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Fishlabs Announces Sci-Fi MMORTS ‘Galaxy on Fire – Alliances’

Hot on the tail of Galaxy on Fire 2 HD (Free) (Which you should download!) going free this weeks comes news of Fishlabs’ latest project, Galaxy on Fire – Alliances. It’s a massive multiplayer online real time strategy game, which creates the delightfully pronounceable acronym “MMORTS". Scheduled for release later this year, Fishlabs is saying it’s their “biggest and most ambitious project to date" which is some pretty huge talk considering just how deep and massive previous entries in the Galaxy on Fire universe have been.

Details are fairly vague right now, and more or less are limited to a few screenshots and the following description that Fishlabs blasted out this morning:

The events of Alliances take place in a remote and hitherto unexplored part of the universe, where valuable resources and ancient artifacts are expected to be found. In order to gain access of these riches, the most powerful factions of the galaxy, namely the Terrans, Vossk and Nivelians, order their best commanders to build an outpost on that out-of-the-way star cluster and claim dominion to that yet-to-be-acquired sphere. In order to succeed against a multitude of ruthless opponents and add more and more planets to their territories, the players will have to display strong tactical and diplomatic skills on the one hand and an extraordinary talent for resource management on the other. Furthermore, they will have establish a flourishing economy and do a lot of research in order to get access to stronger technologies. And last but not least they will also have to forge alliances with other players in order to make new friends and comrades and be able to stand up to seemingly superior enemies in epic space battles.

Sure, it’d be easy to dismiss Alliances as yet another free to play game on the App Store, but Fishlabs has a great record of releasing really cool games. If there’s anyone that can do free to play while catering to their hardcore fan base, it’s them.