consume ability is to coerce you to spend money on microtransactions.

  • FLK

    "Unique potion system", well looks like Path of Exile one. ( regenerate on combat)

  • Reignmaker

    Nice to see what's coming, but after Bastion and Bard's Tale, this looks pretty uninspired.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      I liked the look of the game, and remember this was an Alpha. Final game will be more 'tweaked' with GUI eye-candy.
      Strange that there's only 1 character option...? Doesn't seem like they'd need to do that...?

  • theorangeipod

    ?? What happened to this game