It feels like a lifetime ago that we first caught wind of Tengami, a gorgeous puzzle adventure crafted in the style of a pop-up book. Developer Nyamyam has been working on the game for nearly two years, and they brought an updated build to GDC this year to show off the progress that's been made so far. In short, it's looking absolutely fantastic. Check out the hands-on video where Jennifer from Nyamyam walks us through a couple of the environments and shows off some of the novel mechanics in Tengami.

I've been incredibly excited for Tengami since I first laid eyes on it, and I'm happy to see that it's finally nearing the finish line. Nyamyam is hoping to have the game out sometime this summer, shooting for around the July or August timeframe, and we'll definitely have much more on Tengami as it gets closer to release.

  • PureRumble

    Sweeeeet! I thought they had given up on this one! But something must be coming down the pipe if it showed up GDC. Cant wait! It looks so original! One of those things that makes me love my iPhone!

  • headchem

    I met the devs at PAX East last week and played through the Forest level demo. It's a relaxing puzzler best with headphones and the patience to appreciate the artistry of the environment.

  • xStatiCa

    This looks awesome. I will definitely pick this up.

  • philodygmn

    That portal puzzle was amazing, and I love the interwoven segments one at the end. Such inventive use of their virtual idiom! My brain hurts just thinking of trying to design such beautifully intricate scenes within pop-up constraints! I wish there were an iPhone/Pod version, though can understand how that would cramp its style :-

  • toxiccheese

    Finally! Been waiting for this for a long long time!

  • garret44

    This is my most anticipated game by far, just hope they'll also make it 4 iPhone πŸ™

  • Nicholas Yu

    Nifty mechanic. Easily one of the best-looking and innovative new titles. I am normally not big on adventure-puzzlers but I will probably make an exception for a game this beautifully crafted.

  • David Brown

    Whilst not exactly a game per se, the visual style reminds me of Ghost Hand Games' interactive storybook Momotaro. It's one of the nicest visual treats i've witnessed personally (I have an ipad mini), so that's a compliment! Definitely worth a download, particularly if you're familiar, or interested at all in the old Japanese folk tale.

    I am definitely looking forward to this!

  • Jerutix

    Oh my goodness this looks GORGEOUS! Wow!