Coming Tonight: ‘Abalone’, ‘Chopper Mike’, ‘Fetch’, ‘Kingpin Lanes’, ‘Order & Chaos Duels’ and More

It’s Wednesday night again, and aside from going insane planning for both PAX East this weekend and GDC next week, we’ve got a whole heap of new games to fiddle with. Just like every other week in recent memory, all of these games should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially way earlier if you live in some other non-American region!

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Abalone, $2.99Forum Thread – A super classic board game I feel woefully ignorant about. Regardless, people on our forums are really excited for a proper port of this and I can’t wait to see what Abalone is all about.

Chopper Mike, $1.99Forum Thread – A slick-looking helicopter piloting game featuring a dude named Mike. Check out the trailer.

Dream Tim, $1.99Forum Thread – An endless runner that seems to have an awful lot of swiping judging by the trailer.

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Fetch, $4.99Forum Thread – An intriguing iPad adventure game that’s actually on exhibit at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle? That’s pretty cool.

Kingpin Lanes, $1.99Forum Thread – Remember when the very mention of the Unreal Engine got people excited? Well, here’s a bowling game utilizing it. Are you excited?

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Order & Chaos Duels, FreeForum Thread – A trading card game set in the incredibly original Order & Chaos universe? Hmm.

Smash the Office, 99¢Forum Thread – The title and trailer really say it all.

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Snoopy Coaster, 99¢Forum Thread – Wild about the various sidescrollin’ roller coaster games on the App Store and love Snoopy? We’ve got a love connection here, in that case.

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The Wizard of Oz Game, FreeForum Thread – If you haven’t yet gotten your fill on these kinds of free to play builder games, here’s one based around The Wizard of Oz.