Crescent Moon Games put out a ton of different styles of games, but they are most widely associated with expansive role-playing games like Aralon [$4.99] and Ravensword Shadowlands [$6.99]. They're getting back to that once more with their upcoming science fiction themed, open world RPG called Exiles, and as with most their games it's quite the visual treat. Check out this brief look at an extremely early build of Exiles to see for yourself.

As I mentioned, Exiles is still in a really early state and there's a ton left to do to get things finished up. Crescent Moon hopes to wrap up and release the game later in the year, barring any sort of hiccups. I really can't wait as even now it looks really interesting, so keep an eye out for more on Exiles as development marches on.

  • Silent Rocco

    SCI-FI ...yeah! Much more my cup of tea.

  • Joe Burkett

    verrrrrrrry niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • tommet

    Praying this isn't freemium. And it's released on Android as well.

  • Adams Immersive

    Now you're talking! I tolerate fantasy--I like sci-fi!

  • saansilt

    Shut up and take my money!

    • saansilt

      Ahem... Basically make it not as buggy as rs2, keep the dinosaurs, an iphone 4 compatible. There saansilt will be happy.

  • Madison

    Not Freemium. No iAP please. I will pay FULL premium price for something like this.

    • ianlogsdon

      Yes! This!

      • Josh Presseisen

        It will not be a free to play game, definitely premium all the way.

      • wildperson

        Awesome news ^_^

  • Daman2u

    Looks very much like shadowlands in a sci-fi setting. With that said, I think I will like this game much more. The shadowlands mechanics seem to fit this genre really well. Definitely an instabuy for me.

    • ianlogsdon

      Yep, this is a day one purchase for me too.

  • Philkuu

    Anyone else see a hint of a re-skinned Fallout style here?

  • Jakeopp

    Really hoping this is premium. I will pay definitely pay full price for this.

  • m0nster


  • Sonny Whitaker

    Mass Effect+Fallout...I like

    • ianlogsdon

      Which reminds me, why haven't we seen some kind of Fallout iPhone game? Even just a port of Fallout 1 or 2 would have been entirely feasible.

      • The_Blue_Sticker

        There was Xenome: episode one... Never released second. I thought it sucked pretty bad.

  • evilsearch

    make it bigger and longer than RSS, more enemies variant than shadowgun, great storyline to keep the players want for more, in other word, please make this the first best rpg shooter on ios ever and there you have my $9.99(im willing to pay more, but i think thats the standard price on our beloved, stingy, and cheap App Store ).

  • Illuminerdy

    I hope this is free. I bet a lot of people will downvote my differing opinion. Their ages aren't very good for the premium price.

    • WeMeet

      That is ridiculous u end up shelling out much more cash
      The logic pay 60$ for pc or console game or $30 for dc games but can't pay even 6, 10 or 20$ for a good is game

    • saansilt

      Dude, I would rather have one time buying than shell out for IAPs.

    • Chichiminpin

      How do I down vote?

  • WeMeet

    Make combat crisper where real skills are required
    Like DEAD TRIGGER or MODERN COMBAT 4 plz don't mk it lame where one just has to hold a trigger button

    • Catacul

      Dead Trigger skill-based? Yeah, sure, and Farmville too.

  • WeMeet


    • Laszlo Tuss

      Or make it optional

  • The_Blue_Sticker

    Doesn't look like they were going for crazy good graphics which I personally prefer that due to my old iPod 4g. Looks fun though.

    • Zeldaniac

      Unfortunately, that's probably just cause it's a beta build. I feel your pain, bro.

  • Nicholas Yu

    Wow, this looks incredibly promising. It definitely gave me a Mass Effect vibe, which is a good thing!

  • callmericard0

    Josh CM is one talented guy.

  • valz34

    Do you think A5 can handle it??

  • Chuck Anton

    enemies better spawn randomly and different encounter types in different areas or it will be boring to explore

  • Amenbrother

    I love that Josh said people wanted different classes for replay ability. I love games like that!

  • Rican Rann

    that looks amazing

  • anteye5

    My one hope is that's its supported on iPod 4g otherwise I may have no choice but to get an iPad mini.