Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I sat down with Table Top Racing [Free]. If the name didn't clue you in, it's a top down racer that puts you behind the wheel of a miniature car across a variety of real-world environments. With these kinds of racers the world is what ends up feeling kinda surreal, which is an interesting thing since it's not, you know, possible to drive a toy car. You'd figure it'd be the other way around.

The production elements in this is are super sharp and there's a ton of different modes and cars and upgrades to play around with as you race. But -- and this is kind of a big but -- the game isn't clicking with us. There's something it's missing.

All the same, if you're dying for a racing game, this might be something you'll want to give a shot. Video below:

  • orangecan

    I've really been enjoying this one looks amazing on the 4th gen touch and plays really well. It's probably the best kart style game I've played on it. I'd Like not to have to get every single star on a cup before the next is unlocked but aside from that its ace.

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Its to ensure your skill jump up to cope with the next level

  • Dams

    I agree with this preview. The game is so boring that i wasn't able to see the video entirely.

  • derkoi

    It's not a top down racer.

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Thank you - we purposefully went for the lower camera - loads of top down racers on iOS - we wanted to give you a more console like experience.

  • Psiufoxx

    The speed. It's the speed, fellas. It should be much more fast paced and manic. As it is now... It just plods along. 🙁

    • nburcombe

      You need to play it for longer chap. The speed gets fast and very competitive. 🙂 have a read of the forum thread happy to answer any questions there.

  • disqus_UTfGlBx6pm

    "I feel like the idea has been done before, maybe that's a part of it" You mean like...... the 50 endless runner TA plays??

  • demod1

    Okay wow this game is very simple it looks amazing! The best thing about iOS is that the developers can take the feedback they receive and make this game better. This really is the start of something great, but falls short. The complaint they make in this video is that the more virtual buttons you put on this type of game the worse, I wonder then why gamers are not pushing the developers to upgrade these games for compatibility with controllers such as the ICade mobile. That controller has made every game that frustrated me at least 10 times better. And then I hear that they're not using the Icade mobile support for temple run 2 when it made the first one so much better. What gives? Why are we as consumers allowing the developers to take shortcuts like this? Shouldn't we have the choice of how we want our games to be controlled? Aren't you tired of thumb smudges on your iPhone screen? LOL

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Thanks for the encouragement - not that we need it - we want to keep developing this. The problem I think with iCade is thats it portrait mode only. Our game needs landscape mode. But I know where you're coming from. Are there other popular controllers that can keep the game in landscape?

      • ShawnMak

        The iCade Mini and iControlpad-type controllers all use the iCade mapping and support whatever orientations. And I was under the impression that the full-size iCade could do landscape, but I could certainly be mistaken.

      • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

        We'll look into it 🙂

      • Tranceaholic

        You are not mistaken, the iCade can be used with landscape as well. There is a notch in front of where the iPad normally fits in portrait mode, so it can be used in landscape mode, too.

  • http://twitter.com/nuno2k nuno lourenco

    the sounds of the game was made by the great

    ( Wipeout )- Cold Storage - Messij

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Yep sound effects Tim Wright and the little music stabs and stings and then the in game and theme music done by Chris Chudley - brother of Martyn Chudley - the guy who ran Bizarre Creations here in Liverpool 🙂 Both top guys! I worked with Tim years back on the first two Wipeouts.on PSOne

  • garret44

    Could you guys review Kairo? It looks awesome but I'm on the fence due to the price

    • brybry

      Amazing game! It really did something for me. It was challenging and thought provoking. Plus!! The puzzles gave no clues as to how to solve them which, IMO, made the game that much easier to be engulfed by.

      • garret44

        Thanks! You're convincing me to get it even more. The TA plays video they did looked awesome. It's just that I've read the PC version had controls missing from the ios version such as jumping. I'd just like to know that I'm getting my full money's worth

        Can I get a review touch arcade??

  • Crank Moody

    Totally agree with the comments in the preview. I really, really wanted to like it. Had dreams of an up to date micro machines. The speed, and sliding round corners. But I think devs have shot themselves in the foot with the auto accelerate. I want to slow down for corners and power out of them; or slide out if I don't slow down enough. I don't want to approach corners at the auto accelerate speed and slow right down if I turn the wheel too hard. Even mario cart let you control your speed going into corners!

    Could have been amazing. Still could be if the fix controls (devs - play retro racing for what controls should have been like). I fear I won't play much more (2 hours ish so far) as just not enjoying it.

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      You need to get through the first championship - that's taster - don't tell me its slow on Championship 3 and 4 - its deifntely not - Hardcore up at the top end. Still plenty to come 🙂

      • Crank Moody

        Thanks for replying. But I'm not saying its slow. I'm saying I don't like the cornering physics.

  • ali1

    Needs better controls.

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      The problem with the more advanced controls systems like wheels and v-joy sticks and accelerate and brake buttons is that at the top where the game is very fast and twitchy - they become very very easy to miss and screw the race up. That's why we went for the system we have.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Smith/536470293 Brandon Smith

        So you went for boring? I mean, I guess you're not trying to sell to a customer like me, but I love everything about the look of this game except that it looks completely boring. If I'm not being challenged, I'm not having fun and if I'm not having fun I'm not playing your game. It seems preposterous to tell a player to be bored for a few hours until they get to the fun part. Who is going to do that? If the meat of the game comes later, put in an option to start there.

      • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

        OK, well of course you're entitled to your opinion. I think perhaps it starts a little slow for you - but the audience on mobile is much wider than hardcore players like yourself and so far, looking at the star ratings and comments we've had back, we are seeing a very positive response, particularly in regarding the accessibility. I think that from literally halfway through Championship 2 onwards the challenge ramps up quite well and the third and fourth championships - well I really wouldn't describe them as boring.

  • http://twitter.com/Shaakes shaakes

    extra whiny today... jetlag?

  • Gamer_Kev

    If it has them, can anyone tell how well do the tilt controls work? I really enjoy using my iPod touch 5 and Apple TV to play racing games on my TV, but they need good tilt controls for this to be fun.

  • masvil

    Table Top Racing is a great game. The controls are very simple, both tilt and touch (I recommend the latter, by default). The graphics are photorealistic, in some ways the best we've seen for iOS. The framerate is very high, we are at 60 fps even on an iPhone 4.

    Many cars with different characteristics upgradeable, interchangeable wheels, ability to customize the look of your car. Championships, quick races, special events and shortcuts present in ALL tracks ensure longevity and depth of play.

    Make a comparison with Mario Kart is risky, but it is certainly the closest thing you can play on this platform considering the physical limitations of the interface.

    Multiplayer is both online via Game Center or locally, although it is still improvable.

  • caaalrb

    Bought it a couple days ago.

    Likes: visuals are super sharp, more challenging than, say, Mini Motor Racing, & as a fan of Micro Machines it definitely hits that nostalgic note.

    Dislikes: lacks the charm of said Micro Machines and it definitely, desperately needs a drifting mechanic. Going around corners feels similar to taking a shit after eating Chipotle for two weeks straight: it's painfully slow and there's a ton of squealing.

    Overall, I'm on the fence about it as well.

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Try the drift mode chap 🙂

  • Bill6118

    I initially felt that the game felt a bit slow but now that I've upgraded my van the game has a whole different feel. The speed is great and the handling feels as precise as one could hope for with virtual controls. I'm glad I pushed through and invested a little bit of time in the game. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and wholeheartedly recommend it if you are looking for a fun kart style racer on ios!

  • miumius

    Everyone get this game! Its awesome!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/kbrinks Gemütlichkeit

    Game visually looks amazing. Nice job on the graphics.

  • http://twitter.com/PSNHotwire Hot-Wire

    I think the word you are looking for is "bland." It's nice looking, but that's about it.

  • GSport

    You can have brake and accelerate work by having each half of the screen as the input. It works extremely well with Real Racing. I do believe giving the player the option to control brake and acceleration would make the game so much better. Give us a choice.

    Thank you for making a beautiful racing game for iOS. Please add the above control option.

  • Irvin

    The visuals are amazing running at 60fps on the 4S but I found the gameplay wanting. It's just too plain, the driving really really needs a serious upgrade perhaps drifting like some suggested.

    Tip: A good racing game should be fun even if you're racing alone.

  • http://twitter.com/himmerf Filip Himmer

    How does the iCloud game save works? I play the game both on my iPhone and iPad and there is no save share between the divaces 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/LouardOnGames Louis-Nicolas Dozois

    ou mention the lack of personality, and I couldn't agree more. One flagrant example is the lack of feedback when someone hits or gets hit by a bomb. The victim's car simply slows down. Compare this to the functionally identical visual used in Mario Kart of the car flipping. Stuff like that is HUGE!

    • http://www.playriseedge.com/ nburcombe

      Yeah, but we also needed to make it work well on iPad 1 and iPhone 4....not easy trying to keep 60hz. 🙂 TTR2....

  • Patrick Alain Hofman

    Why doesn't the game run super smooth on my premium nexus 9 is it because it isn't capable? Please respond