At the Indie Megabooth at PAX East thee are a lot of games we already knew about, along with a few new titles including a (previously) "secret" game from the developers of Organ Trail [$2.99], The Men Who Wear Many Hats. It's called Wizards & Warp Drives and it's basically what you'd get if you combined Dungeons & Dragons and FTL while turning it into an arcade-style shooter. Take a look at the teaser:

They hope to get the game out the door inside of the next six months, but so far they've got local coop multiplayer working, a class system, and giant randomly generated enemy ships to fight. The clever part about the game is that it's a Sci-Fi space shooter, but everything has a fantasy twist. You'll come across dragons and vampires, and many other fantasy tropes that have been modified to be, well, in space.

  • Marvin

    Where's the D&D part?

    • drloony

      It looks like a Dungeon Crawler but in space, to me anyway, and I can't wait to play it

  • Stephen Leck

    Anyone else wondering if they actually licensed the music from Battlestar Galactica, or think they probably just stole it? 😛

  • sleb

    Looks like it could be a very good game. Be keeping an eye on this one.

  • Dave Metzener

    Looks interesting. The video talked about signing up for more info. Do you have a link to this signup thing or was it a paper signup at the show?

    • dylanmannen

      Just add to watch list 😉

      • Dave Metzener

        Good point and I already have. I was hoping the "signup" was for beta access.

  • echo_pdx

    Okay, sure, you can have my money fer that. Deal.

  • JCat_NY

    On my list of musts..

  • kurzz

    A little odd but anything scifi is worth a look.