One of the first things I checked out at PAX today was Wizards of the Coast's Magic 2014. If you like the 2013 iteration of the game, well, you're in luck as it is mostly the same with very minor tweaks and improvements. The main difference is an all new set of cards, and if the release timing works out how Wizards hopes it will actually have all sorts of new cards before they even see a paper release in the upcoming M14 card set.

I recorded this video using the same setup we use for TA Plays, but because of the ridiculous amounts of noise on the convention center floor the audio is a little crazy. The game is being piloted by a Wizards employee who goes through all the different features of the game. If you just want to see actual gameplay, skip to around the 5:00 minute mark, although keep in mind the game engine is basically the same so there's not a whole lot that's new in this video.

  • phonecats

    dude its a crazy day for TCGs.
    magic 2014, Blizzards Hearthstone, Gamelofts fakey bakey.
    Slivers man. Slivers.

  • James Gerbino

    And STILL no deck building. Lame.

    • thundermole

      Right, and there never will be a complete deck building feature... because that's what MTG Online is for.

      • Jeff Strong

        But we can't play that on iOS, can we?

    • dancj

      It doesn't bother me. One thing I've learned from these Duels of the Planeswalkers games is that the decks I put together were shite and characterless. I liked jumping back and forth between the different styles of decks in these games.

  • echo_pdx

    Here's hoping the new WoW card game compels Wizards to release a more robust Magic game on tablets. The DotP games have been fun, but they're getting kinda played out and it's obvious from this video they're out of ideas.

    It doesn't have to be just like the cardboard game or Magic Online, but something of more substance would be nice.