TA Plays: ‘Table Top Racing’ – A Micro Racing Game

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Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I sat down with Table Top Racing (Free). If the name didn’t clue you in, it’s a top down racer that puts you behind the wheel of a miniature car across a variety of real-world environments. With these kinds of racers the world is what ends up feeling kinda surreal, which is an interesting thing since it’s not, you know, possible to drive a toy car. You’d figure it’d be the other way around.

The production elements in this is are super sharp and there’s a ton of different modes and cars and upgrades to play around with as you race. But — and this is kind of a big but — the game isn’t clicking with us. There’s something it’s missing.

All the same, if you’re dying for a racing game, this might be something you’ll want to give a shot. Video below:

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