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GDC 2013: Crescent Moon’s ‘Exiles’ Brings a Science Fiction Spin to their Brand of Open World RPG

Crescent Moon Games put out a ton of different styles of games, but they are most widely associated with expansive role-playing games like Aralon (Free) and Ravensword Shadowlands ($6.99). They’re getting back to that once more with their upcoming science fiction themed, open world RPG called Exiles, and as with most their games it’s quite the visual treat. Check out this brief look at an extremely early build of Exiles to see for yourself.

As I mentioned, Exiles is still in a really early state and there’s a ton left to do to get things finished up. Crescent Moon hopes to wrap up and release the game later in the year, barring any sort of hiccups. I really can’t wait as even now it looks really interesting, so keep an eye out for more on Exiles as development marches on.