Hot on the tail of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD [Free] (Which you should download!) going free this weeks comes news of Fishlabs' latest project, Galaxy on Fire - Alliances. It's a massive multiplayer online real time strategy game, which creates the delightfully pronounceable acronym "MMORTS". Scheduled for release later this year, Fishlabs is saying it's their "biggest and most ambitious project to date" which is some pretty huge talk considering just how deep and massive previous entries in the Galaxy on Fire universe have been.

Details are fairly vague right now, and more or less are limited to a few screenshots and the following description that Fishlabs blasted out this morning:

The events of Alliances take place in a remote and hitherto unexplored part of the universe, where valuable resources and ancient artifacts are expected to be found. In order to gain access of these riches, the most powerful factions of the galaxy, namely the Terrans, Vossk and Nivelians, order their best commanders to build an outpost on that out-of-the-way star cluster and claim dominion to that yet-to-be-acquired sphere. In order to succeed against a multitude of ruthless opponents and add more and more planets to their territories, the players will have to display strong tactical and diplomatic skills on the one hand and an extraordinary talent for resource management on the other. Furthermore, they will have establish a flourishing economy and do a lot of research in order to get access to stronger technologies. And last but not least they will also have to forge alliances with other players in order to make new friends and comrades and be able to stand up to seemingly superior enemies in epic space battles.

Sure, it'd be easy to dismiss Alliances as yet another free to play game on the App Store, but Fishlabs has a great record of releasing really cool games. If there's anyone that can do free to play while catering to their hardcore fan base, it's them.

  • blackryn0

    ill tell you right now if this is free i don't want it.

    • homosaur

      I tell you right now who gives a shit

      • Eli Hodapp

        ↓↓↓THIS guy right here gives a shit. ↓↓↓

      • Jack111

        How do you know that i give a shit 🙂

      • Eli Hodapp

        I know things!

      • Brian Boulnois

        you sure about that?

      • PureRumble

        +1 that was clever



    Not interested at all.

  • Greyskull

    I will easily dismiss this as another ftp game on the appstore.

  • Pray For Death

    I mean, their past premium games have been hugely successful. Why make this F2P??

    • maniacfive

      Because a MMO lives and dies by its players. F2P will make for a lot of players.

      Sure, many of those may not play further than a few hours, but it gives the world a good base to start with before the long term players get hooked with the intricacies.

      (speaking from the perspective of a long time MMO player)

  • Jack111

    How i wished that they would have made a game like Earth and Beyond or even Eve Online

  • Locanis

    Is anyone else thinking the same thing I am? This could be somewhat similar to an Eve Online, but for the iPhone! That would be pretty awesome.

    • TangentWorlds

      That was done before. Rogue Vertex Online 😛 I'm in the process of making a sequel to it now actually.

    • Toyota974

      Except eve online has big ships, and is not a f2p, and is not a RTS

  • PureRumble

    Does paying give u an advantage over other less or non paying gamers?

    Ok, then not interested.

    • PureRumble

      Especially not if u'll be building cities/worlds/bases n get to see it getting crushed by other probably paying (u never know) gamers...

      But if u in some sense got to keep ur progress and only a few things of what u accumulate can get irreversibly destroyed (such as eve online) then u would just go about doing ur thing n having fun n not minding people stupid enough to waste big cash on this kind of thing

      BUT... It is a RTS, not a space sim

  • Atomic Monster

    Why do people hate ftp so much? you drop $45-65 on console games all the time and .99-4.99 on you're apps. I understand saying it's free sounds like a cheap lure, but at some point if you love a well made game why is there such a problem sinking a little cash into it? It's almost as if people feel ripped off or like they're entitled to a great free game. Would I drop $60 on an ios? Hell no. They're not as big in content as a console game, but I've played Triple Town way more than I do COD, because I have so much spare time when I'm away from my tv. I feel like a good ios game is more comparable to the games Double Fine has been putting out and we drop $15 on those in a heart beat.

    • ImJPaul

      I think most people feel ripped paying constantly. Having to CONSTANTLY sink a dollar or 2 here or there. I would much rather KNOW what I'm getting into and how much I will pay. If a game is good then I will GLADLY sink more money into it. Most die hard iOS gamers don't mind paying a premium price (ex-Baldurs Gate) but its just the constant nagging and need to have to keep paying to progress. Games like Dragonvale, any F2P Square Enix game or any of the other top F2P games in the top grossing section of the appstore. These are the games where you're paying console prices and IMO it's not even usually scratching the surface of what they can offer.

    • Inverse Chia

      The problem, precisely, is balance. Have you not felt that in many F2P/freemium games, the base difficulty is too hard (and artificially so)? Then, as you pay a little IAP, the game gets easier cause you have much more of the in-game currency to play around with. And if you over-pay, then it just becomes too easy. So yeah, the artificial balancing is what gets to me at the end of the day in F2P games, and this problem is more pronounced in strategy-related games.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      no. 1- F2P games are not "well-made games".

      no. 2 - yes, they are made to weasel more than a buck or two out of gamers. If they don't sell a whole lot of this game, the floozies that end up spending 12 bucks on the game make up for the profit. So.....

      Spend less time on making incredible games -- spend more time on building an IAP trap, and they win! They stay in business. This is why Freemium games ARE NOT good games. They aren't made for that!!!

  • mertcanmirza

    Whatever the weather we all must play this game together

    • REkzkaRZ

      nuh uh!

  • Cromwell

    Plz no pay2win! Any leaderboard/ranking is worthless then.

  • Andrew Geczy

    I don't care that they went free to play. I just care that they went with a Haypi Kingdom clone, or whichever was the first to come up with the get resources by the hour to get tech and upgrades and slowly progress. It really looks like the exact same game, and after the last game these guys released, we were all expecting a freelancer mmo.

  • REkzkaRZ

    I was going to join in on the whining about Free to Play, but I'd rather talk about THIS GAME -- namely, "Details are fairly vague right now". OK, well, I guess that's why TA started a convo which has nothing in it except the over-flamed "IAP hatred" by gamer community, and the occasional person that drops $20 in IAP on a game & doesn't think twice.
    Well, lets stop that & talk about this game for a sec...?
    1 - is there an actual game, will it be good, or is it just a front for a "buy buy buy" shopping frenzy with various annoying in-game currencies?
    2 - how does one play an MMORTS? Fly around & blast, or make & tweak some bases & your robotic defenses go blasting?
    3 - how about *more info on game* and just leave the F2P thing alone for awhile?
    (I admit, #3 wasn't really a bullet point.)
    I love MOO & MOO2 and felt bitterly betrayed by MOO3 sucking & all the sucky clones. Which shows that it's not just the 4x 'formula', there's something in the syle & delivery.
    SO let's talk about that, eh?
    Or let's resume whining about something that is just a waste of time anyway. Dev's & shops will do what they will do.

  • Toyota974

    If its free im NOT buying it, get star command instead, and PLEASE can fishlabs get realistic and give us MASSIVE SHIPS, at least up to 1000 meters long.

  • knowledge3754

    Because the details are vague ATM, we have nothing else to talk about besides the iap aspect. No other major gameplay detail has been divulged. We could speculate on how the gameplay will work but why waste that time when anything we say could be totally wrong? I'm worried about how this will work. I wonder how deep and engaging the rts systems will be.