Late last month we learned that The Other Brothers, a pixely retro-inspired platformer that's had something of a rocky road during its development the past year or so, finally had the finish line in sight and was shooting for a March release. It appears that's still the case, and the developers have just released a new trailer which I thought I'd share with you all. The more I see and hear of The Other Brothers, the more excited I get for it.

As mentioned, The Other Brothers should be heading to the App Store in the very near future, hopefully sometime this month. We'll let you know if and when we hear a firm release date, but until that time enjoy the new trailer and stop by the thread in our forums for discussion from the developers and other eager gamers waiting to get their hands on The Other Brothers.

  • garret44

    So this is what Mario's other brothers have been up to

  • mguniverse

    I'm a bit disappointed to see that this is one of those games that is inconsistent with its typography. Why does the dialog text not fit with the retro aesthetics?

    • Simian Squared

      Sorry to hear that!

      It is something we discussed for quite some time - we definitely have tried our best to maintain a consistent aesthetic across the game but we found that with text specifically, readability on small displays was reduced a fair bit with pixel typefaces and so ultimately we decided that it was more important that the user be able to read than to strictly adhere to the aesthetic.

      It is something we can adjust going forward though, and we may well come up with something you like in an update πŸ™‚

      • Stustaff

        I think it's something that can look jarring when viewing a screen or video bit quickly gets lost when actually playing/reading moving through screens.

        This demo makes I look great, I was worried from previous video that it looked a bit all over the place and twitchy, but in reassured by this video. Brilliant artwork on display and looks a lot of fun.

      • Brady

        I was thinking the same about the fonts, and that explanation makes sense. Is it possible to make it use a different font on iPad than it does on iPhone?

      • Nicholas Yu

        This game looks fantastic, but the entire time I watched the video I wondered if there were going to be troubles after launch due to copyright infringement. Is this something you are prepared to handle? As someone who has recently started a new small business in a crowded field, this is an issue of which I have become acutely aware. I would love to purchase this game and would hate to see it get pulled from the App Store. Some lawyers may be willing to do a free initial consultation, and it never hurts to have one on hand but not necessarily on retainer.

        I am also not trying to be a buzzkill of any sort, just trying to give some practical advice. Best of luck!

      • Nick

        Uh, huh? There's more than enough difference for this to not be a conflict. And trust me, if there was going to be an issue, Nintendo would have been on them like white on rice eons ago. While their lawyers are a bit ruthless, they aren't jerky enough to wait until launch and then slap them with some frivolous copyright suit.

  • GiHubb

    This looks very neat, I dig the action and art, I just hope the virtual controls don't break it. I've noticed in the trailer you climb a ladder so it seems there is a full 4-axis virtual joypad to work which often doesn't mesh well with touch controls. Always felt you could only do left and right properly on touch screens (a la League of Evil). Anyway, this remains to be seen and hopefully it supports the iCade!

    • Simian Squared


      We're approaching the touch controls with a specially designed virtual control that we've come up with for the game - we think players will like it.

      The game is also tuned with touch-screens in mind and so things like jumping as you come off the edge of a platform always behave reliably and as you would expect them to.

      • dylanmannen

        What about icade? πŸ™‚

      • Nick

        Yes. Is there iCade support? If not, when? That's not up for discussion, it needs to be there at either launch or very shortly after. Please and thank you πŸ˜‰

  • Greyskull

    Looks interesting, but before I buy, I need to know if these Other Brothers deny. When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in their face, do they admit that they get sprung?

    • Simian Squared


    • Matt Curtis

      Masterful plot twist. +1

    • Nick

      It took me a second.

      Then, oh then.

      I'm not sure whether to applaud you or give this a facepalm, so I will simply do both.

  • ImJPaul

    Super official

  • OneBagTravel

    art looks similar looks to Super Lemonade Factory

    • Initials Video Games

      Thank you. That's the biggest compliment for my game ever!

  • oooooomonkey

    Hmmm after watching the trailer all I can think is I love the style but not the game play.

  • Simon Potticary

    Man, I am so looking forward to this. I can't remember the last time I was so psyched for an iOS game. Hang on a sec, yes I can. It was Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcey EP. Indeed S&S is one of my all time favourite games (ever, ever, ever), regardless of platform. The visual similarities between these two games are every bit as striking as they are profoundly beautiful. As a gamer a gamer who was brought up on the Mario platformers from the NES era, something tells me I'm gonna like (nay, love) this game! Bring it on.

    • Greyskull

      You aren't that old. I didn't even get a NES 'till 89, but I had Pong, 2 C-64's (one a sexy C-64C), Atari 2400 and 5200, a TRS-80, Colecovision, 8086 and a 386 PC, plus the fatty Gameboy before I got my NES. Which I then thought inferior to my Commodore.

      • Nick

        You didn't have a Vic 20? Tsk. Though looking back, I didn't get one until it was well past its prime, maybe in the late 80s. My first gaming memory was the 2600 and ET. Sure, it was a terrible game but when I was a kid, it was the best freaking thing ever... As that was all we had. I remember playing it in the living room with my parents. That controller. Freaking Elliot. Those weird ass pellets. And I remember the blisters and overwhelming pain of Decathalon. I had a few broken controllers from that game. And that reminds me, when I was a kid and had massive blisters, I got told to suck it up. When Mario Party launched and kids got blisters, lawsuits ran rampant and they released a free glove for people. Our society sucks now.

  • Mirkwood

    Been waiting to see how this turns out for some time. Looking forward to it