It's Wednesday, which means that despite being knee-deep in upcoming game coverage at GDC, there are plenty of games coming out right now that are worth getting excited about. By "right now," of course, I mean about 11pm EST in the Americas and potentially much earlier elsewhere.

Dungeon Hearts, $2.99 - Forum Thread - An iPad Puzzle/RPG hybrid that looks to mix classic JRPG combat stylings with match-3 mechanics in battles with big scary monsters. Very cool.

Final Fantasy V - $16.99 - Forum Thread - Another Final Fantasy title hits the app store. This time around, it comes with improvements from the 2006 GBA release and new character art by the original artist, Kazuko Shibuya.

Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet - $1.99 - Forum Thread - Magicka's been rocking co-op RPG chaos on desktop since 2011. Wizards of the Square Tablet has been designed fresh for iPad, but promises a similarly ludicrous list of spell combos and team-kills.

Nimble Quest - Free - Forum Thread - Imagine this: Snake, RPG mechanics and NimbleBit's pixel art and friendly take on free-to-play. Seems like an easy call.

Runaway: A Twist of Fate - Part 1 - 4.99 - Forum Thread - The first installment of the third game in the Runaway series of adventure games by Péndulo Studios. Check out the technical requirements before grabbing this one—it needs a ton of space and a fairly recent device.

Secret Castle - Free - Forum Thread - A hidden object game with very cool tilt-3D object hunting. Check out the trailer.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops - $0.99 - Forum Thread - The sequel to the popular top-down shooter about mini military dudes. This one should be out at midnight tonight.

  • GWX

    Where's Ms. Splosion Man? 🙁

    •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

      Not sure. Could still be coming tonight, but I don't believe we have confirmation.

    • Cccee

      It's in the store!

    • bababewey

      It's coming

  • wimbuytaert

    Gameloft come on wher are you

    • MidianGTX

      Sitting on their fat asses in a towering, black castle concocting evil plots, where do you think?

    • tahzblade

      Gameloft has announced a an iron man 3 game it will be an endless runner game but it still looks awesome
      And dungeon hunter 4 is coming soon they have been releasing trailers and news but touch arcade isn't posting anything about it

  • alex13111

    Yeah. Where's Ms. splosion Man?

  • bababewey

    Best list of the year so far for me. I didn't download a single game from last weeks list, I will be downloading 6 of these games from my toilet in just about 8.5 hours.

  • araczynski

    Secret castle and tiny 2 hold potential for me, although I fear secret castle will be an IAP joke.

    • JCman7

      secret castle has a full game unlock for $2.99. Game looks pretty cool though so its worth checking it out

  • blackout845

    Wheres ironman 3?,ms splosionman, frontline comando? Theres alot more to add to this list!

    • blackout845

      Wasnt the other brothers suppose to come out aswell?

      •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

        The Other Brothers should be April 4, and Iron Man 3 should be April 25th (the trailer hit today).

      • Nutrilica

        I am ready for the other brothers, and Zombox. I'm sorry, but I'd rather have a buggy game downloaded, than a non-buggy game on my watch list. Hurry up!!!

      • blackout845


  • kyle_mccall

    Nimble Quest looks great. Wish FFV wasn't $20.

    • JRaynor

      FFV in my store is 16$ not 20$ looks like a mistake from TA

      •!/NissaCam Nissa Campbell

        Yep, my bad. Looks like it will be $16.99.

      • JRaynor

        no problem we all have mistakes, as well i place 16 instead of 17

  • blackbear219

    Killer week.

  • garret44

    Think ill save money 4 other brothers and badland

  • KenGriffeyIII

    Great week to have an iPad it looks like. I just got the iPhone but still a pretty good week anyway. Especially if Ms. Splosion Man is still coming.

  • TheRealRealBazz

    Nimble Quest!

    • shadax


    • Mj1ggy

      I'm already addicted

  • burningzenithx

    Three cheers for more Final Fantasy in my pocket!

    • ExcaliburEdge

      I think 5 is my favorite 2D FF.

      • hogcmaurice

        Umm how about 6?

      • caaalrb

        Pppssshh 3 takes the cake

      • Nicholas Yu

        VI for me also. I don't even remember how many times I've played through that game. Cyan's story arc, in particular, always hit me in the feels.

        This is a great week to be an iOS gamer. Dungeon Hearts wasn't on my radar before, but it looks very promising. Will be downloading several of these titles, maybe even all of them.

      • ExcaliburEdge

        It was 5's job system that won me over. Story might be better in 6.

  • ttocs

    Wow. I think this is the first week I'm interested in all listed titles. Nimble quest will be first played though.

  • NickyNichols

    Obligatory where is Phoenix Wright Trilogy post.

    • JCman7

      lol I was just looking online yesterday for info on this game. I read that they are aiming for April but we shall see it will probably be delayed again

      • ttocs

        One can only hope.

  • toxiccheese

    Will people be whining about Nimble Quest being a rip-off of Call of Snake?

    • nestor

      Why yes, they will, and they have been for a few hours already in the game's thread.

    • MidianGTX

      I wouldn't call it a rip off, but the fact I've played so many variations on the Snake theme is the reason I'm not very excited about it, so it has an effect.

    • bluspacecow

      I actually brought Call of Snakes after playing Nimble Quest.

      Well the gameplay is similar NQ isn't a direct rip off of COS.

      Call of Snakes has healer units while Nimble Quest does not. NQ has pots that randomly drop.

      You don't appear to be able to upgrade your characters/abilities in Call of Snakes either.

      Lastly Call of Snakes has cooldowns on the toons you choose while NQ does not.

      • bluspacecow

        Yeah the cooldown's a deal killer for me. It's possible to lock out all toons and then have to pay 2 IAP cash per toon to unlock them again. Or wait 2-5 minutes.

        And when you grinding your toons that's a major letdown in Call of Snakes.

  • szdczsrf

    Magicka is ipad only....

    • metalmandave83

      It's ok, there's about 20 other games just like it.

  • metalmandave83

    Nimble Quest and Dungeon Hearts for me.

  • Bool Zero

    It really good release list tonight! I will be grabbing quite a few titles tonight... Time to do some housecleaning and clear so e apps while I wait!

  • invalidmicah

    I'm disappointed that dungeon hearts and Magika are ipad only. That sucks but nimble quest looks good.

  • wojovox

    Might pick up Magicka; it looks great especially if it's online co-op.

  • Eegah

    Wait a minute where's our weekly physics puzzler from Chillingo?

  • Allen Arcelo

    Final Fantasy V seems to be the only thing worth grabbing but the asking price isn't happening for me 🙁 to bad Sqeenix, lost another customer out of greed.

    • RelientKSoCal

      The price will go down eventually. Just add it to your Watch List and be patient. I've purchased 5 SE games on my iPhone now and haven't paid over $9.99 for a single one.

      • Allen Arcelo

        True. I've been itching for a good RPG nowadays and I'd be happy to pay 9.99 for FFV. But even if/when the price does go down I'll probably be busy playing some other thing that'll be released in the near future.

      • ExcaliburEdge

        From what I've read, Squeenix could use the money.

      • dancj

        If Square Enix are really desperate for money the should try dropping their prices to $1. They'd make shitloads.

  • Zeldaniac

    I have an iPod touch 4G, so that rules out most of the games on this list. Don't want to drop nearly $20.00 on FF, so that's out. Don't like magic stuff or hidden objects, and don't like Tiny Troopers. Soooo, NimbleQuest for me.

  • PotatoMan

    dammit, i thought dungeon hearts was kingdom hearts for a moment...

  • lsyuan

    Nimble quest is amazing

  • daniel5457


    • daniel5457

      Lol fail...


  • awrobinson

    Nimble Quest has delayed my bedtime by a good hour. Angry & happy all at once! Love the game.

  • Noam Rathaus

    Too many good things at the same time 🙁

  • Soarel


  • bluspacecow

    Nimblequest = Instabuy

    Wait. It's free 😀

    Also plays perfectly on it's side. No Landscape mode but works fine anyway.

  • rad asds

    Final Fantasy V is the only game worth buying. FF dimensions was absolutely the best game I played on Android, and FFIII is second best

    Some people may not like the price. However, I've yet to see a game as good as square enix games at sub $10 price

    I can't want for FFIV & FFV to come out on android

    • Benegesserit

      The GTA ports and Bastion are godlike and they DESTROY Square on price and value.

  • Happybyte

    I bet Magicka us the only one for me this week. Nimble Quest may be because it's free.

  • Happybyte

    Bulkypix, 1.5GB game for $5 - are you serious?

  • tahzblade

    Why aren't touch arcade releasing news on Gameloft games !? Theres a Gameloft iron man 3 game coming up will be released april 25 and dungeon hunter 4 which is coming "soon"

    • dancj

      They've me turned Dungeon Hunter 4 several times already. Yet another movie tie-in game isn't really news-worthy.

  • Elton Bird

    Annihilator came out too, brilliant dual stick shooter with great graphics.

  • diadem

    Ms. Splosion Man DID come out, it's currently on the App Store for anyone interested

  • Nycteris

    I bought Dungeon Hearts last night, on *Steam* and boy does it feel bad with mouse & keyboard. Definitely made for touchscreen. :-/