Straight-up, if you were a fan of Tecmo Bowl, Mutant League Football, or any other zany old-school football game, you've got to check out Football Heroes. It's a throwback to those games of old, except updated with modern RPG, customization, and competitive trimmings. As you play, your players level up and you can acquire increasingly zanier moves. You can also name your own players, teams, and assign colors. It's a small thing, but as you'll see in our video, you can get some pretty hilarious results.

You might not get a sense of this in the video, but the feel of the game is fantastic. The movement is fluid and easy and the gestures make sense. Hilariously, this over-the-top football game is the best controlling football game we've ever played on iOS.

Football Heroes is due out at some point later this year. We'll be keeping our eyes on it, for sure. Oh, and here's that image of the new look (as mentioned in the vid):

  • Jerutix

    Not a big football fan, but this looks like something I would definitely play.

  • bluespider

    Love football, can't wait!!!!


    this game play almost like BRUTAL SPORTS FROM ATARI JAGUAR CONSOLE

  • NOEN

    Looking forward to this one!

  • Mirkwood

    Damn that guy loooooved to talk! 7 minutes until we saw the game lol!

    But really, looks fun πŸ™‚

    • MMarzola

      Yeah I am kind of a motor mouth πŸ™‚

      • Mirkwood

        It's cool man, you seem stoked for you game, which is great =D

      • REkzkaRZ

        MM, your game is awesome!
        When you promo it, show gameplay first, then char dev & customization.
        I'm not a sports gamer, but I quite enjoyed Bloodbowl & I will likely be playing your game too ... uh, if it works on iPhone 4.

      • MMarzola

        Thanks a lot we are really excited too for Football Heroes. And thanks for your great notes.

        iPhone4 is most definitely supported. We are going to continue to refine the game to work on as many hardware SKUs as possible. The game already runs on iPhone4.

        We think the turned based option is a really cool idea. Right now we are focusing on the twitch mechanics, but this something we would love to tackle in the near future.

        For skin color we will provide a color wheel, but we do need more diverse standard skin colors. We will fix this immediately.

        Yeah the Demo should have featured gameplay first. This demo works better in person when I have a captive audience, but in video form not so much.

        Great idea on the Skins πŸ™‚

  • Almy

    This sounds really cool

  • Castleman711

    Day 1 buy for me

  • ODMay

    This game haven't released yet? I've seen post about this game some months ago.

  • Illuminerdy

    My father died in a 69. How could you be so insensitive?

  • Dillon Chalupsky

    This interests me.

    It's refreshing to see a different take on sports games. Definitely added to my watch list.

    • slammajamma28

      I agree...

      • daniel5457

        I also agree...

  • John S. Haller

    I can't wait to play this! Reminds me happily of the LED Mattel football game I used to sneak into grade school, except of course completely 'roided' out. Good luck Mmarzola, and good job!

    • MMarzola

      Looking forward to playing the Touch Arcade community in MP in the upcoming playtests.

      • John S. Haller

        Count me in πŸ™‚

      • MMarzola

        Send me a PM with your Testflight account. If you do not have a Testflight account PM with your email address.

  • MrMuggz

    This game looks great! I love the XP system, customization, and controls. I'm not a big sports guy but this looks better than old school Tecmo Football. Day one purchase for me.

  • bobbstermang

    Looks like they'll be getting my money.