The reveal trailer for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers the other day got us thinking about how awesome the original Kingdom Rush [Free / Free (HD)] is, so we decided to give it the Rewind treatment in case any of you guys might have missed it. We played through the first few levels and made some insanely poor tactical decisions along the way.

As a tower defense game, Kingdom Rush does just enough to feel a little different from the rest of the pack. There's a hero mechanic, which allows you to take in a lone unit that can seriously wreck house. You control him as you would an RTS unit and move him around the board wherever needed. The barrack mechanic is also cool. Barracks spit out soldiers, which tie up enemy mobs so your turrets can deal damage longer.

What probably put Rush over-the-top is how cohesive the entire experience is, as well as Ironhide Games commitment to supporting its title. Content updates are still coming down the pipe. In fact, we saw the release of another last week.

Anyway, Kingdom Rush is a neat game that a lot folks really dig. If you're looking for a long, support tower defense game, this is probably it. Check it out.

  • demonalcohol

    No link? 🙁

    • bradnicholson

      Added! My bad.

  • Trevor

    I just started my fourth or fifth re-start of a play thru as you posted this. By far my favorite iOS app so far. Some of those levels took me dozens of replays to finish on normal without a hero. Sort of scared to try it on hard starting with no points.

  • Philkuu

    The original was really fun. Looking forward to this!

  • blackbear219

    Such a great game. I didnt realize there was a new content patch though. I took it off my iPad after I got all the stars months ago. I wonder if my progress will still be there if I put it back on. It seems like, depending on the app, sometimes your progress hangs around in the bowels of your iPads memory even if you delete the app, and sometimes it doesn't.

    • blackbear219

      Also, pro tip, you can position your soldiers anywhere within a radius of their barracks so that they can get some arrow support instead of standing there all alone and getting trampled. Pretty key.

  • QWERTYthebold

    FYI, it started out as a flash game.

  • sweetdiss

    Didn't the TA crew bash this game in a podcast a few months back? Or am I thinking of something else?

    • bradnicholson

      I thought about that, too. We were talking about a different game, but couldn't think of the name. Still can't.

      • Brimah

        Can almost guarantee you were bashing this as you all didn't understand what was so much better about this than kingdom rush... Can try and relisten to them to see which it was.

      • pinpoint007

        I also remember that brad didnt like this game much in a recent podcast.

  • the fish

    Oh...I have to download this again. Hope my save is still there.

  • WP

    "We played through the first few levels and made some insanely poor tactical decisions along the way."

    hehe You guys always crack me up.

  • samurai uk

    So I bought this on iPhone a while ago and since then I've picked up an ipad. With the graphics the style that this game has though I can't bring myself to fork out for the HD version. It doesn't seem like it'd be much better than just playing the iPhone version magnified.

    Has anyone made such an upgrade? Is there much in it? One thing I noticed is that it's some times hard to place powers on the large screen. Could this be symptomatic of playing the iPhone version on ipad?


  • beeto456

    You can also pay yourself to win. Some of the post-main game levels you might really need to use them as they are very very challenging.

  • Nadav Bar Kama

    yup! a true classic. great game, probably the only reason why my wife and i fight over the iPad ... its funny, its hard, its loads of cool content ... and its expectation for frontiers.

  • Streetsy _

    I have completed this game. I enjoyed every level. I want more.
    That is all.